It’s a rough life

By Mir
October 19, 2010

While I am busy grumbling that my dad and stepmom are here for such a short time and I still have to work and go here and there, they are perfectly content to amuse themselves and dote upon the dog.

Licorice is clearly not enjoying herself in the slightest. I mean, sure, she normally spends the entire day sleeping under that futon and now she follows my parents around and jumps up to sit beside them and demand petting at every possible opportunity, but really, she’s suffering on the inside.

As are they. Obviously.


  1. Patricia

    I can clearly see how your dad and stepmom are suffering. I think you need to STOP the working and rescue them (and the dog) from the HOURS of suffering and perhaps feed them some more food. (I think they look hungry and perhaps need ice cream.)

  2. Aimee

    OH, the humanity! I don’t know how you can stand to have such abject misery in your own home, and not do ANYTHING about it. Heartless!

  3. Leandra

    Yay! We finally get to see Mir’s Dad of the famous comments! And for what it’s worth, I would like to suffer like that right about now.

  4. elz

    Glad to see another after picture from the surgery. I wondered how the poor put- upon pooch was doing. I love watching my folks spoil my kids; yours seem to be doing their job of spoiling the fur and people babies. Love it.

  5. Chuck

    That picture is totally made of Awwwwww.

  6. Tracy B

    You are such an awful hostess! I would leave if I were them and take Licorice with me. lol

  7. Scottsdale Girl


  8. laura

    granddoggies rule!

  9. lailani


  10. Jean

    You definitely look like your dad!! Enjoy the visit!

  11. Sheila

    Yes. Somebody, call the ASPCA. And the place you call for reporting abusive behavior towards visiting grandparents. STAT.

  12. KMayer

    My parents will dog sit any of our dogs (4 adult children’s dogs). But they balk at watching any of our kids for any length of time — and have for years! Now they’re old! No diapers, no homework help, no crying (okay, maybe a few tears here and there), and they even cook! Still they’ll take the dog any day.

  13. Half Assed Kitchen

    What a lousy time that looks like. A horror show.

  14. Katie in MA

    Oh I just hate it when no one is getting along and everyone is having such a rotten time. Poor, poor Licorice. Nobody loves her.

  15. Megan

    Your Dad looks JUST like he sounds… er, reads…. regardless – obviously you have Highly Valuable and Superior parents and it’s lovely to see them!

  16. karenp

    According to MOM101 it is National Thank a Blogger Day. So thank you Mir. I so enjoy reading your blog. My children are grown and gone, but I really enjoy reading everything you say about yours! You have been kind enought to email me a few times and I appreciate that. You said such nice things about my son too!

  17. J from Ireland

    I think you look like your Dad too! Looks like they are all very happy with the situation. Best wishes Mir.

  18. jessica

    I think I’m reading too many of your blogs lately. I just said, “Ah, Mir’s got her dad’s mouth” — out loud. (I think it’s really just the laugh crinkles, which is even more awesome. I can definitely “hear” that face saying his comments with a chuckle. I’ll bet you guys laugh a lot when you’re together.)


  19. Crisanne

    A picture with real faces! Of real people, not just animals!! Am I on the right site??? :) Enjoy the time with your dad and stepmom.

  20. Flea

    Obvious suffering. Those poor things.

  21. addy

    Oh, the horrors. The suffering, the agony. Oh wait, that’s you right? Sorry, my bad….

  22. Brigitte

    Ooh, get ready; Licorice is going to be sooo sad when her new people go back home!

  23. Angela

    Just pathetic! That picture reminds me of my little poodle dog’s tortured life – laying around all day on pillows, pillows which of course are on the couch, snuggled in blankets, getting bits of leftover dinner every night. Or the misery of constantly being on someone’s lap.

  24. annette

    What a sweet picture of all 3:)

  25. dad

    OK, OK. I look only mildly inebriated. It may not be the head shot we wanted to submit to our theatrical booking agent, but can you believe that we were approached by 4 separate people in various airports yesterday to tell us they recognized us from your blog?

    Me neither.

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