I’ll be right there

I have so much to say, and none of it involves weeping (any more) which is a huge change from the past week. Soon we shall discuss this last week in detail and then put it behind us and move on, but I can’t do it just yet.

Today I am spending the day focusing on my children. My wonderful, awesome, patient children, who still love me even though I all but ignored them for four days while my business (and I) were in a tailspin. This may have nothing to do with me and everything to do with the pudding cups I packed them on Friday, along with notes about how great I think they are and how much I love them, and also the pudding was chocolate, so, you know, they may not have even read the notes. (Moral of the story: You can be a rotten mother if you have awesome snack foods.)

Anyway, if you missed what all happened here, you can catch up a bit by reading the last week’s worth of posts at Cornered Office, and soon I’ll tell you the rest. Right now, though, I have to go watch a movie with the kids. They have forbidden me to bring my laptop. Seeing as I have yet to buy them those ponies I promised, I think I can give them that, at least.


  1. Sara

    Here’s to chocolate pudding and you being back with us!

  2. pam

    Oh pretty Mir. Here’s to you being back to us pretty girl. Here’s to You being back … yeah David…

  3. erma

    Let’s hear it for you, Otto, the kids and especially, the chocolate pudding! Thank goodness you are back and all is well .

  4. All Adither

    Kids really seem to know when they have to rise to the occasion. I’m often pleasantly suprised by that quality of theirs.

  5. Juliness

    Aaaaaaand she’s back! Yeay! I missed your posts here.

  6. Katie

    Chocolate pudding makes everything better. It’s on page 112 of the Mommy handbook. Welcome back!

  7. kidzmama

    You are an awesome mom. I hope all four of you are snuggled up together under a cozy blanket.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  8. RuthWells

    Never underestimate the power of chocolate pudding.

  9. Tootsie

    Yes, but ponies would buy you a decade of simultaneous laptop use and movie watching!

  10. saucygrrl

    I’ll second that snack sentiment. I forgave my mother a myriad of sins especially when I found full-size Mounds bars in my lunch box. She could have packed me up and hired me out as and indentured servant and I would have forgiven her for it as long as her apology was accompanied by candy.

  11. prophet

    missed you. glad you’re back!

  12. LuAnn

    It wasn’t the same these last few days. Glad you’re back. Hope the pony thing works out. :)

  13. Brigitte

    Good girl, you’ve got priorities! Much as I love you, I know your family comes first (snif!).

  14. Marsha

    I was worried too. I just figured for some reason, you just didn’t want ME to read your blog anymore. I mean, you find these blogs, you get addicted, you HAVE TO READ THEM EVERYDAY and then POOF they are gone. I don’t comment that much, just a silent reader. You make my life bearable because dare I say it – you think your life is crazy -? boy do I have you beat! Anywhoo, I am so thankful it was server / technical problem and not something that someone did to cause you to go “private”. I have lost things before too, and still don’t backup properly. It’s just a pain to do. Kids are resilient and I know the movie with mom will have them bouncing back in no time (really, tho- the pudding probably did it from the get go)!msb

  15. Daisy

    Children are amazingly resilient sometimes. They understand more than we think they do. Glad yours are on board with you and the chocolate pudding!

  16. Jennifer

    Glad your back! Can’t wait to hear the story!!

  17. Aimee

    Enjoy! You have more than earned it, after that week of hell. We’ll be here when you get back, pretty Mir…

  18. dad

    From my experience…’All Adither’ is right on target.
    It’s always been true for me.

  19. birchsprite

    welcome back … we’ve missed you

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