And even more love

By Mir
June 9, 2011

Another object lesson in love:

Owning a dog with hair rather than fur means that she must be groomed on a regular basis, which is both expensive and—for my particular dog—traumatic. But a little black dog in the south needs to be clipped if she’s going to avoid heat stroke. Generally speaking, Licorice is just relieved to get sprung at the end of her beautifying, and my lavish affection about what a pretty girl she is and how delightful-smelling she’s become is its own reward. Or something.

For some reason, however, after yesterday’s grooming appointment, we came home, as usual, and I praised her and smelled her sweet-smelling head, as usual, and Otto played some ball with her, as usual, and then Licorice puked all over the futon in my office. Not usual, and also really disgusting. But at least she managed to get it all over her belly, too.

I don’t think she’s sick—she’s a delicate flower with a nervous stomach, dontchaknow—and she endured the combo sponge/sink-bath I gave her (less than an hour after paying someone else to wash her) and looked very guilty while I scrubbed the futon. She still smells vaguely off.

And I love her anyway. She’s an expensive, troublesome, unsanitary pain in the ass, but LOOK AT THAT FACE. Exactly.


  1. Angela

    Awwww, poor baby she couldn’t help it! I know she felt bad after messing up the futon. But sooo cute!

  2. Zilla

    Just like kids…troublesome, expensive, unsanitary, etc. She is soo cute though.

  3. amy

    Awww poor bebeh. Moar belly rubs and ear-scritching needed for that pretteh face! xoxo

  4. Crista

    I think that face needs some cantaloupe!
    I think I have to go find that video now :D

  5. Scottsdale Girl


  6. Aimee

    That is an AWFULLY cute face, though!

  7. nil zed

    I don’t prefer dogs as pets. Unless I could have Licorice.

  8. dad

    I too, smell vaguely off after puking.
    I just hate that!
    Fortunately , it’s been a long time…but you never know.
    Empathy Tulip.

    She is adorable.

  9. Zuska

    That face…AND that sweet little half-raised front paw!!! Just too adorable.

  10. Kristine N

    AWWWWW — She is too adorable. My daughter has a 6month old puppy that is just like her and I love her to Pieces….

    Hugs to her

  11. 12tequilas

    cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE!

  12. Chuck Mann

    Awwwww, what a cutie. But yeah, part of a dog’s job description is “vomit production.”

  13. Megan

    Don’t you love how their heads suddenly look ginormous on those newly skinny little bodies? Utterly charming

  14. Tara

    I had a Lhasa that looked just like Licorice. Same haircut and all. Except he was mean. lol She’s a pretty girl.

  15. Jeanie

    She is adorable. Reminds me of my black and white shih tzu. I’m sorry she had a sick tummy and hope she’s feeling better.

  16. Tracy B

    She is too precious and I know “those faces” always get me too!

  17. Flea

    Awww! Who wouldn’t love that face? Almost as cute as my chickens. :)

  18. Sheila

    The cute. It kills.

  19. Jen

    A face like that is worth some puke. ; )

  20. addy

    But, she didn’t mean it and that PLACE just makes her so nervous and she is so cute just lookit her……….. I wuvs you MOMMMY – pleaseeee don’t be mad.. :(

  21. Heather

    She is really, really cute. I always like our dog a teeny bit better when he doesn’t…y’know, smell like dog. :P

  22. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    We have a very fat cat named Marilyn Monroe. And fat looks fantastic on her. We call her Fatty, Fat Ass, Fatulant, Fataramadingdong and Porcu-potoamuss. We mean it as a compliment. However, she’s a complete pain in the ass. She pees on my shoes, she pees in our air vents so when the heat comes on all of our eyebrow and nose hairs fall out and after having her washed and dry cleaned the other day she peed inside her carrier on her way home. Now she smells like cat pee with a little Downey fresh scent thrown in.

  23. Katie in MA

    I could almost say the same about my children. ;-)

  24. Diane

    Ahhhhhhhh! What a face! Who could resist that? Puky smelling and all! :) Have a good weekend!

  25. Myboyzach

    Black dog in the south with hair longer than 1/4 inch=heat stroke
    Black dog in the south tossing it after being groomed=a routine.

    But she is cute!

  26. Mrs.Sassypants

    Whenever our dogs get an upset stomach, I make them a mixture of plain white rice, and cottage cheese. It’s gross looking, but it does bind them up (if they’re having issues with the other end), and helps settle their stomach. My vet actually recommended it after our 100 pound lab, had the stomach flu. Yes, it was absolutely as disgusting as it sounds.

    I don’t know how you ever tell that dog “no’. She’s about the cutest doggie around!

  27. Laura

    She is adorable, and my favorite photo of her will always be the one in which she is stoned and newly missing half her teeth. She is a dog of one million meaningful expressions.

  28. Holly

    That is probably the cutest dog I’ve ever seen in my life…

  29. Douglass

    Yay! so cute ! my kids will love her…….

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