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By Mir
September 12, 2008

I’m please to report that it’s so far, so good on Monkey’s new and improved braces. They haven’t popped a wire even once, which is a new record. Now instead of being angry that they keep falling apart, I can focus on being angry that the first wire wasn’t properly installed. Yay!

Additionally, I’m sure you’re all dying to know that yesterday’s contestant for Are You Smarter Than a 3rd Grader? was not, in fact, smarter than a 3rd grader—but lucky for her, Monkey knew that of the Ohio, Hudson, Savannah, and Rio Grande, it’s the Savannah which is not a major river. Was he pleased about saving the day? Well, maybe a little, but mostly he was VERY MIFFED that he was not asked about the branches of the government.

I have to run over to school to do some PTA stuff, but an update on this situation is forthcoming, I promise, because as usual, NONE of you pretty people have strong opinions or anything….


  1. Megan

    Well done Monkey! And knowing rivers is at LEAST as impressive as naming the branches of government.

  2. Barbara

    “Smart” can be measured in many different ways. Be comforted that your intelligence lies in emotional and literary domains! Be aware, however, that selling contests drain brain cells used for those those two cognitive tasks. It’s a win > lose > win > lose kindalife. You tell it best.

    Woo-hoo for mentioning the Rio Grande!

  3. Beth

    Did he also point out that silt in rivers produce the third branch of government, the Sedimentary branch?

  4. Amy-Go

    Frankly, the rivers will be there long after the government has gone the way of the dodo, in my humble opinion.

  5. bob

    your smart children take after their smart parents – heredity at work.

    congrats to Monkey!

  6. Fran

    Opps Sorry, *I* have opinions..wanna hear wanna hear? Probably not. I’m with Otto on this one. I see an ethical issue with combining the pledges to “win”. The rules don’t state that the family with the most pledges wins a Wii, it’s the individual child. The point is to raise money for a track, not to win a Wii; buy them a Wii for Christmas ( you’ll be happy with it)

    Congrats to Monkey on a job well done though..yea, him!

    PS..I see nothing wrong with bringing snacks to the movies although I draw the line at picnic baskets/backpacks/food hampers.. The theaters bill themselves as a business showing movies even though we know they make their money on the concessions. When they start being honest about what their true business is (a snack bar that shows movies) then I’ll be more inclined to see things their way and leave my snacks home.

  7. D

    I can’t believe you referred to Monkey as “her” [no, really, you did].

  8. Mary Beth

    I think the “her” referred to was the contestant, not Monkey. :)

  9. Cele

    what was it I read the other day? 6 out of 10 adults can’t name the three branches of goverment. Sad, You go Monkey. And Beth is totally correct.

  10. Keyomi

    looking forward to reading more on that issue..!!

  11. Flea

    You’re so right. Our opinions are lackluster at best.

    Yay for braces which stay in place!

  12. Michelle

    Oi, braces.. a period of my life I have clearly blocked out, as I know I had them, but I don’t remember the way they felt in my mouth.

    Thank god.

  13. LiteralDan

    Putting delicate machinery in a kid’s mouth is just asking for disaster. I can’t tell you how many times I was sitting in school, randomly chewing on/playing with some piece of orthodontic hardware, hearing/feeling a pop, and just saying, “Uh oh”.

  14. angie

    Oh, the never-ending joys of parenthood!

  15. Lady M

    I think the igneous branch of government is very important.

  16. Daisy

    Go Monkey! Next year maybe you can move to Wisconsin and he can be in my fourth grade class. We live right next to one of the few rivers that actually flow north, so his geography skills will expand again. :)

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