The best part of camping

By Mir
October 30, 2010

Outdoor dining, of course!

(Photo by Otto. Fur-face by Licorice.)


  1. Otto

    The dog gets to have all the fun … WE had to sit at a bloody table …


  2. Flea

    Bwahahaha! And is there a stream for Licorice to drink from? Don’t tell me Otto’s jealous of that, too. Oh, and doing his business in the woods. :D

  3. pam

    I hope it wasn’t an actual bloody table! Halloween and all…

  4. BethR

    She is so dang cute! What does EmoDog think of camping? I’ll have to go check :)

  5. Groovecatmom

    I’m pretty sure the best part of camping is going home, but Licorice sways me a little. Mighty cute dog there.

  6. karen

    I say you make Otto eat his next meal out of two bowls on the ground. No hands. :-) Oh, and take a picture. I want to see all the fun I’m missing.

  7. Little Bird

    I gotta say, the thought of sleeping out in the woods over halloween weekend scares me just a bit. But so does the thought of sleeping out in the woods any time of the year.
    Have fun!

  8. Rachel


  9. shadymama

    aghhhhhh, i am So.Jealous. nighttime temperatures out here are dipping into the balmy 20’s and i would give just about Anything to get one last camping trip in. (although, is suppose it *would* be morally wrong not to mention we *did* in fact drive 10 hours to california a coupla weeks ago. to camp. where it was warm. also, i proposed to the lover there, amidst the sunshiney weather and the dunes…so – maybe i’ll stop whining?)

  10. Heather

    Hiya fur face. Hope your humans are enjoying themselves as much as you are ;-)

  11. annette

    What a great picture. Hope you are having fun:)

  12. addy

    Ahhh Freedom… no “don’t you tip that over on my floor” constraints. It’s good to be furry in the woods!

  13. ChariT

    This is too cute! :)

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