I’m having fun, dammit

So I wrote that last post and Otto and I joked about how I’m just easily spooked and kind of jumpy in the car, and how really the worst is behind us—we’re headed further north, now, and we’ll take a different route when we come south again (read: NO BOSTON OR CONNECTICUT DRIVERS), and really, it wasn’t so bad, and the camping—OH THE CAMPING—is gonna be awesome.

I told him he was right, I was going to focus on the good stuff coming up and stop obsessing over all the people on the road who are apparently trying to kill us.

And yesterday we retrieved the children after two long weeks without them. Chickadee appears to have grown about a foot, and Monkey’s hair seems to have grown about that much, as well. We met up with some old friends for lunch and then came back to Otto’s brother’s place and the nephews were VERY happy to see their cousins, and there was much running and screaming and glee.

My sister-in-law even set up their fire pit and let the kids make s’mores for dessert, which was more excitement than should be legal. Then there was some complicated bedtime musical beds; Monkey was going to sleep on the floor of the boys’ room and Chickadee was going to sleep on the floor of our room, but then first one nephew and then the other decided to sleep on the floor, too, because that looked like so much fun, and when it was pointed out to Chickadee that there were now two free beds in the other room, she immediately opted to bunk with the boys in order to have an actual mattress.

Much to our surprise, all four kids conked out at a decent hour and even slept late. Making s’mores and playing Bakugan wears a kid out!

Meanwhile, Otto and I prepped for today’s departure, including doing laundry because New England forgot to have summer this year. I have in my possession ONE pair of jeans. Because it’s nearly JULY. And even up here in the frozen north, this is typically a good time for, you know, HEAT. But no. It’s been cold and rainy and dreary, and I went to check the forecast for Lake Placid—thinking surely it would be better—only to discover our camping time is slated to be… cold and rainy and dreary. Hmph.

No matter! We’ll have a great time no matter what! It’s an adventure and my family is together and I can feel the love! (Currently my children are expressing how much they missed me by sleeping here in the truck behind me. Which is fine. It’s one of my favorite expressions of love, actually.)

So we’re on our way, and we get to the tollbooths to get on the Mass Pike, and as we pull out of the booth a car sliced right across our path at top speed, cutting us off and missing our front bumper by about half an inch. Otto laid on the horn and I gasped and the driver never so much as glanced in our direction.

Otto kept driving, and I’m sitting here desperately hoping that when I finish typing I’ll fall unconscious for the rest of the ride. Maybe even the rest of the trip, if the rain doesn’t let up.

(Oh, I’m kidding. Once we can STOP DRIVING the rain isn’t a big deal. All of these near-death road experiences will totally be worth it when we’re on our 83rd game of Yahtzee, I feel sure of it.)


  1. Tracy

    What I would not do for freezing rain right now? It’s been 102-105 degrees for the past week and no rain in sight. Lucky you! Enjoy the trip and get some sleeping pills for the ride back. I hate traffic!

    PS. I’m the first responder…HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

  2. radioactivetori

    Yahtzee is my favorite game ever. I am thinking good thoughts for you to live long enough without any kind of mental breakdown to enjoy it! And I also hope the rain stops soon for you!

  3. Megan

    Reminds me of driving in the mountains as a (very, very acrophobic) kid. My dad loooooved the twisty, turny road with the enormous Drop Of Death off one side. I couldn’t read (what with the twisty turny and thus car-sicky thing) and so would fix my eyes firmly on the roof of the car and THINK. Very hard. So as not to inadvertently shift my weight to the right a hair and send the car plummeting over the precipice. Now, we never did Drop To Our Death or even come close but since it sounds like most of the East Coast is personally out to commit Mir-and-Otto murder by car I think the Valium plan is actually a heck of a lot better.

  4. Paulla

    Feeling your pain, re: the rain. I think we’ve had a total of three non-rainy days for the entire month of June. Too bad you couldn’t have brought us some of that southern sun!

  5. Ben of BenOBrien.net

    The Joys of driving in Mass! I HATE HATE HATE it! I live in Maine, and the moment you cross the state boarder, its like your in a different world! I find myself asking why people don’t let others out of a side street, and why they don’t then wave thank you. How Infuriating!

  6. Sara

    Good Lord! I hope you all survive the rest of the trip!

  7. Jane

    Not to put you off but this reminds me of one memorable camping trip where I had taken my (then very young) sons to have a shower while my husband finished setting up our campsite. As we left the shower block, we were confronted with what can only be described as a MONSOON (it really, really felt that way…honest), with streams of rain, gale-force winds and the world’s biggest puddle (read: lake) blocking our exit from the shower block. I stood in sheer bewilderment with my two young children, contemplating WHY we had had showers in the first place when we were about to take another (very cold) one on the way back to our campsite.
    Needless to say, our tent only just survived the blast of the storm, everything was wet through and covered in a film of mud, and we spent a miserable night convincing our children that we were safe, really! and that camping was indeed a fun holiday. We now look back through the haziness of the years with laughter over that storm…good times, good times.

  8. StephLove

    What Sara said!

  9. Kathy

    we drove up to Massachusetts from Atlanta last week also – me and my 3 kids – fun time..fun times…
    But even my 13 year old told me as we drove on 84 through CT – “Mom these people in CT are crazy, can we go back some other way” so I feel your pain! Hope the weather gets better up here!! dare I say that I am almost missing 90 degree Atlanta weather!

  10. carolyn

    When we went to Colorado earlier this month, we packed for summer in SC. And as an afterthought, I had both kids pack a pair of jeans and a jacket. What a surprise, then, when we got to Colorado and it was cold. In fact, it was almost as cold as the temps that passed for winter here in SC. Crazy!! and we are wearing almost the same clothes in every picture from our trip. Because of the weather….sad.

  11. Katie in MA

    It rained 7 of 8 days I was home. Luckily, I had crammed two pair of jeans and two long sleeve shirts (plus the ones we wore) into one suitcase (for the three of us! I was so impressed). We never wore the shorts or tshirts. I would complain, but we’re back in Texas where it is 105 degrees outside. I miss the cold and drizzle.

  12. The Mother

    Good luck on that road trip. I have memories. Not all good ones.

  13. Mary

    Welcome to New England! Yes, its been one.miserable.summer around here!

  14. Nancy Mehegan

    You know what I LOVE about your blog? It makes me feel I am not the only “Screw Up” on the planet. It really is a scream, the way you write. Thanks for the laughs.

    (If you can remember “Woodstock” stop by Vaboomer blog)

  15. Beth R

    Is it sad that after a week in the Boston area, this week in CT feels like a breeze? They’re nowhere NEAR as crazy in CT :-)

    Enjoy the trip!

  16. crazyjane

    so, i was driving north to new hampshire the other day and i saw a trailer being towed and there were some people in the car. was that you guys?

  17. David

    I bet Mr.T would say what y’all need is a nice, roof-mounted B-17 turret. “I pity the fool” that tries to cut you off then. =) Okay, maybe just a set of locomotive-grade air horns. Other than insane drivers, though, it sounds like you’re having a good time.

  18. Cele

    Oh camping, have fun, I wish I was camping.

  19. Brigitte

    Heh, I’m IN CT and this is why I take secondary roads (or smaller!) and avoid the highways whenever possible. I get on any highway and I’m fighting back overwhelming feelings of road rage in mere seconds. Glad I live off in a boonies part, where I CAN avoid ’em.

    And the cold rain! My yard is wall-to-wall slugs from this weather, forget a garden. I’m waiting for them to merge and start turning into those west coast super banana slugs or something. :-P

  20. Debbi

    yeah, summer has barely reached us in NJ too. We finally have had about 3 days of sunshine (but it still rained at least once each day) and now the clouds are back. I really hope the sun comes out for you guys on your trip!!! Have a safe one!

  21. highlyirritable

    Uh. Nothing like being wet and sleeping under canvas. I am coveting Texas for their obscene hot temperatures. Well, that and their close proximity to on-tap Tequila.

  22. David

    Dear highlyirritable, I’d be delighted to ship you some of this Texas heat. We’re not supposed to have temps like this ’round here til August. Sheesh!

  23. Flea

    For a second there I thought Monkey wanted to sleep on the floor of the men’s room. Time for sleep.

  24. Barb

    I realize this is practically ancient history by now, but I’m going to commiserate with you anyway. We spent last week camping (in Michigan) and had to wear the same jeans and sweatshirts over and over and over because the temps were in the 50’s and 60’s and it was raining every day. Good times! (But at least the mosquitos were tolerable this year. Yes, there was a silver lining.)

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