Just to clarify: I still shave

I am becoming a damn hippie in my old age. One of the things I like best about working from home is that it gives me the flexibility to do lots of things I could never do when I spent the majority of my day out of the house. Things like cooking and baking stuff that requires a lot of time between steps (even if not a lot of actual effort).

Really, I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of hippiedom when I started making my own granola on a regular basis. Because… CRUNCHY GRANOLA HIPPIE, right? But I was wrong. That was just the tip of the hippie iceberg.

In the spirit of this month’s Get Your Learn On challenge at Five Full Plates, this week I embraced my true hippie nature… and bacteria. Come on over and read about it, if you secretly want to be a hippie, too.

Awwwww, yeah. Who wants a smoothie?


  1. Megan

    Dude, you’re a hipster-hippie. That makes it all good because you can be tree-hugging-granola-crunching-planet-saving-humanity-boosting all over the place AND have cute shoes.

  2. Heather

    As long as you get to have cute shoes ;)

  3. Brigitte

    Oooh, I’ve looked into even more hippy-ish things, but some were just too much for me. And I still shave, too. ;-)

  4. Rachel

    This is awesome. Since I started working from home I’ve begun making my own granola, too. Of course, I’m from Colorado… so I was already predisposed to hippiedom.

  5. Kelly

    Oh I want your granola recipe please!

  6. Holly

    I’m from northern California, land of the hippies. I was even raised by them! Gasp! It’s so funny when I realize that not everybody doesn’t think twice about them..wait. Did that even make sense? Sorry. Please ignore the random ramblings.

    MMMMMMM, granola!

  7. Natalie

    Shaving? What’s that?! :)

    I gave you a blog award – The Versatile Blogger – and hope you will pass it on!

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