The (puppy) honeymoon’s over

By Mir
December 6, 2009

Me, just now, to the dog: Would you like a yummy fresh breath stick? Because if you don’t stop licking my face, I’m pretty sure I’m going to puke on your head. Your breath is PUTRID.

Suggestions on your favorite doggie-breath-freshening products are welcome. Because GOOD GOD.


  1. Kris

    Greenies – the best breath freshening treats ever.

    We used to have a dog that ate the cat poop out of the litter box. Now THAT’S putrid!

  2. Mir

    Okay, lemme amend my request: Something breath-freshening other than Greenies. Specifically, something grain-free. Allergies. (Guess she truly was meant to be our dog….)

  3. carolyn

    My sister used to brush her dog’s teeth with special dog toothpaste. I guess it’s worth a shot…

  4. Karen


  5. Rebecca

    C.E.T Chews just like rawhide but totally digestible and brushes teeth while they chew.

  6. Otto

    Six pounds of bulk peppermint candies.

    Per day.

    That will help …


  7. Noelle

    Are you taking the puppy in to be fixed? If so, the vet can clean their teeth while they’re under. The expensive part is to have them put under (most vets won’t do it unless the dog is anesthetized), but if the dog is under for surgery anyway, it’s usually really inexpensive to add in the teeth cleaning.

  8. Jennifer B

    I have yet to find something that works for small dogs. Our vet calls it “Small dog breath” even AFTER we had his teeth cleaned. If you find something that really works, post it! We have tried stuff they eat, additives for the water, doggie mints – no change. I have a very strict NO KISSES policy!

  9. Mandee

    Sort of like Jennifer B, I’ve tried it all to no avail (and I have a Weimaraner). I do recommend regular cleanings, though. Even though it doesn’t necessarily make their breath better than it was before the cleaning, it does make it infinitely better than it would be without the cleaning.

  10. SillyMe

    daily tooth brushing is what worked for us (ok, well almost daily) you could definitely tell when we didn’t!

  11. Catherine

    Doggy dentals are strongly encouraged. Little dogs get an amazing amount of tartar build-up on their teeth, and the resulting breath is smelly.

    I would encourage the chew toys and schedule a dental if your vet thinks it is wise. Regular dentals add longevity to dog life (periodontal disease hurts their kidneys, heart, and liver).

    My dog is really obstinate about tooth brushing, but Petsmart does a good job at her monthly grooming. :-)

  12. Karate Mom

    We had a poodle that we lovingly called Death Breath because his breath was nas-TY. We finally had his teeth cleaned and it made all the difference in the world.
    I hate it that it’s so expensive to do that, though!

  13. elizabeth

    I’m guessing our favorite, BreathBusters treats, are not grain free…

  14. Bailey

    My recommendation is for Smell Goodies. Don’t know how well your pup takes a tablet, but my people in my family have used these for years for their dogs, and they seem to work well. (Don’t know if the FTC thing applies to comments, but an auntie of mine is the CEO of this company, so…) Worth a click through before you pass out from the bad breath.

  15. Megan

    A raw soup bone or a chicken neck. Not cooked though as cooked bones splinter and become a choking hazard. My dog spends HOURS on a soup bone, it gets all the tarter off her teeth and makes her breath smell good and it is stimulating so it totally zens her out. With a lot of the “chews” they only use their front teeth so it doesn’t get the stinky back teeth clean.

  16. carmie

    Carrot sticks and making sure he isn’t eating his own/others poop works for us, but ours is 75#, so YMMV. And yearly dental cleaning.

  17. Neptune

    Pears, carrots, and acorns.

    Yes I know acorns are on the “bad” list. But when I attempt to cut my dogs off from their, er, supplier- their breath immediately goes (excuse the pun) to the dogs.

  18. All the way from California

    Dog Smog Remedy by Happytails works for my mini schnauzer. I just pull his lips back and give a couple squirts.

  19. Colleen

    I’m not sure about the ingredients and allergens and all, but Breath Busters works wonders and our dog goes apeshit for them. She will do every trick she knows as soon as she sees the bag. They’re at the grocery store in the pet food isle.

  20. Brooke

    Our dog eats Iams Healthy Naturals food along with diligently keeping him out of cat poo (or catviar, as we call it) and NO table scraps – no bad breath! Our son and girl friend have a dog that is spoiled and eats mainly table scraps and her breath would drop a moose at 100 yards!

    Good luck!

  21. Kemi

    Catviar, Brooke? I have tears streaming down my cheeks. :)
    I am SO using that.

  22. Moira

    What you call “catviar” we call “kitty candy”…ugh. It is for that very reason I did not allow my kids to get the kittens they so desperately wanted until after dog who would eat ANYTHING died. Gross.

  23. dad

    How about nose clips for everyone that allows their face to be licked?

  24. Aisha

    We gave our dog a large-ish serving of plain yogurt everyday for a while. It didn’t seem to hink her up, was recommended by the vet, and made her breath bearable/practically unnoticeable.

  25. Stacey

    Vegetarian dogfood or dogfood without corn products

  26. Shelley

    I give my Puggle Greenies. Greenies help reduce plaque and freshens your dog’s breath. Register at to receive a coupon.

  27. Katie in MA

    I think you should throw one of these posts in there from time to time to help us who are teetering on the brink of dog-ownership. :)

    No ideas, but a hearty GOOD LUCK!

  28. pam

    Greenies and toothbrush and doggie toothpaste (it’s chicken flavored!)

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