We’re number one

(This is just a quickie so that I can go back to this new thing I’m trying of pretending that I don’t work on the weekends. Woo! Am not checking email! Am just, um, petting my MacBook for a minute!)

My family is nothing if not triumphant. I mean, don’t be jealous or anything, but we pretty much rock.

First of all, Monkey had his first soccer game, and they pounded the other team. Just decimated them. This league doesn’t keep score, but I’m pretty sure the final tally was somewhere around 25 to 2. And Monkey—you know I love that kid more than life, and I say this with compassion in my heart—is not actually very good at soccer. (He is, however, EXCELLENT at dancing around on the field and shaking his booty. So there’s that.) I’m sure that the fact that Monkey’s team is composed almost entirely of nearly-eight-year-old boys and the opposing team appeared to be all six-year-old girls had nothing to do with the win. (P.S. To the league: Might wanna mix up the team assignments a little next time. I’m just sayin’.)

Second, I went and sang with the choir at church today, and at this church our robes have assigned numbers. I’ve been given robe number 1, and no matter how many times I throw my arms in the air and declare “I’M NUMBER ONE!” the people in the choir are STILL TALKING TO ME. In fact, today someone tried to recruit me for handbells, too. Because I am just that cool.


  1. ChristieNY

    Hee hee, your number one in our book too, Mir! Glad things are looking up. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Vanda

    Being number one is good…most of the time:-)

  3. Megan

    I honestly read that you were being recruited for hairballs, and I had a truly enjoyable five minutes picturing just what, exactly, that would entail.

    And I personally believe that really fine booty-shaking on the soccer field should be counted as “assist” in the books.

  4. Not The Mama

    Awesome! Congrats to Monkey and I’m so happy for you that choir practice went well this week. I knew you’d win them over.

  5. Jenifer

    The handbells?? Wow, you must really rock!!

  6. Marvo

    But did Monkey score a goal or get an assist? Because those are the only times he should be shaking his booty.

  7. Dawn

    Pfffft! We knew that already!

  8. jennielynn

    You are the coolest. Will they let you write #1 on the back of your robe?

  9. Cele

    number one and handbells, you’ll be feeling at home shortly.

  10. Flea

    See, the South isn’t so bad, is it? I grew up in the DEEP south. And couldn’t wait to leave. But handbells. Well. That’s something. You ARE number one.

  11. Leandra

    I would much prefer booty shaking over nose picking which is how Bubba spends most of his soccer practices. We have our first game tomorrow night. Wish us luck!

  12. Jenni

    Now, if you can just get Monkey to booty shake to the handbells……

  13. LuAnn

    I am humbled to be in the cyber-presence of your cool-osity! :)

  14. Jenny

    You need a giant foam finger to go with Robe #1.

    And booty-shaking is very important soccer strategy. Strategery, you might even say.

  15. angela

    “I’m not addicted to the computer, I’m not addicted to the internet, I’m not addicted to blogging, I’m not addicted to the internet….”

  16. Crisanne

    I hope you’ve gotten some good footage of Monkey shaking his booty on the soccer field. I know Otto’s all into the still photos, but sometimes you just need to capture things on video.

    So glad to hear about the robe assignment. My dad is a choir director and he always numbered the robes and hymnals-at least he did when I was in the choir. Of course, smaller numbers in his choir just meant that you were short. Not to burst your bubble or anything!

  17. Daisy

    Handbells rock — and so do you, Number 1!

  18. sherry

    The mention of Monkey dancing around on the field made me laugh. During our entire soccer season, I saw my daughter doing somersaults out on the field at least as often as I saw her chasing the ball. I’m seriously considering signing her up for gymnastics this Winter.

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