Shall I give in?

By Mir
October 7, 2009

An alert and pretty commenter pointed out that I have been writing about Licorice in my “Offspring” category more often than not. I responded that as “mah baby” that seemed to make the most sense, but I wonder if she needs her own label.

Long ago I had a category naming contest and that brought us the categories “The Year of Living Changerously” and “Ottomatic For the People,” both of which still tickle me to this day.

Want to come up with a category for Her Supreme Dogginess? (Here, let me inspire you: I took this shot of her last night. You’re welcome.) There shall be a prize. I don’t know yet what that prize will be, but I will make it worth your while. Probably.

G’head; hit me with your suggestions, and I’ll pick a winner on Friday.


  1. Heidi

    Yet Another Post About the Dog.


  2. Kim

    How about: The Licorice Fields At Pontefract

    You know, after the poem…

  3. Casey

    As Absinthe (the liquor) tastes like licorice…

    I vote for “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder” ?!?

  4. Kristen

    “Offspring of a Different Species”

  5. Julie


  6. Dawn

    Allsorts o’ Fun.

  7. Dawn

    Because of this. In case, y’know, they didn’t make their way to the US of A.

  8. Glory Words

    “Dogs Laugh With Their Tails” – Max Eastman

    Dog Candy


    Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fur (OK< that COULD be questionable…;)

    Tales Wagging the Dog

    Must Love Licorice

    Canine Candy

    Licorice Quips

    It gives us PAWS

    Dog Dishing

    Pet Madness "You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with a pet" – Nora Ephron

    Dog: Heartbeat at my Feet

    Licorice gives a licking, keeps on ticking

    Oh, and personally, I think the "Absinthe" idea is great!

  9. My Kids Mom

    Tails of Licorice

  10. Sharon

    Licorice Licks

  11. Chuck

    Licorice Treat?

  12. Katie

    Offspring 2.0?

  13. Scottsdale Girl

    Fur babies are offspring too

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

    OMG Cute!

    The poop/barf diaries

    Dog Days of our Lives

  14. pam

    Offspring – The one that doesn’t talk back

  15. Rebecca

    I’m a simple girl. ‘Woof Notes’

  16. Debbi

    New Addition = More Love

  17. Karen

    Gotta say it… “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”… now that made me laugh. Clever!

    How about.. Dog Daze. Pretty Paws. Canine Candy.

  18. Karen P

    Furry tails

  19. Ariel

    Furry Madness!

  20. meghann

    Licorice-The Other White Meat

  21. Corey


  22. Glory Words

    Here’s looking at chew toys

    Here’s “lic-ing” at chew toys (Now that’s a stretch)

    Fetch me another dog treat dear human

  23. Aly

    I think Licorice would like it if you called her category Belly Scratchings

  24. Glory Words

    Woofers and Tweeters, I mean Bloggers!

  25. Patricia

    The Joys of Average.

  26. Frank

    I like ‘Tails from the Darkside’
    Also a play somehow on “Man’s Best Friend’ would be cool, but my mind refuses to be clever today….

  27. Niki

    Lic me baby?

  28. Kai

    Duped by the quadruped

  29. mar

    “Mutt Musings”, “Memorable Mutt Moments” “Mutt Momentos”, “Mutt Moments” – alliteration much?

  30. Ani

    Squirrel-butt muncher musings

  31. Nancy

    Fennel of the Kennel

  32. Glory Words

    Holy Shitzu, Batman!

  33. Glory Words

    Of course I meant

    Holy Shih Tzu, Batman! :)

  34. Anna Marie

    Personally, I couldn’t do any better than Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder or Fennel of the Kennel. You have clever, clever readers.

  35. divrchk

    Dog Days of Parenthood

  36. Lindsey

    I like to keep it simple: Doggone it

  37. Beth R

    Cold Nose Warm Heart

  38. Beth R

    And I ADORE Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder and Fennel of the Kennel

    You DO have clever — and pretty — readers!

  39. Burgh Baby

    Buckets of Licorice

  40. Mom24@4evermom

    Anise drops?

    I miss Chickadee and Monkey stories! Although, I understand maybe they’re lives are not perfect blog fodder right now. Still, I miss them, no offense to Licorice.

  41. elizabeth

    or as you refered to the photo yourself: puppy porn

    may cause too many odd google hits, so maybe not ;)

    I’d vote for “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” THAT is clever.

  42. Kristie

    My heart is full of Licorice

  43. BethRD

    The Belly of the Beast

  44. Jess

    The Dog Ate My Homework

    Too Cute to Punish

    Trouble is spelled L-i-c-o-r-i-c-e

    Not to portend bad things to come, but as a dog owner I am sure the majority of stories will have an element of “look what the dog did!”.

  45. andi

    My brain is not being creative today so I’m just going to put in my vote for ‘Belly Scratchings’ suggested by Aly.

  46. Jess

    Ok, so you could also go with

    Cute is spelled L-i-c-o-r-i-c-e

    or a variant thereof :)

  47. Melissa

    I’ve got nothing but laughter here…you have clever commenters!

  48. carmie

    Dog & Plenty. You know, after the movie candy….BUT I love Fennel in the Kennel & Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder, too ;)

  49. Mom

    Her Supreme Dogginess

  50. Rosie

    Licorice Droppings

  51. Amelia

    i love Belly Scratchings. Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder is fabulous, but i’m not sure the meaning would be clear to a person actually using the archives.

  52. Priscilla

    Lick her bellyicious

  53. Heather J

    How about “Posts that decrease my bounce rate” :)

  54. Dottie Rush

    Dogmatic for the People

  55. Ellen


  56. MomCat



    Licorice, like, fur real!

    Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make her wag her tail.
    (That was a bit long, wasn’t it?)

  57. Megan

    I’m going to sulk out of sheer jealousy over ‘absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.’

    Hmmm… I did enlightenment history so a bit of Rousseau which is totally riffing off of the above idea: ‘days of absinthe’

    also semi-plagiarized: absinthe minded

    furful times?

  58. Headless Mom

    Just voting here: Absinthe… or Fennel….

    Those are really clever!

  59. Christina

    “Death by Cuteness” works for me

  60. sassymonkey

    Licorice Tales (Or Tails? Hmmm…)

  61. Beth

    Licorice Drops

    I WANT CANDY — must be in all caps because that’s how most people feel about candy. :)

    I WANT LICORICE — not the same ring, but at least it’s got her name in it.

    the 4 legged one.


    I also like Belly Scratchings. Too cute!

  62. Brigitte

    Beastly Behavior?

  63. Karin

    Licorice-flavored Love

  64. Lori

    Akin to Redvines

    Furry Candy Love

    Mah Canine Candy

  65. el-e-e

    Oh, I love Lic-o-Wish. (And don’t understand Fennel in the Kennel.)

    couple more ideas…

    Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tales

    Beware of Dog (Stories)


  66. Sami

    sweeter than candy

  67. Tracy

    I’ve got. Licorice–a SUPER replacement

  68. alice

    ‘Licorice: the bitter and the sweet’. Though I have to say I LOVE ‘Trouble is spelled L-i-c-o-r-i-c-e’.

    Also? The word licorice looks like its misspelled when you read it more than a handful of times. I kept thinking “lick rice? This is really how I spell it?” I’m often amazed I ever made it out of 3rd grade spelling tests.

  69. Kate Setzer Kamphausen

    Lick ‘Em Baby!

  70. Catherine

    Puppy Porn

  71. Jabberwocky

    rub mah belly

  72. The Other Leanne

    Whoever said “Puppy Porn,” that gets my vote.

  73. The Other Leanne

    “I Has A Cute.”

  74. carolyn

    Candy is dandy, but Licor ish quicker….


    But Puppy Porn is fabulous

  75. Tam

    Loving Puppy Porn! The only thing i can come up with is Puppy Lov-in.

  76. jess

    Anise addition to the family

    (Since anise tastes like black licorice. Yum. Not YOUR little black Licorice, but the candy is yum. You know…)

    Black Licorice Tails (or Tails of Black Licorice) The “tails/tales” dilemma would end up being yours, but I prefer “tails”.

    Did you know that the more you write “licorice” the less it looks like a real word?


  77. Kristin

    Her Snorgaliciousness.

    It is so a word!! :)

  78. Annette

    I was going to say Licoricious, but there are some much better ones here. Supercalifragilicorice! Puppy porn is too scary…don’t want to bring those type here :)

  79. ccr in MA

    Mom’s Best Friend?

  80. Katie in MA

    The Only One Listening At Any Given Time. (Even though we know it isn’t true. Although I’m sure it feels like it some days.)

    or Wee Wittle Beastie.

    From previous suggestions, I like Tails From the Dark Side and Doggone It. So many great suggestions!

  81. susie

    I like “Absinthe…” but Licorice is a Gin Dog.

    How about “The Gin Dog Diary?”

    I also like “Licoriceness” and “Supercalifragilicorice.”

    It’s been fun reading everyone’s comments.

  82. Jennifer

    ouzo – what she’s done now!

  83. Anna


    …cause she’s so smart and cute, you know. (Points lost for misspelling, I know, but it wouldn’t work with an I!)

  84. Anna

    She’s not Super(dog) and we’re okay with that!

  85. Nancy

    American Fennel Club
    Licorice Whipped


  86. Melinda

    Pawsitively Sweet

  87. aem2


    Squee! Mir thinks I’m pretty! And I think everyone here is very clever and has rockin’ shoes. I was actually eating some licorice all-sorts while reading these. (No, really!) I like Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, personally, but feel compelled to throw a few into the ring:

    Dog Days of Georgia
    Shaggy Dog Story
    Every Dog Has His Day
    The Curious Incident of the Dog

    BTW, a “dog’s nose” is gin and beer!
    [Closing Brewer’s Dictionary and going off to hug myself.]

  88. Dave

    The Paws That Refreshes.

  89. Michele Bardsley

    Life on Paws (or Paws for a Moment)

    Howling Good Times

    Barking Mad

    If You Give a Dog a Doughnut

    The Butt Scoocher Chronicles

    Lick Me Baby One More Time

    Every Dog Has His Say

    The Dog Ate My Blog

    It’s a Dog’s Strife

  90. Catalina Salvo

    Tales of the Underbelly?

  91. Annie

    Belly Acres?

  92. Michele Bardsley

    I thought of a few more. I really need to stop now. LOL.

    A Byte of Licorice

    Chew on This

    Off the Leash

    My Dog is an Honor Student

    Love Me, Love My Dog

    Tails of the Mother Side

    I’m going now … no, really. I am.

  93. Emily


    “Licorice…Good ‘n Plenty “

  94. just beaux

    I like Melinda’s Pawsitively Sweet.
    How about In the Dog House.
    Wait…did someone already say that?

  95. Loisco

    The Chew-Toy Chronicles

    Tales ‘n tails

    Licorice bits

  96. Cindy

    “BEHOLD the power of Licorice” ( much sweeter than the power of cheese )

  97. Cindy

    Oh look, something furry!

  98. Lee Ann

    Licorice Tails

  99. Debra

    I’ve got “Licorice Whips”

    I love the Butt Scoocher Chronicles though.

  100. Kristi

    Four Feet of Licorice

  101. Karate Mom

    Her Majesty, Queen Licorice

    OK, not nearly as clever as many other entries, but oh well!

  102. el-e-e

    It looks like no one even THOUGHT of “Our Georgia DAWG,” THANK GOD…. ;)

  103. Paula


  104. MamaChristy

    Licorice My Lips

  105. Frank

    I know.. another reader with a comment. Apologies, but I felt strongly enough to say something.. again.
    I just read over the suggestions, and even though I had submitted my own lame attempt, I have to say that there is one that is the clear winner in my most humble of opinions…
    A lot of people like the Absinthe ones, and they are good..
    However, the person who suggested “Oh Look! Something Furry!” had the inspiration. I cant think of one more perfect on multiple levels for you, this blog, or the subject.

  106. Rachel

    I love the “Oh Look! Something Furry!”, but I also want to suggest “Way Better Than Super!”

  107. Dottie

    A New Leash on Life

  108. stephanie

    Best in Show.


  109. Aimee

    Wow, you have really funny readers. I pink puffy heart “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” and would vote for that, although Fennel in the Kennel is pretty sweet, too.
    Oh, and Allsorts o’ cute. All delightful options. I honestly don’t know that I, in my exhausted state, can come up with anything better. The one that popped into my mind is a nod to growing up in the eighties: Candy Girl.

  110. Kathy

    Poochy Smoochy Love

  111. Stephanie

    What about…

    And They Called It Puppy Love

  112. Sabrina D.

    Pup-peroni Presents…

  113. Wendy

    Dog-Antics by Licorice

  114. Dottie

    Thereby Hangs a Tail

    When the Fur Flies

    Dog spelled backwards is…

  115. Melisa

    The One Who Stayed

  116. lizneust

    I tend to go simple: “Woof.”

    (Although I like those Licorice Whips suggestions, too.)

  117. Shelly in Austin

    Since we are voting, I love the “absinthe” one and the “fennel” one. Then I saw “dogmatic for the people.” Hilarious! But “the dog ate my blog” truly sums it up for me! Pretty, pretty Mir has funny, funny readers!

  118. Dawn

    How about “Fuzzy Face”?

  119. Ann

    I’ve skimmed thru these, some great and witty suggestions, but I didnt’ see: “who let the dog in” and you can go back and tag the posts about Super with “who let the dog out”?

  120. Karen

    What about “It’s a dogs life”

    Or maybe, “rub my jelly belly” since licorice is a jelly bean flavor.

  121. Kate

    “To say something of the dog” (with apologies to Connie Willis)

  122. Pamela L

    More Offspring: The Adopted Furry Sort

  123. Kimmers

    I think today I’m too sleep deprived to be creative but I LOVE the concept of letting your readers suggest tags for you!

    Kate – “rub my jelly belly” made me smile… cute!

  124. Kelly

    ‘Who needs kids, I have a dog’

  125. Tracey

    And they called it Puppy Love

  126. Nancy

    “Woofspring” or “Ruffspring”

  127. Mig

    Bundle of Cuteness

  128. mama speak

    Wow, I got nothing now. Just that you do have funny & witty and pretty readers!

  129. Catherine

    I know that you’ve been sick and pretty. That’s a hard combo to handle, but I was wondering if you’d picked a handle for Miss Licorice?

    Feel better. Of course, you are pretty, so how hard could things be? :-)

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