Dubious praise

By Mir
January 16, 2010

Me: So now that I’m putting this stuff in her water, have you noticed a difference in the Death Breath? I mean, do you think it’s working? I think maybe it is.
Him: Well, I think now it’s more like Terminally Ill Breath than Death Breath. That’s an improvement, right?


  1. Javamom

    Maybe it’s her diet.

  2. Traci in GA

    Delurking to say that I read your blog often and really enjoy it. Esp. when the dramatics of pre-teen girls start to drive me batty… or the next iep meeting has been rescheduled again. It’s nice to know you are not alone :)

    Regarding Death Breath: if no one has suggested it, Licorice may need her teeth cleaned or have decaying teeth.
    Dig deep into you purse and ask the vet for a dental exam and cleaning.

  3. jeni

    Wow… I am glad Traci mentioned Licorice…
    for a second I thought Chickadee had a new problem to ruin her life…
    I say go for milk bones!

  4. BethR

    It’s progress. Some animals just have Death Breath, no matter what you do. Terminally Ill is definitely progress!

  5. Kristie

    My lab had breath that reaked once. He had a stick embedded across the roof of his mouth. Had to be surgically removed. The vet put it in a glassine bag to show it to us when we picked him up and you could smell the stick through the bag. THAT’S death breath.

  6. Mare

    I love Otto! I still am laughing!

  7. Lisa

    This post cracked me up! I spewed iced tea onto my computer and I don’t even care! Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for the laughter!

  8. Lisa

    This post cracked me up! I spewed iced tea onto my computer and I don’t even care! Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for the laughter!

  9. amy

    My dog had the same problem. Just started her on Leba 3. Google it.

  10. sillyme

    my dog eats her poop. There’s some bad breath.

  11. Nicki

    Okay, keep in mind, she licks her butt and eats poo. I’m thinking it may take more than some magic water. And you may want work on the other end… ;)

  12. Cele

    Good luck, but I’m thinking if you’re adding stuff to her water you’ve been to the vet and there’s nothing stuck in her gums or the roof of her mouth.

  13. sillyme

    is there a triplemint?

  14. Maggie May

    this is what my daughter Lola, my son Dakota, my husband Mr. Curry AND our dogs all have. yuck.

  15. Nicole

    Terminally ill Breath has got to be a definite improvement. Soon she’ll move up to Intensive Care Breath and then maybe Outpatient.

  16. Debra

    My dog gets Death Breath in the spring, summer, and fall when she eats every frog she finds. Ewwwww.

  17. Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

    It’s gotta be the deer poop. You know that stuff isn’t in Altoids or anything.

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