Three items of dubious importance

1) Today is National Licorice Day. Licorice requests that you please remit liquid chicken post haste. (My dad gave her an egg white yesterday and she clearly wanted to know why we hadn’t brought the liquid-chicken-gifting people over soon.)

2) We have our first middle school IEP planning meeting this afternoon, so I am busy making cinnamon rolls to bribe anyone who will help bring with me to let everyone know that yes, my kid is going to be extra work, but he is worth it because I always bake something yummy. Then this morning I noted that my inability to eat wheat probably leaves folks in these meetings wondering if I poisoned the snacks. (“Oh, I can’t, you go ahead….”)

3) I am over at Off Our Chests today, talking about hair, again. It’s the kind of my head, this time, though. No dirty words or anything. Pinky swear. Come on over.


  1. MomQueenBee

    Oooh, I never thought to bring cinnamon rolls to IEPs. I just brought a new pen because I knew it would be old by the time I finished signing all those papers. Rolls are so much more likely to endear you to the teachers.

  2. Crissy

    #2 is likely NOT of dubious importance. We are all waiting to hear how it goes.

  3. Daisy

    Snacks are a great idea for the IEP! I was always exhausted and starved by the time I finished after-school IEP meetings. If some of those parents had brought treats and a positive attitude, we could have accomplished so much more.
    Then there are the IEPs for my own child…. ’nuff said.

  4. Megan Beverly

    Cinnamon rolls are a great idea! We have our IEP tomorrow and, since it’s likely to be at least 3 hours, I was trying to figure out something more satisfying than brownies.

    Good luck to you and Monkey’s team!

  5. Caroline

    It took me a while to figure out that Nation Licorice Day was about the candy and not about your pup. Seriously….I sat here thinking…”wow how did Otto put all those links together so quickly”. Um…going to get more coffee.

  6. hollygee

    Do you not get a skin reaction to wheat flour when you bake? When I was a professional baker I had terrible skin problems.

  7. Nancy

    Good luck with the IEP. I love it when people bring snacks to IEP meetings, although sometimes I really wish they would bring adults beverages as well!

    Gonna go buy myself some licorice now. :)

  8. Teresa

    I know this is a weird post to put this on, but I realize, I actually post little to no comments on your blog and I wanted to reach out.

    Yours is one of my favorites to read because you are a great storyteller and relate to your personality. Your situation, your life, are very different to mine, but when you admit your feelings, insecurities, and in depth personal introspection I really get it. Just sayin’.

    Thanks for being out there for me. :)

  9. Lisa R.

    Well, why shouldn’t there be a National Licorice Day? (Say I, answering an unasked question.) I’ve been loving this Yogi licorice tea lately.

  10. Wendalette

    “Liquid chicken”! HEE!

  11. Lynn in Mass

    Hope your IEP meeting went well. I was pleased with the last IEP meeting I went to.

  12. The Mommy Therapy

    Baked goods could seriously heal the world. Smart thinking.

  13. nisba

    First of all, I work in special education and nobody ever brings me cinnamon rolls! Tragic. Second of all, liquid chicken? Where can I get this? I have a rescue kitty with approximately 3 teeth whom I certainly haven’t spoiled enough yet.

  14. nisba

    wait, I just read the post over… are we talking about egg whites? I may have some of those.

  15. Scottsdale Girl

    HAHAHHAH I cannot wait to ask the S/O for some liquid chicken for breakfast on Sunday! hee hee hee.

  16. Scottsdale Girl

    Also? If you read the word ‘licorice’ too many times it starts to look REALLY WEIRD

  17. Liza

    The hair post reminded me…I would love any tips on how to deal with a curly little girl. Josie has incredibly fine hair that curls into ringlets. But when she wakes up in the morning, it is a matted, frizzed out, tangled mess. Quite naturally, 95% of the time she strongly prefers that I not touch it at all, even armed with detangling spray. But I feel like a terrible mother letting her go to school and everywhere else with a matted head of scary hair. (The other 5% of the time, she would like 5 pony tails. Or more. Or 1. Or anything I want to do in 20 seconds.)

  18. Aimee

    I always read but never comment. But if National Licorice Day doesn’t warrant a few words, what does? Anyway, thanks for the hilarious and moving reading material over the years.

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