I apologize

By Mir
November 24, 2007

If you happened to notice that rift in the very fabric of the universe earlier today, it may have been due to the fact that we went out on a family outing and had a perfectly lovely day. Everyone behaved and there wasn’t any traffic and when we came home everyone got ready for bed and turned in without complaint.

It was weird. Good, but weird.

In fact, when we were sitting in a restaurant eating, a kid at the next table fiddled with his cup until he dumped about ten ounces of ice directly into his shoes. (Crocs. Yet another hazard they don’t tell you about—shoes full of ice pellets!) And I looked over at that family and tried not to giggle out loud. Because that would’ve been mean. And also because THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD is not always a good deterrent when it comes to karmic retribution.


  1. jean

    I’m a big believer in “what goes around comes around”. Laughing at them would have been easy but you know that you would have lived to regret it! Stinks, but better safe then sorry. Hmm, what other little bits of wisdom can be given out at this hour? None. I’m going to bed. I’m glad you had a great day. Every one needs a few of those.

  2. Tootsie

    How Crocs ever made a place for themselves in this world is beyond me.

  3. Flea

    Oh pshaw. It’s about time you were on the receiving end of family bliss. :) About the time my family began to disintegrate.

  4. pam

    Please tell Otto to go over to shirt.woot.com today. But not you Mir ;-)

  5. MomCat

    Awww, don’t feel guilty about good times. As Tolkien said, it might not make for much of a story, but you sure deserve it.

  6. All Adither

    My mom would’ve called it a Calendar Day. Which means, it is so good that you note it on your calendar so you can remember it for future/harder times.

    I’m still a big Crocs-for-kids advocate. They can put them on themselves!

  7. D

    Glad all y’all had a good time. Good for not giggling – karma, baby, karma.

  8. Em

    Its days like that when I assume I’m about to die and God is just making my last day on earth pleasant. Because I’m an optomist like that. I’ve never been right though (you may have noticed).

  9. tee

    I probably would have let out a giggle- one of those, “kids do the durndest things, I bin there”, comrades in arms, sort of giggle…

  10. Daisy

    Ah, it’s tempting, but I commend you for not giggling — at least not in public.

  11. Trish

    Crocs are great. When they dump a whole cup of juice in there (or step in playdoh), you can just rinse them off. And kids can put them on themselves.

    I have no excuse for mine, though. The loud pink color justs makes me giggle when I wear them out in public.

  12. carson

    I am relieved when it is another family in the waiting room/restaurant/grocery store making the exit while all of the child-free people silently thank their lucky stars.

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