Love makes its own joy

By Mir
October 1, 2009

I was really hoping that August was going to be The Month Of Suck and then September would be an improvement; then I was hoping that September was just Suckage: The Continuing Saga, and October would be The Month That Everything Magically Got Better.

As I write this, Otto is in bed with the not-flu; the doctor doesn’t know what it is, though he has MRSA (again, or still, depending on what you believe) and a high fever and actually STAYED HOME FROM WORK, which means that I’m pretty sure he’s going to die. I’m going to miss him terribly, especially because I hate taking out the trash.

This, along with Everything Else, has made for continued stress and worry, and I know it’ll all be okay eventually, but right now the moments of joy ’round here are fleeting.

Then again, it’s the little joys that are sometimes the sweetest.

A few days ago I heard riotous laughter in the kitchen; poking my head around the doorway revealed that Licorice was batting a pear core all over the floor, and the kids thought this was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen.

I grabbed the Flip, and while this may indeed be one of those “not nearly so funny to anyone else as it is to us” kinds of things, I still thought it was worth noting that sometimes, it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep us entertained.

[Fair warning: I apologize for using the phrase “explosive diarrhea” in the video. And, um, also for my son asking about it. And for laughing hysterically when he does.]

[But you’re welcome for not actually answering his question. Because I’m a LADY, y’all.]

Licorice v. Pear from woulda on Vimeo.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I hope you’ll savor the little joys, even if they’re sticky and messy. Life so often is, after all.


  1. MomCat

    Store the brownies on a high shelf…just a suggestion. (I love the disheveled, forlorn expression she has when you take it away.)

  2. Randi

    Awww! I hope Otto feels better soon – and that you’re wearing a face mask whenever you enter your bedroom!!

  3. Jen

    Our Coco LOVES pretty much all fruits and veggies, with the exception of leafy greens. She is in heaven when I come home from the farmers market, sticking her nose in all the bags, and a red bell pepper is her very favorite treat (she likes green or yellow ones too, but red is the favorite)- she plays with it like a ball for a few minutes, then lays down in the grass and chows down. She stole (and ate) a bag of pears off the kitchen table one day when I was at work – I found the empty bag out in the yard. I’m happy to report, no explosive diarrhea as a result.

  4. Debbi

    LOL!! I love when the kids ask “what is love thursday?” Just too cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. mama speak

    Our dog, Merit, is a fruit lover as well. It started when she was begging while I was cutting the tops of strawberries. I assumed she wasn’t REALLY interested & dropped one on the ground so she could see how disappointing what I had was…and she ate it up and asked for more. Same thing w/apples & cores. She quickly decided she wanted more than the discards and will no longer take those (plus someone told me that apple seeds, if you eat enough, are poisonous). So now Merit gets whole bites of fruit & if you plan on eating that in front of her, you’re probably gonna share.

    Altho, until now, I never considered making a video of it and passing it off as a blog post…hmmmm…very clever. Blind us w/her cuteness. Nice.

  6. Beth R

    “I’m gonna take this to my crate now!”

    Gotta love dogs :)

  7. Tracy

    Oh wow….yes, I believe Licorice will eat anything. And yes, it’s the little things in life. Happy Love Thursday, ya’ll. Oh, I hope Otto feels better soon!

  8. Dawn

    Aw. Poor Otto. I HATE the not-flu. And fevers? Meh! HATES ‘EM! Hope he feels better soon and that the rest of you don’t catch it.

    As for Licorice… does she have a license to be that adorable? Blinding us with TEH CUTENESS.

  9. Crista

    Oh she is just adorable! We had a Boston Terrier who never met a fruit or vegetable he didn’t like. It was the funniest thing. Whenever we had company, we’d show him off “This is how we peel potatoes/carrots in our house!” I’d stand in the middle of the kitchen peeling whatever and the dog would catch the peels. I know, we are so high class you can’t stand it! You should feel honored that I deign to leave a comment on your little blog. hmph.
    In all seriousness, I hope Otto heals quickly. When you said he was upstairs, I knew it was serious, cuz my DH is the same way. When he does (rarely) admit he’s sick, you know he’s on death’s door. And even then, getting him to stay home is like pulling teeth.
    The rest of you stay well now, and have a good weekend. OH, maybe if Otto is still sick, you can have another pj day! Like my grandma says, “Wouldn’t that be something?!”

  10. Mert

    Does Otto bathe in a bleach bath? My son kept breaking from MRSA so our doctor had him bathe every other day in a bath with some bleach in it- including submersing himself under the water and snorting the water into his nose. That took care of it.

  11. Aimee

    Licorice is TOO cute. There oughtta be a law.

  12. Karen

    Could she be any more adorable.

  13. Headless Mom

    Love it. Hope Otto feels better soon!

  14. Heather

    So cute! :) I like how she obliged you in licking your “peary” hands ;)

  15. Rebecca

    Just make sure not to give Licorice grapes or raisins as they can make doggies pretty sick.

  16. mom, again

    I have to hide fresh sweet potatoes from our cat. Seriously, should one be left on the counter she attacks without mercy, leaving tiny chunks o’sweet tater all over the floor. It is so strange.

  17. Brigitte

    Poor Otto. I seriously hope both that he gets better, and that it doesn’t spread!

    Love Thursdays are always awesome, but I kinda liked Wailing Wall Wednesday too. Or should we make it Sob Story Saturday? My brain is too tired to come up with any for the other weekdays yet. ;-)

  18. Niki

    Licorice reminds me so much of the first dog we got when we moved South. She was 1/2 poodle and 1/2 who knows what, and we called her Y’all. Which quickly became Y’allsy. She was the best dog ever, though she didn’t eat fruit. We did, however, have a cat who would fight you for canteloupe and lemon poppyseed muffins. He would clean that canteloupe all the way down until just the thin rind was left, and would lick the muffin paper until it was full of holes.

  19. Megan

    Poor Otto. Perhaps he has the NOT H1N1 (no, really, not. Also don’t ask why we’re doing absence reports all of a sudden. Because it’s nothing to do with H1N1. Also also, the words contagious and epidemic are not to be used. And finally, if you do happen to have NOT H1N1 with symptoms remarkably like H1N1 please stay home. Forever.). I know it’s going around our campus with a vengeance!

  20. Karate Mom

    She’s just adorable! I love the “Wait…you’re gonna give that back, right?” look that she gave you!

  21. Susan

    Seriously adorable. Now I must go and scrub my kitchen floor.

  22. Sheila

    Who could resist that face? I’m pretty sure I’d have let her have pears dipped in GOLD if she gave me that face.

  23. debra

    I had a collie mix who would lose his mind if he discovered someone was eating a pear. Lose. His. Mind. Steak, meh, but a pear…his absolute favorite food!

  24. Kim

    That is one seriously cute puppy dog!

  25. Shelley

    I hope October is the month that rocks for you! Licorice is adorable!

  26. pam

    With her eyebrows Licorice looks like my grampa. Happy Love Thursday Grampa.

  27. Katie in MA

    Awwww! Hopefully Otto’s Not-Flu is a holdover from September. Otherwise, I’d stock up on pears as an antidote to the continuation of the suckitude. :)

  28. Erin

    As the proud owner of TWO pear trees and ONE pear-loving dog, I can tell you that the pear shouldn’t induce explosive diarrhea. But I’m in New York, so it’s not like I’m going to be able to come to Georgia to clean if I’m wrong. :}

    And here’s hoping that Otto feels better soon! If my husband stays home, I start worrying about planning a funeral. He’s NEVER sick. And even when he is? He still denies it.

  29. Karen

    Wow….I have never seen a dog enjoy a piece of fruit so much.

    I am sorry to hear that Otto is not well. We are huge Elderberry fans around here to boost immune system function and fight off about anything. I believe they also sell it under the name Sambucus. Since I don’t live in your corner of the country and honestly you don’t really know me, bringing you all chicken soup and home made bread for dinner isn’t going to do the trick.

  30. Flea

    Your accent is so cute. But I love that you’re trying to assimilate and use y’all.

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