Carefree newlyweds

Hey, remember when Otto and I got married? And then went on the world’s shortest honeymoon while I coughed up a lung? Wasn’t that fun? I mean, except for the lung-coughing part?

And then we had to part ways (again!) and later, when it was time for me to move down here, which involved a long drive and then mortgaging ourselves into submission before the children arrived.

My point here is that it’s possible that Otto and I never really had a good stretch of time to just hang out, just the two of us, and enjoy our newlywed bliss.

Well, being the prince that he is, Otto flew the kids up to Boston on Saturday. He handed them off to their dad and then spent a couple of days with his family, and yesterday afternoon he came home to me.

Home to a quiet, kid-free house.

“We should capitalize on this!” I said. “We should be totally wild and crazy!”

“Ooooookaaaaayyy…” he agreed, sort of. “What do you want to do?”

God. Does he have to be so LITERAL about it? I tried to think of something exciting (“Scrabble! NAKED Scrabble!!”) but it turns out that I am equally boring whether my children are around or not.

It also turns out that the lure of Shiny Things is a transmissible condition. Otto spotted his new computer (which had arrived in his absence) and then I had to leave him to play with it for a while. Although, in fairness, I had my own work to do, too.

Did I mention that Otto is on vacation this week? And that I am NOT? Hmph.

I was so happy to have him home, though, that I gave him the “welcome back” that every man dreams about—I informed him that the DSL had been installed but the wireless router wasn’t working with it, and could he please fix that and oh yes, by the way, please call Charter and cancel the cable modem?

Otto was on the case, starting with a phone call to our DSL service to find out the proper settings for the router. He was immediately connected to someone in Calcutta who wanted to help him troubleshoot the modem.

“There’s nothing wrong with the modem,” Otto kept saying. “The modem works just fine! Great, even! But we’re having some trouble configuring our router to work with it. No… NO… THE MODEM IS WORKING. IT’S NOT THE MODEM.” He eventually managed to talk with someone in Wisconsin who was able to help him out. Who says those people only know cheese?

Then he called Charter, where the customer service rep ARGUED WITH HIM about whether or not Charter had tried to resolve our service issues. He handled it perfectly and finally got our service canceled, and I was super-impressed with him because he didn’t even raise his voice once. Me, if I’d been on the phone with that person, I would’ve been swearing like a sailor.

So great was my gratitude, I went out and picked up Chinese food for dinner, which we consumed while staring deeply into… the television. Ah, romance!

Later that night Otto confided that really, he’d been unable to sleep properly without my icy toes resting on his calves, and while I warmed my feet on him I felt my blackened heart warming up, as well.

Today we slept late and then Otto got right up and redesigned my business cards for me, and now he’s running them over to the printer. Because he loves me. And there is nothing sexier than a man who beckons you and then whispers, “What do you think of this font?

Later this week I think he might redo my website, too.

What? Isn’t this what all newlyweds do…?


  1. mamalang

    That’s what people truly in love do. Apparently my husband and I are an old married couple now…we have the same afflictions :)

  2. All Adither

    Oh, if only my husband would pick me out a good font.

  3. Megan

    There is NOTHING like a good font. Nothing. I have a terrible secret lust for fonts which I blame entirely on the fact that I’m a designer. Do I design fonts? Nope. I just hang out at typophile secretly reading the dirty, dirty secrets of people who really know their counters from their stems. Oh yeah.

  4. Niki

    I think that doing computer stuff for your spouse should be considered one of the “love languages” – I know that’s how my hubby shows his – he redesigns my blog. Or makes one for one of my friends. Or makes buttons for the blogs. You get the idea. Congrats on the delayed honeymooon – we actually had a honeymoon, which mostly consisted of driving, but 18 years later I figure we’re due for another one.

  5. Leandra

    Mmmm…Chinese food. Can you tell I’m “watching what I eat” and that there is pitifully little of it!

    Enjoy the time alone together!

  6. MomCat

    A guy who shows you his fonts, and does a bit of kerning and leading, too? Wooooo, Baby!! Mir, you are the lucky one!

  7. Damsel

    I can totally feel the love.

  8. Em

    Are we celebrating love Thursday early this week?

    I love to listen to my husband take care of business on the phone. The cop in him comes out and I listen to him interrupt by calmly repeating “Sir? Sir? Sir?” until the other person shuts up. I’m just not that polite. So by taking care of all the talky business (which I stink at), he not only impresses me with his ability to shut someone up who isn’t me and also saves me from embarrassing myself and then dwelling on it all day. Husbands are handy to have around for things like that (as well as spiders and cold toes).

  9. Kristi

    Alright. You two are hereby commanded to go out to a nice romantic dinner, complete with wine and dancing. Even if it is in your own dining room! Now get!

  10. Heather

    You two are adorable :) Maybe you should try to do at least a little bit of the more traditional romance stuff while the kids are gone though ;)

  11. Melisa

    Font, huh? Is that what they’re calling it these days?

  12. saucygrrl

    Whenever I have router problems I immediately call up my friend and beg him to fix it so I can avoid being transfered by telephone to 4 different countries without resolution. Honestly, I’d rather do anything than have to call about a router problem.

  13. Ben

    *taking notes*

  14. BethR

    What I want to know is how to make one’s children disappear for a week without that pesky divorce. Does anyone out there want visitation rights with our kids? Shipping is free!

  15. Tootsie Farklepants

    Ahhhh romance. Mr. Farklepants and I haven’t reached that level in our marriage where I’d trust him with anything having to do with my blog. It might be the other unfinished projects around our house that has led to this mistrust. Oh, how I’d love a good fonting.

  16. Susan Getgood

    Hey, you are doing what you want to do, not what the kids want, so that’s a start. Enjoy the week.

  17. Cele

    My husband wouldn’t know a good font if it bit him in the butt (cute little butt that it is.) But what he does do is watch baseball with me, enjoy the sunshine that is our grandson, and rushes home to me each and every night, and buys me pizza/Chinese/Mexican when I want. God I love that man.

  18. KarateMom

    Awwww! So sweet! I think you know it’s true love when you can find simple enjoyment in each other’s company.

    Or maybe you’re just boring…I dunno.

    Just kidding!

  19. Vane

    Enjoy your kid-free time! I seriously recommend a night out, to the movies, dinner, for drinks, dancing, whatever!!!

    Hope you guys enjoy each other a lot (though I think you usually do) :)

  20. chris

    Yes, there is nothing quite like a good font.

  21. D

    To my programming husband, everything in the world should be in 10 point courier. End of discussion. :-)

  22. Sheila

    You’re not fooling anyone– we all know that your dad reads this blog, and can see through your thinly-veiled code.

    “Redo” your “website” –I’ll bet he will!


  23. Lady M

    Nothing says romance like really excellent tech/design support.

  24. kidzmama

    Your love for each other is a long lasting one.

  25. Cynthia Samuels

    I’m with Lady M. We also edit each other’s writing, brainstorm projects and offer (unsolicited) career advice. I’m with you girl.. There’s nothing like a man who knows his fonts!

  26. jennielynn

    Aaah, young foolish romance. They oughta write a book about you two.

  27. Chuck

    I used to live in Wisconsin. It’s not just for cheese anymore!

  28. Nancy R

    Dude. And it’s not even Love Thursday yet.

  29. trina

    Hmm, so I need to get me one a “fond of fonts” kind of amazing man……

  30. Flea

    So romantic! I feel like the kitten in a Disney movie, watching and swooning. :) It’s what old married farts do too. And it’s lovely.

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