. . . and the agony of defeat

By Mir
September 22, 2007

Well, I suppose we knew it couldn’t last. Despite a triumphant victory last week, Monkey’s soccer team didn’t fare quite so well this week. Today there was a lot of parents on the sidelines saying things like “Good try!” and “Spread out!” and “C’mon, guys, you can do it” and “Try kicking the ball!” (Okay, that last one might just have been me. I am very helpful.) But they had fun and drank Gatorade and only had to be reminded that they were there to play soccer and not swap Pokemon cards about fifteen times, so it’s all good.

By the time we returned home (after several hours at the fields in the blazing sun), everyone was hot and tired, so we decided a dip in the pool might be nice. And the pool—the same pool where the water felt like a hot bath for most of August—was FREEZING. The kids squealed and complained and refused to stay in, and I called them wimps and then went and put my feet in and immediately lost feeling in all of my toes.

So while the children raced AROUND the pool rather than swimming IN the pool, poor Monkey managed to step in some fire ants (adding insult to injury), and then I was tempted to curse this bizarre land with its awful bugs and its high temperatures but freezing water, but then I remembered that they also have Sonic here, so I took my poor abused children there for dinner and it was sort of okay. Cherry limeade really does cure a multitude of ills.

(P.S. I needed that sort of fortification to think about the issue of tween body grooming. And I wish I was kidding.)


  1. Tree

    Sonic is an oasis in the bizarre land we call ‘the South’. Fire ants s*ck. Thank goodness soccer can’t be played year ’round. I’m so glad my baby is grown. He went w/friends to a movie this evening (he’s the chauffeur and makes extra $$ picking up and delivering his peeps – they are at least aware that gas prices s*ck like fire ants).

  2. All Adither

    Sorry about the loss. Think, though, how his character is being forged!

    What’s this Sonic you speak of? We have no such thing in Seattle.

  3. Veronica

    Fire ants? Sonic? I’m all lost.

  4. Fiona

    Fire Ants and Freezing water, all forms on inclemency and pestilance. Hope you found something the right temperature at Sonic. Although it sounds like a place you would go for noise…

  5. LuAnn

    Oh, those poor Yankees. Next thing they’ll be saying they’ve never heard of: sweet tea, buscuits n gravy and potato candy. :p

    Glad they had Gatorade on hand for the kids playing soccer. Heat and humidity down here … Oy!

  6. Leandra

    Ahh, Sonic! Cherry limeades, cream slushies, chocolate milkshakes….heaven!

    And okay, that Nair for tweens stuff is just frightening. I’m truly afraid of that. The whole female body grooming thing has just gone way to far. Ick!

  7. Brigitte

    Our CT station shows Sonic ads all the time, but the last time I checked, the closest one was in Virginia. Meanies.

    Nair for tweens!? I say, wait until there’s pit hair, then we can discuss hair removal techniques (and besides Nair being made of toxic chemicals, I find it always leaves some hairs behind, so I shave . . maybe I’m just a freaky hairy beast).

  8. Delton

    I don’t really feel like registering over there just to comment on Nair. So I’ll write here instead. :)

    Fun and interesting post you wrote about a hairy issue. My daughter’s 4 1/2, so I’ll be dealing with this in the blink of an eye. Thanks for the info.

  9. Crisanne

    Oh how I miss Sonic. There’s no better cure than a cherry limeade. Fire ants really are terrible. Get Otto to treat those buggers with something or you’ll have a full on infestation.

  10. Cele

    So I have to ask are you going to heat the pool? You might think about a solar heater for it.

  11. Megan.

    My darling Children wear long jeans in the summer just so they can get away with only shaving their legs once a week or so. Also they are kind enough when wrestling with each other to mention – hey, watch it, I have killer stubble today. Some things I seem to do right!

    nb – they BATHE daily, they’re just too lazy to shave daily! Thought I should maybe make that clear…

  12. liz

    I am so jealous that you can get your hands on a cherry limeade at Sonic!! I am a southerner living in Rhode Island and miss Sonic so much!! A Sonic slush certainly takes the edge off that miserable heat…

  13. Jenny

    Oh my stars — cherry limeade from Sonic cures just about all ills. And if the cherry limeade alone doesn’t do it, add an order of tots. They are so greasy and yet also so crisp and golden. And if you don’t like the peppermints they include with each order, you can put them in the ashtray of your car, where the inferno-like heat and sticky humidity will inexorably meld them, plastic wrappers and all, into a vaguely pepperminty, ashtray-shaped brick (that also includes a few odd bits of change and perhaps a paper clip and an old parking garage ticket).

    Excuse me 0– I’m going to go wash my car, and then I’m heading for Sonic.

  14. Daisy

    I think I need to visit your area just for the Sonic. We get their commercials, but we don’t get Sonic. :( Road trip!

  15. Flea

    Mmmmm – Sonic. Right around the corner. But even better, here in Tulsa, is the cherry lime Coke at Braum’s. Mmmm.

    I taught my daughter to shave when she was ten and about to go to go to camp. Poor thing – my husband and I are both hairy. She’s fair with thick, dark hair. It was only fair, really.

    On the flip side, at 14 she still has little interest in make up and dresses. I have to drag her in for eyebrow waxing (which she really does appreciate). She’d probably like a guitar tattoo if I let her get one. No.

    Girls. The two boys are much easier. At least I always know what I’m getting.

  16. K

    Sonic? We don’t have that here in the midwest. But we have soccer. Lots and lots of soccer.

    Nair for kids? The smell alone should make that illegal. ick.

  17. Mom101

    This could be a great ad for Atlanta tourism: “The fire ants might get you, but hey, we’ve got Sonic.”

  18. Linda

    One of the major things I miss while living all the way up in Maine is definitely Sonic. To add insult to injury they show commercials all the time. Must they torture me so?

  19. Jenn

    They just broke ground for 2 Sonics in the Pittsburgh area and now I fear for the size of my butt.

  20. Lauren

    I enjoyed your nair article-and I hate what they are doing. I realize there is a middle ground and all that, but my baby girl is still very young and Im silly enough to believe that she can be taught to retain her little girl innocence and not be caught up in defining who she is by what she looks like. Dove is doing it right. And TEN??!!! thats just ridiculous. Good for your daughter’s relistic view of things :).

    BTW we hit up sonic this weekend too-it was heaven!

  21. Not The Mama

    I love that Chickadee and Monkey were sad when they realized Otto would miss pancake day. That’s so sweet.

    And thanks for making me crave a cherry limeade. I have so much to do today — clean the old apartment and return the keys, start organizing our new condo, freecycle all these boxes, etc. But maybe I deserve a trip to sonic as a reward for all my hard work.

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