Flowers! Rainbows! Sunshine!

By Mir
March 15, 2009

I’m about to go wake up my kids. It’s 11:00.

It’s 11:00 and my children are still asleep.

My children were returned to me late last night and are still asleep at 11:00, which I am sure isn’t anything I can draw any conclusions about, because it’s probably just a coincidence, and also because when I don’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. Right? Right.

Oh, look! A rainbow, over there. Shiny!


  1. Sarah


  2. BethR

    Pretty shiny tulips! {{{Mir}}}

  3. exile on mom street

    Is it Rainbow Brite? She’s always fun, and would never keep your kids up late…

  4. pam

    Sunshine lollipops and rainbows everywhere… wrote a song about it wannna hear it hear it goes

  5. Kerry

    *This post will self destruct in 5, 4, 3

  6. Half Assed Kitchen

    11:00? Wow. I would PARTY DOWN if my kids slept that late.

  7. Angela

    SO SO SO VERY JEALOUS OF YOU AT THIS MOMENT. Although you did put in your time parenting small children. One of mine just graduated from a crib. I’ve a little while to go. But you’re giving me hope.

  8. Jill in Atlanta

    Mine were up late last night AND up early this morning. Be glad they sleep and keep looking for rainbows.

  9. Kemi

    Wow. Won’t it be fun to put them to bed at their regular bedtime tonight so they can be roused for school at their regular time tomorrow?

    I’m sure there won’t be ANY complaining or eye-rolling or tears.

    How fun for you, being the reasonable adult. *sigh*

  10. Randi

    A penny!

  11. RuthWells

    Look! Cows!

  12. mama speak

    it must’ve been the weekend for such things…only my youngest hasn’t learned the fine art of sleep in yet. Look! Something shiny!

  13. Brigitte

    Time change could still be a factor. One of the factors, anyway. Ooh, something shiny!

  14. StephLove

    Sorry. I know that drives you crazy. At least they CAN sleep in when they need to. My oldest (almost 8) pops up between 6 and 7 every morning regardless of how late he’s up. So we have to be super strict about his bed time.

  15. ~annie

    At least they you know where they are and it’s quiet. Right? Lately the only time Critter is actually at home is when she’s sleeping. At least I hope she’s doing all her sleeping at home…

  16. Katie in MA

    No, no. Not a rainbow. Just leftover sugar.

    Le sigh. Exes are grand.

  17. Sarah @

    Oooooh. I don’t personally know how frustrating that can be, but I know people who deal with that problem enough to know that it’s no good. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

    Also, I hope the kids slept well that night!

  18. Ruth

    I loved when my kids slept in; now 27 years later, my oldest son loves to sleep the whole day. He stays up all night. But, don’t worry; he does not live in my house and hasn’t for some time. I am like him; I would stay up all night if I could. He’s an artist and I kind of consider myself one; just something weird about us.

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