Better worship through baking

By Mir
April 12, 2009

*dusting off hands, clearing throat*

Hot cross buns!


Hot cross buns!

[fresh out of the oven]

One ha’ penny,
two ha’ penny,

Hot! Cross! Buns!!

[dripping with glaze, about to be devoured]

Happy Easter! I just, uh, have to go clean up the kitchen.

(Where the buns are.)



  1. Michelle

    Oh lord, those look delicious. Especially that glaze.

  2. Heather

    Those are beautiful, Mir!

    Care to share the recipe?

    Happy Easter,

  3. nil zed

    You cannot imagine how disappointing it was to discover, when I moved to England just pre-Easter a couple years ago, that Hot Cross Buns are not iced! No! The cross is a paste of white flour & water applied before the baking! It is not tasty. It’s not untasty. It’s just a thin little bit of unspiced dough.

    Yours look like they are much yummier! Sugar rules!

  4. Kylie

    They look delicious! Every year I think about making some. Every year I don’t – which is crazy because I bake almost everything else from scratch. Maybe next year… Happy Easter to you and all your family.

  5. ChristieNY

    Yum! Happy Easter to the Mir & Otto gang! =)

  6. Anna Marie

    Yum! Post recipe, please. =)

  7. Crisanne

    Ditto Kylie. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter!

  8. The Mother

    Yum! But it’s Passover, so we’re stuck with cardboard.

  9. Headless Mom

    Headless Dad usually rolls his eyes when I’m reading. This time he said “Mmmm, what are those?”

    I guess you hit a nerve. If you post it, we will come, (and bake!)

  10. Lady M

    oooh, delicious!

    And more appetizing that “Pease Porridge Hot,” which my four year old learned at school this week. He follows the line “Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old” with a big “eewwwww!”

  11. Heather

    Mmm that looks delicious!

  12. Kelly

    Wow that makes me hungry.

  13. Meg

    Oh! That’s how to give them the proper dent for the icing! It’s never worked right for me, but now I know! Thanks, Mir!

  14. Tracy

    Oh my goodness, those look scrumpious, did I spell that right? Anyway, can you please, oh I beg you, post the recipe….pweeeeese!!!!

  15. MaryP

    It’s less confusing if you understand that line to be “one a penny, two a penny”, which is what my English gran always sang. Meaning, of course, one for a penny, two for a penny (SHE said it depended on the size, but I think she was making that up).

    They look so good, and they smell even better! (Too bad I don’t like’em.)

  16. Katie in MA

    Yum. I could each a dozen hot cross buns!

  17. Katie in MA

    Eat! I could EAT a dozen! Sheesh.

  18. Kailani

    YUM! Waiting for the recipe post!!!

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