Can’t talk. Must snoogle.

By Mir
June 16, 2009

I would love to tell you all about my vacation; all about how I’ve just met Kira’s boys and yet—having “known” them virtually for five years—I feel as though I’ve known them their entire lives; how Kira is a lovely hostess with an entire freezer full of ice cream; how there is almost nothing in the world I love more than holding a baby, and yet I feel perfectly content that said baby is not mine and my children are so big and grown-up in comparison.

I would love to tell you all of that, but good LORD, I am just. so. busy. trying to inhale this child whole.

You understand.


  1. Megan

    Yup,there’s a point at which there’s nothing better than an utterly delicious baby belonging to SOMEONE ELSE. The ability to give the child BACK is not to be underestimated.

    Enjoy the neck-nuzzling and the fabulous company!

  2. Leandra

    Ditto what Megan said. At this time in my life, somebody else’s baby is the ONLY kind I want.

    So glad you had the opportunity to go out there!

  3. Wendy

    Cute baby, but your hair is sooooo pretty!!!!

  4. Frank

    Cutie Patootie! (and Yes, as a matter of fact, ‘patootie’ IS a word.. totally… just reserved for, well…. Cuties!) :)

  5. liz

    You were supposed to take me with you for baby snoogling. Never mind the fact that Kira doesn’t know me and might think I’m some sort of creepy stalker. But goodness, that baby is adorable!

  6. ramblin red

    Well…I am still in for the baby-having, and must say that snoogling is top on my list these days with my Lil Guy, but yes, I understand the urge to inhale babies whole when they are not your own. Too cute!

  7. elizabeth

    oh, yes. very adorable baby. carry on! we can wait for the less important details. =)

  8. Alison

    Oh yes, the baby must be inhaled.

  9. Melissa D

    That baby is Sooooo edible. Can I snoogle online, or is that weird?

    PS -Pretty soon I’ll have a delishus baby and you know I’ve got an ice cream stash!

  10. Scottsdale Girl

    hee hee babyheads

    – Mir! Yer hair is SO LONG! Love! It!

  11. Alicia

    The noise? What noise? Oh that noise. Just my clock ticking and ovaries clanging.

  12. Sarah

    Baby, shmaby (not really)- I really love your glasses.

  13. Aimee

    Who could resist a baby as cute as that? The perfect little rosebud of a mouth is too sweet not to be inhaled.

  14. Trish

    Oooh, I want to eat that baby up with a spoon.

    Um, I just realized most of our comments have to do with eating the baby or inhaling it whole. God help us when the anthropologists find these blogs in 500 years lol

  15. Heather

    I understand perfectly :D

  16. ccr in MA

    Oh, yes, I completely understand. Mmmm.

  17. Melody

    Gosh! She is the most adorable child!!! I am so jealous!

  18. vanessa

    That baby looks pretty gobble-able.

  19. Aubri

    Oh goodness am I jealous of you!

  20. Kay


  21. Katie in MA

    One of my favorite posts of yours EVER.

    (Just make sure you share suchacutewittlebaby! with us, mkay?)

  22. Rasselas

    “Help! This lady is sniffing me! Must… escape.. horror..” :D (Just teasing a little.)

  23. Lindy

    These are my favorite kind of babies. You see, my husband wants babies. Lots of them. RIGHT NOW. I’m not so keen on the idea, as I’m not ready for that sort of thing just and otherwise it seems like child birth is the equivalent of pooping a watermelon out your ladyparts, which in general doesn’t seem particularly pleasant. And good lord, we can barely handle the dog right now. Anyway. I like these kinds of babies. Because they are cute and have tiny little toes and big fat cheeks and you can borrow them for a while and let your husband play with them until he gets tired, and then you give the babies back. And your husband is all babied out for a while and doesn’t bug you about spawning for another week or two, unless he gets drunk.

  24. Daisy

    Totally, totally adorable!

  25. My Kids Mom

    That’s the first time I’ve seen your photo- pleased to meet you! Those of us with flat straight hair do love a curl…

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