Love made us land barons

As of around 5:00 this afternoon, Otto and I are now the proud owners of three houses. We think it’s good to have a couple of spares around, just in case, you know.

He did carry me over the threshold, though he didn’t throw me in the pool… probably because the pool was still looking a little scary. (The pool people are coming tomorrow to finish readying it, which I hope means they will be vacuuming up the fuzzy stuff floating all over the bottom, because EWW.)

I didn’t accidentally sign my old name even once on the mortgage paperwork! A good way to learn your new name is to sign it eleventy billion times on pieces of paper that say things like “I agree to repay the bank a million trillion dollars in interest or I authorize them to pull off my fingernails and feed them to me while Bette Midler sings.”

During our pre-closing walkthrough of the new house we discovered that the dishwasher is missing the silverware basket. Did they previous owners pack it? We have no idea. They didn’t even come to the closing. They are probably too busy laughing themselves silly over the notion of having stuck us with buying a new roof. Hmph.

After the closing we drove through Sonic and got cherry limeades and headed back to the house and sat out on in the gazebo with our drinks for a while saying things like “Hey! We did it! This is our house!” Then we dangled our feet in the pool for a while because it is about 150 degrees here during the day, and then eventually we went inside and started making a list of stuff we needed to get.

Then we went to Lowe’s and spent all the money we have that we hadn’t just spent on the house on things like paint and cabinet shelf liners and drawer pulls and GCFI outlets and lord only knows what else.

This house that we bought is simply lovely, really, it is, but the people who lived there were very hard on it. I have never seen walls in such sad shape. I mean, really, HOW HARD is it to buy a gallon of paint and cover up wall wear? Or—this is wild and crazy, now—just get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and try CLEANING the wall before all that dirt congeals into an indelible layer of slime.

No matter. It will all be fine after a weekend of painting. (Especially the living room, which is getting one wall of a deep metallic copper which required separate loan paperwork to purchase.)

My worldly possessions (save for what came with us in the car) are still in transit, maybe, and the moving company can’t or won’t tell me when I might see them again, we now own THREE FREAKING HOUSES for the foreseeable future, and we’re about to spend two days painting and cleaning and moving Otto’s stuff so that when my stuff comes and the children arrive we’ll be more or less ready for them. I’m tired just thinking about it.

But the Happily Ever After sign is sitting on our new mantle in our new living room in our new house, and so far I’m thinking we picked the right sign.

Happy (somewhat late, and possibly defunct) Love Thursday. May you know the love that empties your wallet at Lowe’s but fills up your heart.


  1. Barb Cooper

    I swear I read somewhere that the “couple that has three houses together, stays together.” Well, except for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston but I think they had FOUR houses, so you can see how THAT might be stressful.

    So thrilled for you. I bet two of your houses sell almost immediately and that the movers are feeling SUCH remorse that they stay to help you unpack. (It could happen.)

    Welcome home!


  2. MomCat

    I love that kinda love! *sniff* Hope it all comes together soon.

  3. Steph


  4. jenn

    Dude, when we moved into this house, the people had taken the shower door. The freakin’ shower door!!! My realtor’s head almost exploded. Hee-larious.

  5. Lucinda

    You sound so completely content. I’m happy for you.

  6. Wendy

    Now, you are like the rich and famous. Owning 3 houses and all. May you have many buyers for your other homes and none of them cause you grief. I know it is a tall order, but one can dream. Cant we?

  7. Chris

    Congrats on your new lives together. May you live Happily Ever After. Glad you guys made it there in one piece. That was truly a very long drive. ;)

  8. Yan

    We closed on our house today and being a typer, I did not realise that writing with a real pen for longer than signing a check is actually painful to finger and arm muscles accustomed to hitting a keyboard instead of gripping a pen.

    Our home owners were not at the closing either, I am beginnning to think that they do not like us, and we made an extremely generous offer on their house, not like yor low-ballers. I am also seriously thinking that the title company made an error that is really going to cost us.

    There goes my Home Depot money….

    PS. Like you, I was considering using metallic copper, but in our bathhroom instead of the living room.

    PPS. I did not think I would be that person eager to share how my life parallels that of one of my favorite bloggers. “My name is Yan and I read wouldashoulda…..”

  9. Cele

    Very Great Love Thursday Post!!!!

    I’m looking forward to pictures, especially because I can’t imagine a Copper Metallic wall and it sounds kewl.

  10. Angel

    Um, good things come in 3’s? ::hoping::

    Welcome home, Mir & Otto family :)

  11. LadyBug Crossing


    Did you know that only New Englanders close with both parties in the room. They don’t do it that way in The South. I dunno why… but they don’t. I think it’s odd.

    Have you considered renting out your properties and really becoming land barons??? It is a possibility – a scary one, but a possibility…


  12. rudolf

    Congratulations! On the new one, not necessarily still having the old ones.

    Did you “break in” the new place yet?

  13. Fairly Odd Mother

    Congrats! It must feel good to be home.

    I recently bought plants at a nursery and they looked me up in their database only to find out that the last time I was there, I used my maiden name. WTF? I had already been married over 2 years when I did that!

  14. Bob

    welcome to the land of muscadine wine. and scuppernongs. and eternal hope (the south will rise again).

    just in time to help me finish rebuild the wall in my bedroom. I could use the help, I think this is where the possum may have gotten in.

    (I would offer to help move you in, but there is this possum entrance I have to deal with.) On the other hand, if there were a keg involved I could probably raise a small army……)

  15. Mimipz5wjj

    Welcome to GA! And yes, it is eleventybillion degrees here!

  16. Sophie

    Shew! You made it! And you closed on your house without incident! Shew! I was worried, for some reason.

    I know a good house painter if you decide to throw in the brush.

  17. Sara

    Bette Midler as torture…Does our President know about this? Could be waaaay more effective than what they’re using now.

    Congrats on the new home. Now sending major mojo your way that the other two homes in your vast real estate holdings will sell quickly and for asking price!

  18. Rebecca

    Congrats on the house! I’ll pray you get the other two sold very soon. And Sonic! I am so jealous, we have commercials for Sonic up here (MN), but NO Sonics. I am so craving a cherry limeade right now.

  19. Christina

    I think perhaps you need to buy a few more houses LOL :) Here is sending positive vibes for selling a couple of houses, and have fun painting.

  20. Randi

    I disagree – it won’t be a home yet until the two little monsters are running around, threatening to jump in the pool every two minutes.

  21. Kimmie

    “They are probably too busy laughing themselves silly over the notion of having stuck us with buying a new roof.”

    ….and the fact that they filched the silverware basket out of the dishwasher…..

  22. Genevieve

    If you buy one more house, you’ll have one for each of you! Chicky will want the one with the casino.

  23. Heidi

    And how is the crazy neighbor lady getting along?

  24. Aimee

    Welcome home.

  25. Summer

    Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics at $46/gallon, right? You won’t regret it. I recently painted my dining room in RLRM green (oops shelf, $5/gallon, you’ll understand that I could not resist) and it is so lovely. So what if I then had to go back and spend $20 on a QUART of metallic gold for under the chair rail? Make sure to put some candles up against the metallic wall, it is pretty pretty pretty.

    And I’m all in favor of owning three properties. I’m currently trying to purchase a third property… except I’m doing it on purpose. Never mind the fact that I was very drunk when I signed the sales contract, I really do want to buy that building. I hope you soon find yourself with exactly the amount of real estate you want to own.

  26. Woman with Kids

    Oh, I request pictures of the metallic copper wall, that sounds lovely. Don’t show the pool though. It’s hot here; after it gets cleaned, I might show up for a swim…

  27. Lisa

    Yay! Happily Ever After! I knew it! :)
    Congratulations on finding the joys of Georgia in the summer AND the heart filling love that is LOWES.
    Don’t stress too much about the multiple homes. Only a few months ago my sister and I, between us had 5 count em 5 houses! :) Then finally she sold her old house, we were down to 4. Today she is signing the final paperwork on my later father’s home and we are at the final number of 3! She has her new house. Mike and I have our new house and our old house, that we decided to rent out. Glad things are making the turn for the better, all that haging in there was surely worth it! xoxoxo

  28. Sharon

    Hi Mir! Happiness to you, may your life be peachy (a little Georgia humor). Do want to mention to you and all those other bloggers out there who feel personally slighted or at least a little put off by sellers who are not at the closing–the sellers don’t come to the closing! It has nothing to do with you, although stealing a shower door might :-) The closing is for the buyers, their lender, escrow agent etc., seller has already done their paperwork prior to the big day. At least that is how it is done here in the Midwest. Have a great weekend!

  29. Liz

    Um…the previous owners may have had all good intentions of painting the slime off the walls…uh…perhaps they were feeling a bit overwhelmed with, you know, stuff…ahem…I’m just saying.

    [adds Magic Eraser to shopping list]

    Congratulations on your new home!

  30. Jenni-nifr

    I second the request for pictures of the metallic wall, and the “Happily Ever After” sign! How is the crazy neighbor lady situation going? Does she realize you are the same person that so furiously tried to oust her from her house?! Too funny. I’m a Texas girl. I’ve driven through GA to get to FL, but other than that, it’s been Texas for all of my 24 years. I love your blog! It’s a silver lining to my ever dreary days.

  31. ScottsdaleGirl

    YAY! :) Can I come over and swim because HOT! HERE!

  32. angelfeet

    I’m so glad you finally got there. Congratulations.

  33. Momma Em

    Oooo, the deep metallic copper sounds nice! And I’m sure you will LOVE your pool just as soon as it is clean enough to swim in. (slime = VERY icky!)

  34. Beth

    Matter of fact, I’m drinking a Sonic cherry limeade right now ;-)

    Guess the fact that I wanted to be at the closing as the seller was just another sign that I’m still a northern transplant to the south, huh?

    Glad you made it safely, Mir and Otto!

  35. Lynne

    Enjoy creating a beautiful first home together…and while you are focusing on painting…your house fairies will get busy selling your home:)

  36. Judy.

    Wow… fellow Sonic cherry limeaid drinkers. I knew there was a reason I liked you!

  37. ChristieNY

    Perhaps you shouldn’t show us pics of the metallic wall, we’re building a house and so far I’ve been trying my darndest to pick colors from the reasonably priced Behr collection at H.D.

    Now you’ve got me thinking of accent walls and such – ack! ;)

    Happy belated love Thursday, may your new house be filled with love and happiness for many years to come. And may your old homes sell quick-quick-quick! :)

  38. Heather

    The copper wall sounds gorgeous! Can we see a picture when you’re done? :D (Maybe just hide it from Christie…)

  39. Sheryl

    So when are the kids coming? Are they spending the summer with their dad?

  40. FabGrandma

    When we sold our house in Georgia so we could live fulltime in an RV, we were required to be at the closing with the buyers. I did not want to be there. We had painted the house inside and out, replaced all the windows on the front of the house because the little terror who lived across the street shot them all with a BB gun; replaced the garage door (don’t ask); bought a new dishwasher and a new closet door. They wanted us to also buy new carpet for them. If I had new carpet I probably wouldn’t have sold the house! All this and we were sitting at closing only 10 days after we put the For Sale sign in the yard!!

    I am having my Happily Ever After with FabGrandpa, hope you and Otto do have it, too.

  41. JustEnjoyHim/Judy

    PICTURE of the “Happily Ever After” sign or we’ll all descend on you newlyweds and your pool!!! :D

  42. jessica


    I think I’ve inhaled too many fumes as I cleaned today. I had to read about cleaning the indelible slime off the walls three times before I realized you weren’t talking about INEDIBLE slime.

    I just couldn’t figure out why it would be better for the slime to be edible.

    Anyhow, congratulations!

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