It’s as far out as it goes

Contrary to what you might think about a woman who writes about her entire life on the internet, I’m a fairly private person.


I know that seems a complete contradiction of terms and some of you are thinking that I’ve finally started drinking during the day, but REALLY, it’s true. There’s a reason I blog about the stuff I do from the relative anonymity provided behind the computer screen, and believe it or not, there’s plenty of stuff I don’t write about at all.

Yes, yes, I know. My uterus and subsequent lack thereof, talking to the kids about sex, tormenting my husband into marrying me, and the time I went to a job interview with my pants falling down all seem like things which I maybe should’ve kept to myself, but BESIDES THOSE THINGS, there are things I don’t address.

I have been blessed with relatively few trolls on this site, and I choose to believe it’s because I’m sweet and charming and everyone loves me. HAHAHAHAHA! No, actually, I think I’ve just been really lucky. Plus, the majority of my readers are extra awesome. The occasional troll I generally deal with by completely ignoring them, because I consider it poor karma to engage in a pissing contest with someone whose entire strategy in life is to be angry about things that have nothing to do with them.

Anyway, a little while ago I got a particularly nasty missive added to this post, a post which was, incidentally, one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written. I promptly deleted the comment and then I did something I rarely do—I emailed the person back.

It was stupid, I guess, because blind hatred isn’t generally open to education. But I found myself responding as calmly as I could, pointing out that this website is hardly a complete story with every detail intact; things are left out—either on purpose or by accident—and it is, at best, measured snapshots. Hardly the basis on which to make a sweeping judgment of a situation, I’d think… and the particular judgment which had been made was, I thought, rather ridiculous even given the limited information available.

My troll never responded, which was no surprise. Given that I already broke my rule about not engaging in that sort of thing, it’s not as though I want to turn it into a prolonged communication, anyway. An apology would’ve been nice, I suppose, but when someone feels justified in leaving a sweeping indictment of another person in a public forum based upon a fraction of the available information, I guess it’s a good bet that they’re not the apologizing sort, anyway. And GUESS WHAT! Now I’m breaking a second rule of mine about this sort of thing by even addressing it, but I do have a point in here that I’m getting to, I swear.

I lived here in Georgia a good six months before anyone local ever knew about this site. Now some of my friends read it and truthfully, I sort of love that. I can see where several of my friendships have deepened as a direct result. But when one of my friends asked me “Why didn’t you just TELL me about it?” I struggled to answer, because I don’t KNOW the answer. It’s not that I don’t want my friends reading it, it’s that it seems like the ultimate hubris to be all, “Oh, and by the way, I sort of write about my life? On the internet? And thousands of people I’ve never met think I named my children after animals?” There’s no good casual way to bring it up in conversation without feeling like an ass.

I don’t just trot it out to people for the same reason that I don’t open a conversation with “Hi, I’ve been divorced for over five years and it’s still astounding to me how much trauma shrapnel from that event is littered around the landscape of my life.” It’s part of me, and it matters—deeply—but it’s too private to just hold up as an introductory social parry. I can’t do it.

Part of the reason I can share the things here that I do, I think, is because (as a general rule) you lovely folks understand what matters to me and you get it. You REALLY Get It. That’s a wonderful connection to make.

But in the day-to-day, well, I’m perfectly happy being anonymous, having that deeper connection with a chosen few, and letting everyone else think… well… whatever they think. When I meet readers who enjoy me it’s very gratifying and lovely, but also a totally different experience than what I consider Normal Life—going for groceries and maybe waving at a person or two I know but not ever wondering if those people remember the time I had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting and had to go on steroids and then didn’t sleep for several days and basically became a raving lunatic.

Some people crave fame. I am not one of them. Even the spoils of semi-known-ness, such as people feeling justified in telling me how very wrong and evil I am, are sometimes right on the outskirts of my tolerance.

And you know, when I agreed to be taped for the Today Show, I talked it over with my husband and several other trusted folks, and decided it was a good idea for various reasons, even though the very thought of it sort of scared the crap out of me. In the end it was a fun experience and I thought, “Hey! That wasn’t too bad!” and I mentally patted myself on the back for putting on my big girl panties and dealing, and then time passed and it began to seem like maybe they would never air the segment, and I found myself thinking: OH THANK GOD.

That, of course, was the producer’s cue to email us and let us know that it’s airing tomorrow morning. (UPDATE: The word is now that the segment will air in the 10:00 hour, around 10:10.)

And suddenly my ridiculous fretting over what to wear and how my hair looked is replaced with the inescapable realization that I am going to appear on national television tomorrow and ANYONE could watch it. People I don’t know! People I DO know! People who might recognize me when I’m picking out bananas at the supermarket in my sweatpants! People from the PTA! People I lost touch with accidentally on purpose who will now know where to find me! And it will be all EDITED which means I may be appearing to say something TOTALLY STUPID in a different context than the one in which I was ORIGINALLY being TOTALLY STUPID!

If you think I’m being melodramatic, let me assure you: I AM ABSOLUTELY BEING MELODRAMATIC, and also, didn’t all of this occur to me BEFORE the taping? Well, yes, as a matter of fact it did, sort of, but to a lesser extent. Because BEFORE the taping it was still possible to believe that the entire thing would end up on the cutting room floor and without even realizing it, I clung to that possibility to make it possible to participate without freaking out the entire time.

I thought I was coming out when I gave my parents directions to my website. And then I thought I was coming out when I started writing elsewhere and attaching my name and directing people back here to this site. But tomorrow morning I am REALLY coming out—whether I want to or not—to, well, everyone. I suppose I should just apologize, now. (You know, to whomever. Sorry!)

It’s okay with me if YOU watch it, because you’re one of my favorites. But if you could, I dunno, use your body as a shield to prevent, say, my kids’ orthodontist or anyone else I encounter in real life who doesn’t already read me from seeing it? You would be my FAVORITE favorite.

If I’m lucky, maybe Tom Cruise will do something wacky and the segment will get bumped.


  1. daysgoby

    I’m always astonished when someone I know reads my blog. And then when I’m asked to explain what a blog is or I have to refer to myself as a blogger, I flush red and stammer. A lot.

    Which is weird, because I credit blogging with keeping me sane(r). But God help me if people want to ,you know…talk about it.

    I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully.

  2. Stephanie Chance

    Yeah! I can’t wait. I’m setting my DVR tonight! I’m sure you will be fabulous.

  3. susan

    Well, you are my favorite blogger so I will do anything I can from here in San Diego to keep your IRL people from seeing you- you can count on it! By the way, you are fabulous!

  4. Leandra

    Somebody recently asked me what I write about on my blog and when I said “ME” it felt completely ridiculous and I blushed beet red. So, I get how you feel.

    But don’t worry. NOBODY watches the Today Show anymore! ;)

  5. Tammy

    I agree–it would be monumental hubris to announce to everyone you meet that you have a blog or two and by the way also guest write for other sites and have had a television appearance or two. So, no, you’re not weird in that way. I can’t really do much from Southern MN to prevent your orthadontist from reading your blog, but I would if I could. :)

  6. Katie

    My husband told some dad on my son’s hockey team about my website without telling me. So then of course all the team parents read it. Yeah, that made for some awkward conversations while freezing at an ice rink at 7am.

    I think you do a great job of balancing your “real life” with your blogs. Just remember I was one of your first readers when you become even more famous!

  7. Flea

    Oh geez. Now I have to figure out how to work the TV. And what channel is the Today Show on?! Lordy, Mir.

    The pictures you posted of your time in NYC were adorable, and we’ve heard your voice now, so I can’t imagine that this will be anything less than finally meeting an old friend face-to-face. That’s so cool! And maybe you should change your hair so the people in the banana aisle don’t stop and gush. :)

    No one else in my house will be watching. Promise.

  8. Deb

    I agree with Susan, you rock! And I will help shield you even though I am stuck up here in NJ. Maybe GA will have a power failure tomorrow? ;-)

  9. amy

    I appreciate your clarity re: blogging. I also find it odd that I can blog about some bits of my life, but am adamant that I do not want people I actually know to know about my blog. Weird. Still you explained some of the mystery of it so well! As far as being really outed now on the Today show, all I can say is you can handle it. I know it. I do not know you of course except for your blog, but I know you can handle it. Also the good news in life is that most people are wrapped up in their own lives, and although they may enjoy reading our blogs or seeing you on T.V., the reality is that we are not important enough to worry themselves over really…so my personal feeling is that it will be fun. You will be great and then everyone will forget about it in general!

  10. Jamie AZ

    Score – I’m working from home tomorrow, so I can tune in! I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear. I’ll try to remember to TIVO it, too, in case I miss it the first time it airs. Hopefully the fame won’t change you, Mir. ;)

  11. The Other Leanne

    Ah, the burden of fame! I say go with it–get yourself some Jackie-O sunglasses and a big hat and act like the Somebody From The Today Show you are! Otto and Chickie could follow you around with cameras and be paparazzi. Monkey could stand just a step behind you, holding his earpiece and scanning for crazed stalkers.
    Crowds will part when they see you coming and you won’t have to stand in line at Publix. The store manager will pick out the bananas for you.
    It could be really cool… :)

  12. RuthWells

    I have the same blogging schizophrenia. It must be an occupational hazard.

  13. Burgh Baby

    I am very much so going to copy and paste this entire post for use tomorrow, except that “Today Show” will be replaced by “itty bitty local news station for itty bitty (silly really) thing that is airing Thursday morning.” Regardless of the itty bittiness, I am still FREAKING THE HELL out because WHAT IF REAL PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEE IT? So, yeah, I feel you.

    Is it too late to back out? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

  14. Denise

    coming out is really hard, no matter what kind of coming out it is. You’ll be ok, dearie – because you’re smart and funny and nice and pretty. And your family, friends and your loyal fans adore you.

    Congratulations – and Mir. Do not feed trolls, ‘k?


  15. Bah

    I have this one friend that KNOWS how hard it is for me to talk about some things one-on-one, but she insists on emailing me 12 seconds after If I post about cheese (whatever), she emails me seconds later with something like “So feeling cheesy today?” and it drives me up a mother lovin’ wall. Just read it! Comment if you want! But stop stalking me and forcing me to discuss something I *just* wrote about!

    Oops. Sorry about that. I feel better now.

  16. Astrogirl426

    As someone who knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about, and who truly relishes the lack of an audience she gets on her blog (trust me, I’m a big ol’ nobody in the blog world and I LOVE IT), I will make the ultimate sacrifice and take out the power in the greater Capital District tonight, so you can at least rest assured that not a soul in upstate NY will ever see you on the Today show.

    You’re welcome! ;)

  17. Sue

    Deep breaths… to know you is to love you! Well, except for the occassional troll “whose entire strategy in life is to be angry about things that have nothing to do with them.” (funny!) Just imagine all the new people who are gonna love you! (And I will definitely throw my body in front of the TV, except I’ll probably be at home with the kids, and they’ll think “There she is, trying to exercise again…”)

  18. Sue

    Sorry – my italics went crazy!

  19. Astrogirl426

    Just remember, no matter how famous you get:

    Always wear panties (really).

  20. sherri

    I for one will be watching (or at least my Tivo will). I love that you put yourself out there cleverly, with feeling, and on topics that might be harder to tackle with your name attached. I keep thinking I’ll see you buying talipia at Publix with your superhero necklace as the marker of your cool bloggerness.

  21. Vane

    Ohhh … not that I want to give you something else to freak about but … do you think the segment will be available on-line? I would love to watch it!

    Ok, sorry about that! I’m sure you’ll be wonderful on the segment and everything will be just fine :)

  22. Mandee

    Tivo is set! Can’t wait.

  23. Bob

    Are you kidding? how often does someone I know go on TV? I’m telling EVERYONE! now where are the directions to my tivo?

  24. heels

    I wish I had a TV!

  25. Dee

    Awww. :) Well, I love your blogging, though I’ve never had a chance to say that. I suppose it’s a given if you know I read you every day.

    Well, y’know, at least you weren’t caught swinging a medieval sword at a fantasy con and made an appearance on national TV like that. Now that’s something to be embarassed of, especially afterwards as distant friends call you on the phone to tell you “hay I just saw you on TV haha.” If I survived that, well.. I’m just gonna tell you – don’t fret, you’ll be fine. Enjoy your little piece of spotlight. :)

  26. All Adither

    Jumping up and down and clapping hands. Can’t wait to watch the Today show tomorrow!

  27. Andrea

    I used to blog and then work got crazy and I stopped. I didn’t care who read it because for me it was all about memoralizing what was happening in my kid’s lives for them. The stuff that didn’t make it in their baby book. And I am sure your debut tomorrow will go completely unnoticed because it seems as if you have both coasts and now the midwest (that would be me) covered with a complete blackout just at the moment you appear.

    BTW – I just got myself a MomAgenda and I was reading their lists of websites…and under a category “Blogs for Moms” – here was your blog listed right there. Just thought you would want to know.

  28. Heidi

    Oy, trolls. Get a life, I say!

    Crazy Aunt Purl is having the same problem: “If you say, “What can I use in this smoothie besides a banana?” someone writes you an email demanding to know what you have against nature’s finest fruit. “How dare you malign the poor banana? People in other countries DIE to produce your banana!” And you are left to wonder A) when bananas became so dangerous and B) who has time to sit around scolding strangers about their smoothie contents.”

    I’m sure you’ll be fabulous on the Today Show!

  29. Mom24

    I can understand how you feel because I work overtime to make sure no one knows I have a blog. Most people I know wouldn’t even know what a blog was, let alone why someone would spend time writing one, let along why ANYONE would spend time reading someone’s they didn’t know. But you? You are fabulous. I can only imagine how even more fabulous you would be to know in person. Your blog is an interesting glance, snapshot, into someone’s life. I think you should try to enjoy any notoriety that comes. If someone recognizes you, it’s mostly going to be because they really were interested in you. In a couple of weeks you will be at best someone who looks familiar, but people who don’t know you will have no idea why. I must say I kind of chuckled when you said you were going to be on TV, and we can’t even get you to post a picture here! Good luck! Go buy bananas tomorrow and see who stares! Be sure to dress up for your public though! ;-)

  30. Damsel

    I would tell you that I’m not going to watch it but I would totally be lying. In fact, I’m going to DVR it so that I can watch it thirty-eleven times and paper my room with pictures of you like the stalker I am.

    Okay, not really. About the pictures, anyway. Heh.

    I completely understand about the anonymity thing. I’m with a pp who said she loves her only slightly-read blog.

    I’m sure you did a fantastic job on the show — you are a lovely, lovely person and it will shine through!

  31. Fold My Laundry Please

    I know what you mean about telling people you know about your blog.

    “Hello! I understand that we don’t know each other very well, but I am INCREDIBLY interesting and RIP-SNORTINGLY funny, as are my children. This being the case, you should check out my website. I write about me. And about my children. It’s INCREDIBLY interesting and RIP-SNORTINGLY funny. And you can even bookmark it and make reading it part of your daily regimen! You’re welcome!”

    My husband is sweet enough to do my bragging for me, though. He tells anyone who will hold still long enough about my blog. In fact, one of his ex-girlfriends is a regular reader of my blog…which, come to think of it, is a little creepy…

  32. AKD

    I was in the Sunday newspaper about two weeks ago – a half page picture of me, eek. I felt weird about telling people about it (besides my direct family) because I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging. It was interesting to see who stumbled upon it in the paper… and sad that not many people subscribe to the paper at home anymore.

  33. The Other Other Dawn

    I could block entire cities from seeing the screen just with my left thigh.

    I don’t make my blog public knowledge either, and when a close friend found it by accident by Googling an event we were both involved in… it gagged me for about six months. And this is someone I like who likes me back (despite knowing me pretty well). I just felt… stifled in a way I can’t quite describe. It all felt too silly, somehow, even though anyone who knows me knows I’m crazier than a bag of hammers. So I get your angst.

    But you will be fine. What with all the funny and the pretty (and did I mention the pretty?). Just picture the audience as being made up of all your readers.

  34. Beth

    I understand your ambivalence about it; I felt the same way when a departing co-worker outed me and my belly dancing to the Dean.

    Y’know what, though? Very few people will make the connection between the face on the TV and you in person, so I suspect you won’t have too many problems. If you do, just remember that WE all think you’re cool :-)

  35. Jenny

    Well, great. Because of you and Dooce, I’m going to have to break my self-imposed No-Today-Show rule! You will be The Awesome.

    I think I would pass out cold if anyone at all read my blog, but they don’t, mostly because I apparently have a pathological fear of pressing the “post” button. Oh, the drafts I could share. Oh, well.

  36. Dani

    Maybe you SHOULD start drinking during the day, LOL! At least just for tomorrow. ;)

    You’ll be fine, dear. We’re all impatiently waiting to put facial expressions and a voice to the years of wonderful writing. We’ll be your best critics and we’ll all be here tomorrow to tell you, yet again, how pretty you are and how much we Pink Puffy Heart you. I promise. (unfortunately, I can’t speak for the damn trolls)

    Off to set the DVR now!

  37. dad

    Everyone in our house will be watching. So will everyone I can make contact with between now and midnight. This is a brief but cogent note because I have a lot of people to call.

    You may not want to be famous but I always did and I think you are my vehicle to attaining that. It’s better to have famous kids than to be in the lights oneself.

  38. Shelly

    Wow..You and the writer from on the same day.. Now I have to tape “Today”

  39. AmyM

    I think the possibility of Tom Cruise doing something nutso is pretty high, so you can still cling to that hope.

    But just in case he falls through… I hope your segment shows well!

    Maybe there’ll be a power outage tomorrow morning in your area…

  40. Jennifer

    You probably won’t have to abscond to an obscure foreign country. But if you do, pick one with an internet connection.
    Congratulations Mir! (And dad!) Who knows, maybe your television fame will pay off with a prime table at the Casa del Taco!

  41. Randi

    Stoked! I’m so taping it! Can’t wait to see Mir live and in person…well…sort of :)

  42. Rebecca

    First of all, I’m really sorry someone left mean comments. That post made me all teary and while I’ve never been through it I could feel the emotions through your words. No one can judge you… Also, I’m totally dvr-ing the Today Show tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the segment! It will be great!

  43. Megan

    My darn kids tell their friends about my blog and their friends read it and COMMENT. Fortunately I rather like their friends… but still! What happened to being totally embarrassed by your mother? What happened to pretending she doesn’t exist? Huh?

    I do hope it ends up on the internet because then I can be sure to see it – can’t catch the Today show given my schedule. You did tape a segment of drunken karaoke, right?

  44. aka Alice

    I’ve just started blogging, and am mostly read by a close group of friends, which is awesome of course. And if the anonymous Internet ever happens upon my blog and finds it readable and/or entertaining, that would be more than fine too…it’s that group in the middle that sort of wigs me out…what if the people who I kinda know, but don’t really know that well read me…Do I want them to know that I write about my life and what I really think, especially when so much of it is out of context or described for my own entertainment/outlet first?

    I guess what I’m trying to inarticulately say is thanks for articulating some of what I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and think it’s lovely.

  45. Shalet

    I’m sure you will be just wonderful on TV (and, by the way, I am oh so so so glad it’s not me!). :o)

  46. smarty

    Hey, you were already famous in my eyes! Try not to freak out. At least you know how to cook fish and order coffee.

    PS: how do you have time to read all these comments? I have to skip some.

  47. Kim

    I understand completely not wanting people you know to read your blog. I don’t understand it as we get to know all the blog people through the internet. My parents know I have my blogs, but my friends don’t and hopefully don’t find it:o)

    I will try to watch you tomorrow on the show, if I can find it in time. I enjoy reading your blog and everyone has a right to keep some of their life private:o)

  48. Headless Mom

    I must tell the Headless Grandma about your spot tomorrow. She reads me, you know, because I’m her kid. But you? She sits at my computer for hours when she’s here catching up. (You’d think my dad could bookmark it for her?)

    Thanks for putting in words what I’ve been feeling lately about blogging. I love it, love the relative anonymity of it, but now that more people that I actually know are reading I censor myself a little more.

  49. mike golch

    I’m a private person as well I will share stuff about myself and my thoughts that i fell like shareing.

  50. Laura

    My husband likes to announce to our friends, new and old, that I used to have a blog. When people ask me what I wrote about, I just tell them I documented my husband’s day-to-day wardrobe choices. When they ask me what a blog is, I tell them it was a little online diary where I talked about my husband, what he said, and what he wore. It makes it really simple to explain.

  51. Rebecca

    DVR is set!

  52. Dani

    Hey…. Dooce just twittered:

    “Today show segment has been bumped to the 10 o’clock hour.”

  53. Susan Getgood

    You will be awesome. I know it. Having seen you that afternoon, I know you looked pretty.

    My “coming out” moment? My mom reads my blogs, always has. Heck, I write them for her. Then one day we were talking on the phone and she commented on something I had just posted on Twitter. It was a wow moment. She’s not a follower or anything –just reads my tweets, and totally not a problem (she knows everything anyway), but it was wake-up. It’s all out there, and everybody you know, knows.

    And I’m okay with that.

  54. jennielynn

    Well, duh. Of course I’m going to watch. And I’ll even email you and say how utterly fabulous, witty and sparkly you were.

  55. sb

    I’ll be watching you, beautiful Mir. I’m going to DVR it so that I won’t miss it. We’ll all still love you – even the kids’ Orthodondist.

  56. ImpostorMom

    Yay, i totally thought that I missed it! I saw the twitters from Kristen and thought it was today. I’ve been out of touch in the blog world what with all the sickness around here. Just set my DVR. :)

  57. el-e-e

    Dang! On a day when I don’t work at home! Oh well, thank goodness for DVR. You will Rock the TV, Mir, I have faith in you!

  58. Poppy Buxom

    Finally! A use for the big box in the living room that I use for watching DVDs!

  59. Anna

    Yippee! Super famous pretty girl! Can’t wait to see what all you ladies look like in person…but I’d be glad to throw myself in front of anyone else for ‘ya! (But I TOTALLY can’t wait to watch it!)

  60. sillyme

    Two things (ok 3)occurred to me as I read your post:
    1st – Dooce is on the Today show right after you so it must be a whole Mommy-Blogger thing. I am definitely Tivo-ing it.
    2nd – Ummm…is the drinking during the day thing frowned upon? Because Butterschnapps in coffee = YUM!
    3rd – I am oh so very gonna do the big girl panties thing and start my blog. (really, really I promise)
    PS (cause I’m not gonna amend this to add a 4th, it’s late and I’m tired) you really do rock

  61. Amy

    Yay! And to think, I almost forgot to check in on your blog today! I would have been utterly depressed to learn that I’d missed your Today Show segment. Now I’m so excited! I’m sure it’s completely awesome and that you present yourself as nothing less than the lovely, eloquent woman you are.

  62. MomCat

    Big sunglasses will keep the momerazzi (totally a word) from recognizing your soon-to-be-famous face.


  63. Bek

    I am setting the DVR tonight.

    I have the same issue with blogging. I’m finally going public after lurking and having a “family” blog for the past year and a half.

  64. Heather

    Hmm someone should YouTube it, because with the time difference, that’s too early for me!

  65. Stephanie

    Wow! I’m so excited. I’ll set my DVR tonight–congratulations!

  66. Lisa- Domestic Accident

    I’m tivo’ing it, too, but I swear, if I have to watch Kathy Lee Gifford to get to you, I’m going be pissed.

    I’m sure you’ll be fabulous. Can’t wait!

  67. Catalina Salvo

    Mir, we love you. Unconditionally. We are always in your corner because you give so much to us. Thank you.

  68. prophet

    can I hope for someone to post a you-tube bit of it for those of us who can’t watch it – real time – and don’t have the technology to record, tivo, or whatever-else it?

    pretty please?

    hoping for manageable response for you, our Mir. . . . and no onslaughts of strangers. A completely selfish wish, I’m sure – since I just don’t want things around here to change. I like it like it is! But there you have it.

    best wishes!

  69. Aimee

    Thank goodness my husband works from home — now I have to call him and make him set up the DVR! I normally check in here in the morning, and I missed this yesterday.

    I think we can probably arrange some smoke and mirrors to distract your IRL people from noticing you on the teevee.

  70. Andrea

    I just watched it AND DVR’d it. Does that make me a stalker? :) You were great, Mir.

    Kathy Lee Gifford is rather annoying. I hadn’t watched the Today Show in recent years and it looks like the last hour where she comes on is turning into The View, where they chat about current events. I don’t really need her take on the Democratic nominee!

  71. Nicole

    Mir! You were wonderful!! I am a faithful Want Not reader and had no idea you wrote any other blogs… how late to the party am I?? I was watching the segment and thought, “Mir? How many other bloggers can there be named Mir??” Sure enough, it was YOU! :) I thought you were terrific and well-spoken and pretty. I’m so proud of you!! Now I must go and update my feed-reader so I can read ALL of your blogs.

  72. crunchy carpets

    The same sort of thing happened to me a while ago. I had spoken to a politician about my hospital story and have been sympathizing with a constituent of him who had lost a baby there.

    He then wanted me to speak at a press conference and I froze.
    It just felt like TOO much dram to SHARE on tv etc.

    I felt I had to draw the line somewhere.
    BUT I have talked about blogging on the radio…so yeah..I ‘came out’…

    You were great!

  73. Lisa- Domestic Accident

    OMG, you did make me watch Kathie! She really rubs me the wrong way.

    But, you, you did beautifully. Nice hair, btw. I love the flip. And you sounded intelligent- using percentages and everything!

  74. Krisco

    Hey, you did great, I loved it. And here’s something funny – or not – I cannot even recall now what you were wearing. I guess that’s the goal of worrying about it though – you don’t want to look funny on there. But you looked lovely, shiny (in a starlight-y way) and super pretty, so good job.

  75. jodifur

    I found you via the today show interview (and you were fabulous, by the way.)

    I struggle with the same thing. I’m a “little” blogger, but am writing more places. I’ve told NOONE in real life, except my husband about my blog, yet I don’t blog anonymously but live in fear people will find it.

    Hi, I make NO SENSE.

  76. Tootsie Farklepants

    You did a great job! Nothing stupid at all. And also? I was trying to figure out if this was before or after your last hair fiasco. Because you looked great! Congrats!

  77. Helen

    I saw you on the Today Show. I am a little late to your blog so I didn’t know you were going to be on. It was fun seeing you. My husband was very impressed that you are so financially successful in your blogging. I think it is a fine example of doing what you love and the money will come.

  78. Carolyn

    I just watched your interview on the Today Show site and you were great of course! But since I understand exactly what you’re saying in your post, I feel uncomfortable on your behalf. The good news is that strangers in the grocery store still probably won’t recognize you. But your orthodontist will if he saw the segment. And he’ll tell others because he’ll want to take credit for your great smile. :)

    I’m not cut out for that. I’m never sure whether my daughter’s teacher or principal look at me knowingly because I’m *that* mom (doting, maybe over-much) or if it’s because they know something about me that I don’t know that they know. And this makes me nervous never having written one word about my uterus.

    I couldn’t be you. But you were awesome.

    But is this (blogging) really much different than newspaper columnists who write about their lives? Except for the business and tech details, I mean. But is the content really much different?

  79. Sarah

    I watched the clip last night on the Today show’s website with my husband. And other than the weirdness of Kathie Lee, it was awesome! You looked fantastic and poised and put together! My husband, somewhat ignorant to the amount of time I spend reading blogs at work for my own sanity, asked why I wanted to see this clip in particular. I pointed you out and said, “See her, I read two of her websites and she is the reason I got Band of Brothers for such a good price!” He is forever in your gratitude for that and many other deals. Me too, because its a nice reprieve from work to read your blogs. Thanks for letting the rest of us get a glimpse of your life described so well through your writing!

  80. becky

    I didn’t get to see it live, but I watched the clip on their site. You were great! That was so cool.

    Kathie Lee wasn’t exactly the right person to use in that segment with Heather. It was strange.

  81. Stacey

    I saw the rerun it on the Web. (You are in reruns already.) You looked GREAT! You sounded intelligent! Here’s me cheering for you: wooooHOO!

    Back when I had a blog, and I would go to the pool and see our friends, or at a soccer game, or some such event, I always found it disconcerting for my friends to have information on me before I told them, with my very own mouth. You are courageous, but I’ve told you that before. Congrats!

  82. ben


    I’m too dumb to program my Tivo correctly (should have had my 4 y.o. do it for me) but just watched the stuff on the web site.

    Awesome. Congrats, that is so way cooler than anything I’ve done.

  83. Ladanea

    It kills me that they were so freaked out about blogging and how it might affect the children, or how scary computers are, or whatever. I mean, these are TV HOSTS. Hello.

    Found a funny cartoon that explains why you don’t need to worry about random people at the store just yet:

    And if I may add to the crescendo of accolades, you really were fabulous.

  84. Jen

    Wow you are brave! I blog but don’t really want people to read it and then wonder why I don’t get comments :) I know, crazy. I just wanted to say that “other” post could have been written by me, word for word, except that I don’t have those skills. It was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. (off to find the website where I can see you and Kathie Lee Gifford…)

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