No news is… uh… no news

By Mir
December 13, 2010

I feel like I should have something useful to report. Like… Monkey is all better now! (He’s not.) All of the doctors called back, with definitive answers! (They didn’t.) The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42!! (It is, but I’m having difficult figuring out how to apply it.)

In the meantime, inbetween phone calls to various doctors I am making soup and doing things like buying a coat for my dog. Yes. I’ve become the kind of person who says “buying a coat for my dog” and it actually MEANS I spent money on canine apparel. The end times are nigh. In my defense, this here is a very southern pup and we’re supposed to be headed home to New England for Christmas and dogsicles are not my favorite. Of course, at this point, it’s unclear if we’re actually making that trip, but if we are, goshdarnitall, I have solved the problem of keeping Licorice warm.

That may be the only problem I’ve solved, but I needed a little victory today.


  1. Sheila

    Clearly, you’ve won.

  2. bj

    Any victory is worth celebrating. Woo hoo! successful dog coat purchase! What does it look like?

  3. diane

    As someone waiting for medical test results and answers before the holiday (albeit for significantly more mild issues), I feel ya. Maybe I should go buy a dog coat. I don’t have a dog, but whatever.

  4. Danielle

    Hey, it IS a victory, if it’s a snazzy coat.

  5. Another Dawn

    Having to wait for test results is usually a good sign. They fast track the more serious results because treatment can’t wait.

    When life feels out of control, it helps to feel like you’re on top of at least some aspects, for sure. Will Licorice be modelling her new coat for your faithful readers? :)

  6. midj

    Thinking of you. Know the feeling of waiting for test results. And hoping for the lesser of two evils instead of hoping for nothing because the lesser at least means they found “something”… Must be channeling you, too, as I used the word “redux” on my facebook status yesterday as we had Thanksgiving redux for dinner. I soooo knew it was a word, but looked it up anyway. Thanks for using it on Want Not today!

  7. Leandra

    Heck, if this weather persists, Licorice will need that coat here!

    Here’s hoping answers (good ones!) come today.

  8. Mamadragon

    Don’t forget the matching booties. Road salt creates a super-chilled slush, and my little dog would like your little dog to know that it HURTS to walk in that stuff. Of course, my little dog is a complete pill about wearing his coat and his booties, resulting in the situation we had today where I had to carry my dog home from his walk. I felt for him – the windchill was -19C (-2 F), so it was pretty cold to be out there without coat or boots. Still. How humiliating to be carrying a dog on his walk. Either my senile years have come early or the apocalypse is nigh.

  9. Frank

    You are Taking Licorice With You to the Snowdrifts of upstate NY. Have you SEEN it recently?? She will not be able to see anything but snow from her vantage point… then again there may not be be much to see from YOUR vantage point if it keeps up as it is…

  10. Katie in MA

    I hope you get answers – good ones! and fixable ones! and things to make everything happy and shiny again! Because darn it – one of us deserves to go home for the holidays and it’s not looking like I get to be that one.

  11. Mary

    Yay for victory, however small!!!! New England??? As in NH???

  12. Beth R

    @Diane – go ahead and buy yourself a new coat. Dog coat = people coat. Same win effect :)

    So, will we see Emo Dog emoting about her new torture device?

    Gentle hugs heading your way – both for the stressed, worried Momma and to the sick Monkey.

  13. Lori N

    Hoping you hear SOMETHING soon. (And I just bought 2 sets of doggie booties — yes, booties — snowballs on paws are uncomfortable to walk on and too cold for me to pry off with my bare hands.)

  14. navhelowife

    every victory counts my dear, every single one.

  15. Caty

    Hugs. And who says dog coats don’t solve the world’s problems?! (FWIW, I’ve been where you are with the waiting and phone calls. Amazing how they’re all “Check in with us first thing-this is important,” then become all “huh?” when you check in first thing.)

  16. elz

    Oh no. You need some answers doggonit (see, what I did there? joke-heh). Seriously, hoping you get news today and that Monkey improves enough to go back to school.

  17. JennyM

    May I suggest: “How many roads must a man walk down?”

    Just thinking about you guys… hope you get some good news soon.

  18. Headless Mom

    I just want to bring you rainbows. And chocolate. Because everyone knows that most things are made better with chocolate. Sending hugs, too.

  19. Brooke

    You are preaching to the choir! I write stuff I finished on my TO DO list just so I can mark it off!!! Sad, but true!

    A victory is a victory!!!! :)

  20. Jen

    Don’t feel bad, Mir. I live in San Diego, and my very large, tough-looking pit-bull (who is unaware that she is not a lap-dog) owns a sweater. Truth be told, it is a pink dog-hoodie. Because she is a princess, and does not like the cold, even the very mild cold we experience here in San Diego. Said dog will refuse to go outside even to use the bathroom for the entire day until it becomes a complete emergency if it happens to be cold or rainy outside. I am not a dog-clothes-buying kind of person, I fretted a bit over the buying of dog clothes, but decided, hell, the dog is cold, buy her a sweater already. A dog sweater for actual cold – perfectly reasonable.

  21. Shannon

    I hope it’s houndstooth. {hehehe}

    Hey, what? I dress up our Rottweiler. She needs it. Or so I think. She disagrees but she doesn’t get a vote.

    Knocking anything off the to do list is progress, in my opinion.

  22. J from Ireland

    Thinking of you, best wishes xx

  23. Karen

    Please don’t buy the dog boots. If you do, I’ll have to look at you in a whole different way. Just sayin :-)

  24. Nev

    I never thought I’d be someone who says “I am cooking for my dog”, but then one almost life-threatening illness and some liver damage later, and here I am cooking for my dog. Maybe I’ll buy my pooch a coat too ^^ You’re a good doggie mama Mir.

  25. addy

    Every Victory Counts! Good Luck getting the coat on the dog…. Don’t ask me how I know about that issue.

  26. Lara

    Another Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan?! Only books I’ve reread many, many times.

    Little Licorice is probably going to need that coat – the cold is hard on the little dogs. And it’s been a cold start to winter here, probably same there.

    Aargh on the Monkey front – hoping (good) answers come soon.

  27. Brigitte

    Will Licorice have to wear antlers, too?

  28. el-e-e

    Licorice is the perfect dog for a coat. She probably requires one by virtue of her breed, or something.I bet she’s CUTE in it! :)

    Hope Monkey feels better SOON and you get some answers.

  29. Jean

    The dog coat is a double-win. You get to see her in a coat, which I’m sure is a very cute sight, and you have a perfectly good, functional reason for it, so you don’t have to feel like one of those people who dress their pets up like babies just for the sake of the cuteness.

  30. Aimee

    Hey, a victory is a victory!

    Pretty please, will you take a picture of Licorice in her new apparel and share it with us?

  31. Heather

    I think we would all very much enjoy Licorice modelling her suave new apparel. Please to share.

  32. Elizabeth

    We just packed away our faithful, dear, departed dog’s coat and boots. He did get ice balls between his toes without the boots in the snow…and he was so darn cute in them!

  33. sarah

    Any chance you can find a good doctor for poor Monkey in New England? They have good doctors up there.

    Disclaimer: I’m a bigot when it comes to people with southern accents. I don’t understand why I always assume that they are not smart.

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