Random acts of cholesterol

By Mir
September 4, 2007

With yesterday being a holiday, and all, Otto and I decided that it might be nice to have a few folks over for a barbecue. I’m still not feeling quite top-notch, so in our early discussions of this idea I clearly remember saying, “I don’t know that I’m up for an actual PARTY. Let’s just have a FEW people over, okay?” Otto agreed. We talked about who to invite and figured we’d have about 8 guests or so, if everyone came (and surely some people would already have plans, right?).

Very good. We issued our invitations. Everyone accepted. Excellent!

And then… well, it was bound to happen. “Oh, we should invite the so-and-sos, too, don’t you think?” “Yeah, we probably should.” “Oh, what about the neighbors? They’re going to see all the cars…” “Yep, better invite them too.” “What about the neighbors on the other side?” “Good idea.”

I woke up yesterday morning with the undeniable realization that we were about to have a party.

I took some deep breaths as I walked around and surveyed the spoils of the recent party-related grocery run. Otto had graciously agreed to do the honors, and from what I could see he had pretty much purchased everything Kroger had to offer. (In fact, if you need any potato chips any time this year, please come on over.) It was time to get serious about party prep, and so of course I decided to start with the eggs.

At my direction, Otto had purchased one of those gigundo cartons of eggs so that I could make deviled eggs. I’ve only made deviled eggs once before in my life, and it was when Monkey was a baby (so a long time ago). Somehow I had gotten it into my head that having a party in the south required that I make deviled eggs. Plus, you know, we were going to do little more than slap some frozen burgers on the grill and put out seventeen different varieties of chips, so it felt like my one shot at pretending to be a good hostess.

I’d cooked the eggs the night before, and now (yesterday morning) I stood at the sink in my pajamas—before I’d eaten any breakfast, even—peeling them.

Rather, I stood there muttering, cursing and trying not to cry while they REFUSED TO PEEL.

I’d read all the tips and tricks. I had boiled those eggs with the utmost of care and plunged them into ice water as soon as their time was up. They SHOULD’ve peeled easily, and about three of them actually did. The rest gave me fits.

Chickadee had a couple of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast (ones too badly mangled for salvage). I put a couple more back in the fridge. The rest I eventually turned into deviled eggs that were SO UGLY I felt compelled to use extra bacon salt on them so that I could hawk them based on their bacony saturation if not on their good looks.

It seemed like a bad omen, my inept egg-wrangling.

Not to be deterred, I moved on to the vegetables. I chopped up veggies for a platter and a assembled plates of lettuce and tomato slices for burgers. Then I came across the bag with the corn in it and sent the kids out to the deck to shuck it for me.

Otto and I had spent more time on corn deliberation than any other piece of party preparation. Eventually we had settled on one ear per person, reasoning that we would break them in half (thus rendering a single ear two portions, sort of) and the kids probably wouldn’t eat that much anyway. I think we both thought we were cutting it close, but that that’d probably be an okay amount.

My children LOVE to shuck corn. I wish they cleaned their rooms with such enthusiasm. I point this out so that you can perhaps understand the sheer volume of corn I’d assigned to them, because in the time it took them to shuck it all (and they were NOT fooling around; every time I peeked outside at them, they were shucking away) I’d pulled out bowls for all the various chips, packed sodas into coolers, done all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, located all of the disposable plates and such, and mowed the back forty.

(It was a lot of corn.)

At last we were ready; and at the appointed time, people started flowing into the house. And they did not seem to understand that we had twelve flavors of potato chips and some really ugly deviled eggs with which to clog our arteries, because they all came bearing delicious foods that should come with your very own prescription for Lipitor.

There was a store-bought chocolate cake as well as (frequent commenter) Liz’s chocolate ganache cake, which I’m pretty sure is made with the souls of butterflies and a gallon of heavy cream. Tammy brought a bazillion-layer lemon meringue cake which I frankly wanted to curl up with in the corner so that we could have some meaningful one-on-one time, and she brought that cake IN ADDITION to her cheese-y, bacon-y, to-die-for potato salad. (She may have brought the potato salad because she made it for us once before I declared she was never to come to our house without it, but who knows, really.) Leandra brought a pasta salad that caused me, with every bite, to think “I should really see what’s in this,” but before I could examine it more closely I had shoveled every last bit into my gaping maw and so I still don’t know why it was so good, except that I strongly suspect it involves several things which aren’t good for me. She brought brownies, too, because we were experiencing a clear shortage of desserts.

Some of Otto’s colleagues brought a fiery homemade salsa as well as a giant dish of guacamole because they remembered that I love avocados. (When I wasn’t busy doing hostess-y things, I parked myself near the guacamole and stuck my face in whenever I thought no one was looking.)

One neighbor showed up with two huge dishes of fruit, which I’ll grant you was just about our healthiest option, but given that one of their children commenced THROWING ROCKS IN OUR POOL I am still counting them as contributing to the rise in my blood pressure.

Another neighbor brought a pan of that stuff you make with a yellow cake mix and some butter and a bar of cream cheese, and I LOVE those things (whatever they’re called) but when I finally got around to having a small piece I discovered that she’d also added pecans, because, you know, it just isn’t sinful enough with just that brick of cream cheese in it.

There were children everywhere and people I wanted to talk to all over the deck, and other than a few five-minute conversations I felt like I didn’t really get to VISIT with anyone, but I guess that’s how it is when you’re the host. I spent a lot of time arranging food on the tables and fetching condiments and apologizing for the state of the deviled eggs but adding, “BUT THEY’RE GOOD, I SWEAR! HAVE ONE, NO PRESSURE!” Also I had to do a bit of weight training before I could bring the enormous bowl of corn outside, and then hardly any of it got eaten. (Of course.) Murphy’s Law dictates that if we’d bought less, we would’ve run out, though, so it’s fine. I sent several people home with corn. And am in need of some good leftover-corn recipes.

Towards the end of the festivities, Liz and Tammy came into the kitchen looking for items on which they could test some bacon salt, and despite my offer of brownies and cake they elected to try it on some raw veggies. I don’t know if they liked it, but the last I saw of them was the two of them taking turns carefully shaking some onto some cucumber slices, so I think it was okay.

After everyone left and we cleaned up a bit, Otto and I had a quick dip in the pool (and we coaxed the kids back in with us, even though they’d been in for most of the day). Then it was showers and bedtime for the kids, and time for us to sit on the couch and recount all of the delicious, bad for us things we’d eaten. We would’ve had a little toast to our first party here in the new house, but so much fat had congealed in our veins, it was difficult to lift our arms.

This morning I got up determined to watch what I eat so as to compensate for yesterday’s debauchery. And that’s why I had a diet coke with this brownie I had for breakfast.


  1. Leandra

    Dang! I totally didn’t get any of the deviled (and bedeviling)eggs. And although there may have been too much corn, it was delicious!! Ooh, I bet the bacon salt would have been excellent on the corn. Except that I didn’t get any of THAT either!

    I get what you mean about the hostess thing, though. I called my mom after Punkin’s birthday party on Sunday and said “How do you think it went? Did people look like they were having an okay time?” It’s so hard to tell and so hard to get to visit with people when you have to constantly make the rounds (or keep your children from wandering off across the park as mine are wont to do!).

  2. Jessica

    We had a party this weekend, too, and had 10 tons of corn left as well. Apparently if its uncooked though (which half of mine was thankfully), you can freeze it in ziploc bags and it will cook up fine when its defrosted. We have so much left, we can eat corn all winter. With every meal.

  3. Jenn

    Here’s a tip for the next time you have an urge to make deviled eggs: if eggs are too fresh, they don’t peel correctly, or so I’ve been told. If I buy eggs the week before, I won’t find myself weeping over them on Thanksgiving morning, trying to peel the little jerks.

    Sadly, the only partying we did this weekend was with Kleenex, naps and prescription cough syrup. Woo!

  4. Not The Mama

    Sounds like a blast! And for the record, if I had been there, I guarantee I would have eated plenty of deviled eggs, no matter what they look like. YUM. Of course, I would have eaten everything else too and then at the end of the night, you’d have had to roll me to my car.

  5. Shannon

    K. Now I’m reeeeally hungry.

  6. Zee

    I had a party a couple weeks ago and had that exact same experience: running around like that proverbial chicken making sure everyone’s eating/happy/having fun. Seems odd to me that the host/est throws a party to see his/her friends and ends up only getting to visit a little bit.

    Ah well… Glad it worked out well!

  7. Dina

    Just wanted to add that Jenn is correct about the deviled eggs thing. I make them a lot and even though I’ve followed all the rules about cooking my mom finally gave me the same advice…they can’t be FRESH eggs, so next time you plan a party and want to make the eggs, make sure you buy them about a week in advance or so. Sounds like a great party though and I’m wishing I had some leftover brownies for my breakfast…that would be perfect!

  8. Crisanne

    Better that your problem was fresh eggs instead of the other way around I guess…

    Glad you had a nice party!

  9. Burgh Baby's Mom

    I’ve been sitting here trying to fight the urge to go find food. You pushed me over the cliff. Yummmm . . . brownies.

  10. Amy-Go

    Honey, when you have a party in the South Everyone Always Brings Food. Now you know!
    The things? With the cream cheese? Are called Chess Bars. And thanks a lot, because now I reeeeeeally want one.
    SO glad you had fun!

  11. Jenny

    The yellow cake mix/butter/cream cheese thingies are chess squares. Or, as we call them, due to a misunderstanding at a party a few years ago, “Chest Hair Cake.”

    Anyway, as my go-to party contributions, I can now whip up a batch of Chest Hair Cake, or some 7-layer dip, or some black-eyed-pea salsa at a moment’s notice. My sister is the guacamole queen. It’s gratifying how disappointed people are if I show up without the chess squares.

    One thing I’ve learned in the few years that I’ve been hostessing my own parties is that even if you tell people not to bring anything, they still bring things. It’s apparently a compulsion endemic to the south — that providing a platter full of cholesterol expresses your appreciation at being invited.

  12. tammy

    Well _I_ had fun. We did have to get the jaws of life to get me out of the car when I got home, though. How much butter was in that pecan thing?

  13. Therese

    I was peeling eggs for egg salad the other day, and every one was beautiful. I had to comment to Son #3 that they NEVER peeled like this for deviled eggs. Then I smooshed them!

  14. Mama Bear

    The butter, cream cheese, yellow cake mix thing? My relative who is distant and I can’t recall how we are related made them for us several years back, since she never gave us a name we called them “Don’t Know The Name Cake.” (We aren’t from the south, so had to name it ourselves, and we are nothing if not brilliant and creative.) The name has stuck, and now I get requests for it. Adding pecans though, that’s a new one, I may have to try that.

  15. Stephanie Chance

    Sounds like a great success! Wish I had been there!

  16. liz

    I thought the deviled eggs were lovely, and I didn’t get to eat enough of them. Those healthy strawberries though? She sprinkled sugar on them. The neighbor must have added the sugar after she came over and noticed no one had yet slipped into a diabetic coma.

  17. Jen

    We call chess bars ooey gooey butter cake. Because it is.

    I am STARVING now.

  18. All Adither

    Everyone needs a little cholesterol spike now and then. And a sugar spike. And a trans fat spike.

    I used to work with a guy who would draw me pictures of everything he’d eaten that day, then laugh and laugh at the triangles of pizza and rectangles of PopTart.

    Love your blog!

  19. JustEnjoyHim/Judy

    bazillion-layer lemon meringue cake which I frankly wanted to curl up with in the corner so that we could have some meaningful one-on-one time

    HEY!! I do the same thing!

    When I’m faced with a delicious dessert, I always tell those around me, “we need a moment alone.”

    They either understand or they just humor me. For some reason, I think it’s the latter. I just don’t get them.

  20. becky

    i think my cholesterol is rising just reading about all of that food.

    first, you can NEVER have too much corn on the cob. ever. second, we always peel the eggs while they’re still warm (do you shake them in the pan to break up the shells?) and that seems to do much better than chilling them. third? really wishing we had a pool or something over the weekend. it was HOT with no a/c.

    and yes, i will keep complaining about how hot it is until i can again sleep at night. but i’ll go back to complaining at my blog, and on twitter. :)

  21. mar

    You should have invited me – I’d have bought wine. ;-)

  22. daysgoby

    a little vinegar in the water will make the shells slip right off. And I think I need to go shopping for lemon squares (unless someone will share the recipe for the merangue cake?) and fresh corn.

    HONGRY. (As the kids say)

  23. Susan

    Mmmm, brownie. I had one of those, too, for breakfast. But with coffee, of course.

    And now I’m kind of craving deviled eggs. Damn you.

  24. Jessica

    I want brownies for breakfast!
    That sounds like a lovely party. Did it make you feel more at home?

  25. Tal

    Now I’m hungry..sounds like you had a fabulous time hosting a fabulous party. Good on you! Extra corn idea: cut corn off the cob and mix with fresh tomatoes and basil. Yum. Also, there’s a really wonderful Chilean dish that’s basically shepherd’s pie but with corn as the topper (instead of the potatoes) – but it’s hot, so probably not weather appropriate.

  26. Cele

    Oh it sounded like a lovely turnout. hmmmm brownies.

  27. Heather

    I would’ve been all over the deviled eggs, funny shapes notwithstanding ;-) It sounds like you had a good party, though, and I really truly hope it made you feel a little more at home!

  28. ScottsdaleGirl

    I am the deviled egg queen.

    If you want my instructions and recipe please feel free to email me.

    Also? I WANT BROWNIES!!!!!!!

  29. Pave.Gurl

    I don’t think anyone mentioned this yet, but I think I know what was making your eggs tough to peel.

    Contrary to ALL things logical, eggs are devilsh in their restistance to being lovely devilled eggs when they are too fresh. You gotta buy ’em a week ahead and let ’em get a lil’… less fresh. Something about air exchange through that weird under-shell kind thingo.

    And as for the ooie-gooey bars, in my family, they’re called Guy Getters ‘cos all the women in my family made ’em when they were dating.

  30. Vanda

    How I miss those American parties where everyone brings things that are oh so delish. Mmmmm it all sounds so darn good.

  31. Lauren

    I was going to post the Foodmomiac corn salad, but she beat me to it.

  32. lizneust

    Left over corn is good in/on almost EVERYTHING! Just strip it from the cob and you can add it to salads and pasta. It’s also great on pizza or as an extra topping for tacos/burritos. Also, in my opinion, the best creamed corn is made with corn that’s already cooked (like rice pudding, only not sweet), as is any corn-based soup, both of which you could make now (crock pot!!) and then freeze for eating once the weather gets cold. Can’t help you on the leftover deviled eggs, though – I HATE those things.

  33. michelle

    I make a corn / bean dip (sort of a relish) with about 16 oz. of corn to 16 oz. of beans, chopped cilantro, sweet onions, 1/8 cup of ranch dressing, 1/8 cup of italian dressing, garlic, salt / pepper, and a few drops of hot sauce to taste. I play with the recipe a lot and add tomatoes or avocados or whatever else I have around. I have the “real” recipe somewhere on my laptop–if you want the actual amounts of everything, just email me. I don’t want to clog your comments with a lengthy recipe. I’m a new visitor and enjoy the blog. :)

  34. michelle

    And by beans, I mean canned, rinsed and drained BLACK beans!

  35. saucygrrl

    OMG, how can you not love someone who eats brownies and diet coke for breakfast.

    I concur with the other posters, too fresh eggs are evil little bastards that refuse to peel. The age of the eggs affects the inner lining; the older it is the more air gets in between that little lining and the eggs itself, thus making it easier to peel. Um, I guess that last part is for anyone like me who has to know W-H-Y. Hee!

  36. Angela

    We eat Mexican Lasanga all the freaking time and last time used cooked fresh corn instead of canned and it was what caused me to eat more of it than normal. The recipe, that we never use anymore because we modify the heck out of it is: 1 can each of corn, beans, tomatoes, green chilies, and a pound of ground beef and a bunch of corn tortillas, layer and bake with cheese for 30 minutes.

    The best way to make it though is, take the cooked ground beef, add lots of cumin, and or enchilada sauce and mix with fresh cooked corn, homemade beans or mashed up beans/refried beans, fresh tomatoes and then the green chilies. We add lots of cheese and layer that mix between fresh tortillas from the tortillaria. Its heaven.

  37. bec 36

    Um, could you perhaps collect and post the recipes for everything described in this post? Including the deviled eggs? Would be most grateful!

    bec :D

  38. BOSSY

    Bossy’s parties are always sneak-and-attack parties too.

  39. Melissa

    Martha Stewart has a great corn salad recipe that I adapted:

    – 8 ears of corn, kernels stripped into bowl
    – 2 diced red bell peppers
    – 1 diced red onion
    – leaves from a small bunch of cilantro, chopped
    – at least 2 diced avocados (add at very end)– or 3 or 4

    Add all these together (except for avocado) and mix the following into it. Let it sit for an hour or two to develop the flavors. Add the avocado right before serving:

    – juice from 2 fresh limes (or more, if you like limes)
    – 1/4 cup white wine vinegar
    – 1/4 cup olive oil
    – salt & pepper to taste

    I get a ton of requests for this every year, and people gobble it down.

  40. Jenni-nifr

    Seriously though – if you liked the Chess Bars, then You. Will. Love. This. It is called Dump Cake. Although the name is so not appealing, it is soooooo good!

    One 16 ounce can of crushed pineapple, do not drain
    1 can of cherry pie filling
    1 box of yellow cake mix
    1 cup of pecans, chopped
    2 sticks of butter

    How to:
    Grease a 9 x 13 inch pan. Spread pineapple on bottom of pan. Dump in pie filling. Gently spread out.
    Don’t mix up. Pour cake mix over this. Sprinkle nuts. Drop butter by spoonfuls on top. Bake at 350ºF. for 1 hour.
    Good served when warm, or cold!

    Enjoy! – let me know what you think!

  41. Ayla-Monic

    deviled eggs are the most amazing …orderve (I’m not, and never will be, french. So forgive my awful spelling of ‘orderve’.) ever. I make them many times a year. Family get together? Deviled eggs. Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter/Birthday/Whatever Excuse I Can Think Of? Deviled eggs.

    But I will tell you – what makes the deviled eggs, is sprinkling paprika over top when finished. Soooo good. Though I’m sure the bacon salt was good, too.

  42. sumo

    I believe I made some kind of corn casserole the last time I had a bunch of leftover corn. I’m sure you know this recipe: throw leftover corn and other stuff on-hand into a casserole dish with lots of cheese and bake.

  43. Allanna

    For another corn idea (though my mom and I always made it with drained canned corn): Corn pancakes.

    Yes, it does sound really odd. But they’re good. Trust me. Just dump in some corn to the batter and cook those pancakes. They were one of those special weekend treats when I was growing up.

    And I’m sure they’d taste even better with some bacon salt.

  44. jenn

    Sounds like a very fabulous party! You are becoming quite the social success down there in ‘Lanna.

    BTW, that chess cake/gooey bar thing is also fabulous with a chocolate cake mix. I made one of those a few weeks ago for a book club get-together, but I left it in the oven a little too long so the top was a bit too brown. So I just ate almost the whole damn thing myself. And with two sticks of butter in addition to the 1/2 lb. of cream cheese, it is a recipe for a butt the size of the sun. (as Jill Conner Browne the Sweet Potato Queen said when she had the recipe in one of her books. Paula Deen is also a huge fan of that recipe-it’s the most popular dessert in her restaurant in Savannah.)

  45. Heidi

    I about came to blows with my former mother-in-law when I brought her farm fresh eggs from my grandparents’ house, and she proceeded to “use her old ones up” by frying the tasteless things for breakfast (sin one), and then boil the fresh, delicious, golden-yolked dozen I had brought for deviled eggs (which of COURSE, didn’t work, because they were too fresh). I’m sorry, but there was simply no way I could stay married to the spawn of that woman.

    Then there was the Great Potato Fiasco of 1991, but that’s a story for after your next fish fry.

  46. Stew

    Corn Chowder. Welcome to the South. :-)

  47. Missy

    Now THAT is a party in the South, my friend! I’m a Mississippian living in California, so I so miss those! Way to go on your first hosting duties!

  48. Randi

    Aww – it should have at least been MILK with the brownie!

  49. MSB

    Hard Boiled Eggs
    #1 Comment already stated and is correct – Cannot be fresh eggs.

    #2 LOTS AND LOTS OF SALT IN THE WATER YOU BOIL THEM IN…LOTS. Just keep Containers of salt in your cabinet for this very reason. Not the whole thing mind you for 5-6 – but LOTS. Saw this on Oprah and I only added a little salt and it didn’t work. I cussed Oprah for a month. Then, tried it again but added what I thought was WAY TOO MUCH Salt and they peeled right away!

  50. beth

    I know I’m a day late and a dollar short here (and, well, I never comment, but I do love lurking here), but I had to chime in with the whole egg thing because hardboiled fresh eggs can be a beautiful thing where the peels just slip off if you use the Rule of 13. (I think I got this from Emeril, but I’m not 100% positive).

    Anyway it’s a little different, but I’ve never had it fail me as far as easy peeling:
    1) Boil the water (no eggs in it!)
    2) Put eggs (room temp) into boiling water
    3) Return to boil and then boil, uncovered for 2 minutes
    4) Cover, turn off heat (you can leave it on the same burner though) and let them sit for 11 minutes.
    5) Dump out hot water and peel away at will…the shells have been known to slip off in one big piece.


  51. Tara

    If you only have fresh eggs, you can carefully prick them (with a pin). Then boil as normal.

  52. Pamela

    Hey I am feeling hungry. Maybe I should go for supper too. I can smell those boiling eggs now. Yummy. BTW, I am from the other side of the earth(Asia,Singapore). It is after midnight now. I really feel like eating…Pamela. . Your family are blessed to have a mum who can cook.

  53. sharon

    Granted, old eggs work best, but I too cannot always plan ahead. My method is this:

    – Put the eggs in the pan
    – Cover with cold water
    – Bring to a full boil
    – Put lid on pan and shut off flame (if electric, remove from heat)
    – Leave sit for about an hour – covered!
    – Drain water out of pan
    – Replace lid tightly and shake – shake like you are shaking the pan when you make homemade popcorn (or when you used to…) Keep shaking, then shake some more. Not too hard, just enough to make the eggs play like bumper cars :)

    The eggs bounce around in the pan hitting each other and break off most of their peels… then you can just reach in and quickly pick off what is left.

  54. Amy

    Ooh! Leftover corn. It’s a lovely thing, what with already being cooked (and shucked, lucky you)

    Here are two recipes I’ve used a lot this summer:

    Corn Salad (stolen from Sandra Lee on the Foody Network)

    Corn taken off the ears (cooked or not, dosen’t matter)
    Chopped onion and red and/or green pepper. (again matters not)
    Cilantro if you’re a fan, or parsley

    Put a little oil in a big pan (or spray it) and when hot, put the corn in and stir it around to get it kind of toasty.
    It’ll stick like crazy to the bottom of the pan, but just stir it a bunch, it’ll not burn.

    When toasty to your satisfaction, dump it in a bowl, and add the chopped veggies, leafy green herb of choice, and some salsa, but not enough to make it too runny. YUM. (Notice I’m fast & loose with the measurements, it’s very customizable)

    Quicky corn chowder- Cut more corn off the cob. Saute some chopped onion, red or green pepper, and some ham or Canadian bacon in a heavy pot. When the veggies are wilted, add in the corn, and stir. Add 2 cups of milk, and a can of chicken broth, simmer for about 20 minutes or so. Don’t let it boil or you’ll get the crazy milk foam everywhere.

    Oh, and both are FANTASTIC with the bacon salt, which I thank you for every single day!

  55. MsRebecca

    I had a few parties last year but basically chickened out[bawk bawk] this year, The genius boy has a b-day in just 9 short days and has yet to vocalize what is it that he wants to do, I’m sure I’ll be out in the yard trying to put up a tent for “this years” party.. I love being a mom, I love being a mom, if I say it 100 times in a row, it will come true..

  56. Tracey

    Corn chowder would be fabulous for all that left over corn….try http://www.allrecipes.com for a good recipe. I would LOVE to have the recipes for the pasta salad and the potato salad, any chance you could give my email to those lovely ladies and they might share?? As for deviled eggs, not a word of a lie, at one party, the hostess passed around the platter of eggs….a few people took one, as did I. The platter then came to sit on a small side table on the deck, beside my chair. After a decent amount of time passed, and no one had come for another egg…well, I finished off the WHOLE PLATTER!! Gosh, I love those things!!

  57. Jenifer

    Mmmmmmm….corn on the cob. I wouldn’t even worry about recipes I eat that stuff cold right out of the fridge….and I bet it would be great with some bacon salt!!!

    I know what you mean about not being able to visit though, we just threw a BBQ a couple weeks ago and I hardly got to visit with anyone either. My husband was talking about a conversation he had with someone and I was like “I didn’t even know they were here!!!” And we had food left over for weeks also….including corn!!

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