Briefly (because I have a date)

By Mir
August 15, 2007

Someone commented on the last post that they’ve noticed that I’ve switched to posting in the morning now that I’ve gotten married. Actually, I was still posting at night until this week, when I realized that 6:00, she arrives EXTREMELY EARLY. That is always true, I supposed, but she arrives PARTICULARLY early if you’ve been up late working, blogging, or beating the pants off your husband in Scrabble. (I joke. We have never played strip Scrabble. But now that I think of it….)

So I’m trying to get to bed earlier, and I’m trying out posting in the morning instead of at night. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it this way, but so long as it continues to be dark when I get up (even though it’s the middle of summer), I’m going to try to get to bed at a reasonable time.

Because I? Am old. And I need my sleep.

Here’s the other thing I’m discovering, now that the kids are back to school: I feel like we’re overscheduled. Which is RIDICULOUS for a number of reasons, chief amongst them that today is only the third day of school AND each child has one sport and piano lessons. THAT’S IT. And that’s all it WILL be, because I think kids should have some free time to play and annoy each other and do chores and peel me some grapes.

But after just two days of getting off to school and then managing the after-school activities and homework and dinner and showers and bed, I feel like there is never time to just BREATHE.

Which makes me worry that it’s going to be a very long year.

Hopefully this is just the newness of everything getting to me, and we’ll settle into a routine, and everything will be fine. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Yes. And if it’s not, I can probably just get rid of one of the kids.

Actually, I have to point out that—in case some of you didn’t know—there are some HUGE BENEFITS to having a spouse. I KNOW! It was a shock to me, too. But yesterday afternoon, for example, Chickadee had class and I was trying to figure out how we were going to coordinate getting her there and back and the rest of the evening, and Otto came home early. TO COOK DINNER. Because he is my hero. Not only that, this enabled me to leave Monkey at home (not that he wanted to stay home, oh no, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make things a lot easier), and when Chickadee and I returned, Monkey’s homework was done and he’d practiced piano and DINNER WAS WAITING FOR US ON THE TABLE.

It was like waking up in the middle of some sort of magical dream.

Today, of course, shall be a bit less romantic; although the kids have no activities today (hurray!) I do have to meet with The Bug Guy this afternoon. And it’s my turn to make dinner, which means it will be less about charred flesh and more about how many vegetables I can hide in a given dish, but it’s all good.

And this morning? My husband and I are going out to breakfast. We might even make out a little. (Was I complaining about school being so early? Nevermind. Yay for school!)


  1. StephLove

    I used to be a night owl. But my oldest didn’t sleep through the night until he was 4 1/2 and by that time I was near the end of my pregnancy with my youngest, who is 16 months and doesn’t sleep through the night. Most nights she’s up several times. The oldest wakes up the whole household at 6:30 on the dot. (We changed the time he was allowed out of his room from 6:00 to 6:30 earlier this summer.)

    Now I go to bed at 9 p.m., whenever I can, and no later than 10.

    Do you know the song “Somewhere That’s Green” from Little Shop of Horrors? I used to think that the line “our bedtime, 9:15” was supposed to indicate how unhip the character singing is. Now, I’m her.

  2. Katie

    The schedule thing, it will get better. Or at least you’ll get used to not having time to breathe.

    Yay for Otto!

  3. Leandra

    Yay for you! Many hands make light work, as the old saying goes. And breakfast dates are fun. Especially if there’s bacon!

  4. Mimipz5wjj

    Yes, I’m all with you on the one activity/sport thing! My kids are younger but it’s still a juggle with schedules and such at times. I can imagine it only getting worse when they are both doing after school activities/sports! Yikes!

    And kudos for Otto!

  5. Petunia

    Okay – I’m a long time reader, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. But I thought you’d enjoy knowing that I had a dream that you were in. My husband and I were watching TV and you were the star of your own sitcom and I said to my husband, “That’s Mir, whose blog I read all the time!” So, there you go.

  6. MomCat

    It always seems like there is something scheduled or last minute or routine that keeps us from feeling settled. I frankly don’t know how you all do it with more than one kid!

    We love you, Otto! In an admiring, platonic, “yay-for-Mir” kind of way.

  7. tori

    I do one sport/activity for each kid too, but since I have four kids it isn’t working out to give us much free time! I know the feeling you speak of, the not being able to breathe feeling.

    You married a good one! That would be wonderful to come home to! My husband travels all the time, so he is almost never home to do the husband things Otto did. Now I am jealous!

  8. Lisa

    I always find it takes at least a couple of weeks to settle into a new routine, especially if you’re like me and you don’t really like change!

    It does get worse as they get older, by the way. Mine are 13 and 15 and although they have one sport plus music lessons the sport now requires four days per week of practice because of the levels they are at. The one saving grace is that my youngest daughter’s school offers piano lessons during school so that’s one night out we were able to eliminate. Woo hoo!

  9. Randi

    Very nice – my hubby can’t cook, but it’d be nice if he’d learn!

  10. Not The Mama

    I think things will settle down soon. The newness of a schedule always makes it seem more hectic. Yay for the convenience of a two-adult family — isn’t it amazing how having an extra adult lightens the load? I know it seems obvious, but knowing it and feeling it are two different things. I’m glad Otto was such a help to you last night.

  11. janet

    Yay for Otto. It’s one of the great things about leaving single motherhood behind for wedded bliss. What’s that, you say? An extra pair of hands? An extra driver? You mean I DON’T have to do EVERYTHING myself? Yeah, it’s great like that. Plus the not sleeping alone thing and the sex and all…

  12. Jen

    Our first full day of school was yesterday and after all the at home meltdowns were over (do anyone else’s kids do that??), I found myself wondering why I’d been so happy they were going back. I felt so rushed to get everything done by bed time!

    And the sports/activity schedule? My four have me between volleyball, football, & soccer right now. A benefit of being in the bible belt though … no practices on Wednesday night because of church! So the heathens do get at least one day a week to all hang out together. :)

  13. birchsprite

    It sounds like life is great … if a bit hectic… it’ll all slot into place soon!

  14. Aimee

    Now, my husband and I play Scrabble all the time, and honestly, we take turns beating the pants off each other, metaphorically speaking. But now I’m thinking strip Scrabble sounds like a really good idea…

  15. Chris

    I’m trying to go to bed earlier and it doesn’t work. I am a true night owl. Off to bed at 12 or 1 and up at 5 or 6 am. Yes, I do get a little sleepy during the day, but I am so much more productive at night, when it is quiet.
    Glad to hear that you guys are getting all settled in. ;)

  16. Mama Bear

    The one activity rule is in play at our house too, but with two of them now in high school, it doesn’t seem to matter. We haven’t started school yet (next week~hooray!) and yet we have 2 a day practices for both the older two, plus pictures, fundraisers and initiations. I am already tired of running to things. The youngest is in a day volleyball camp right now, so it’s running to that as well. I am living the last few days of summer in my van!

  17. Sus

    I can’t make either work for me. At night I say, “Ah, I’m too tired – I’ll do it in the morning.” Then in the morning I say, “Bah, I’m too tired – I’ll do it tonight.” Next thing I know six months has passed. Ok. I’m saying right HERE that I will get up one half of one hour earlier tomorrow.

  18. Hotfessional

    Take it from someone who can’t (to save my life) stay up past 11 pm anymore – Strip Trivial Pursuit can be faster than Strip Scrabble ;-)


    Otto’s a sweetie, and you are too.

  19. MMM

    How wonderful!

  20. Cele

    Oh now you’ve made me so tired I want to go back to bed. But unfortunately Ducky had to go to work at the butt crack of dawn and bed will be lonely and cold. Okay, now (in the face of menopause) that was just the right enticement.

  21. Sarah

    I like the idea of Strip Scrabble, but I suck at spelling, so Strip Trivial Pursuit sounds more to my taste. I do have to admit Strip Yahtzee is good! Hope you enjoyed breakfast!

  22. AmyM

    I’m still a night person. I’m rarely in bed before 11 pm. If I go to bed too early, I wake up at 4 am and can’t get back to sleep. I would really love to be an early morning person, but can’t seem to get there.
    PS- Your husband is pretty cool. He sounds a lot like mine. Yay Good Husbands!

  23. Burgh Baby's Mom

    We’re not (yet) old in our house, but still were in bed at 8:45 last night. I think there’s something about having kids that makes you suddenly realize that the world is OK without you between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00am. And that sleep is GLORIOUS.

  24. Lynda Hitt

    I know how wonderful it is to have a husband that cooks and takes on some of that kind of responsibility. One time, when he was between stints of employment (not that that happens very often, like once in 13 years) I was working and would come home to a home cooked meal on the table waiting for me at the end of the day. That was wonderful.

  25. carolyn

    Our activities are soccer and band. I dread getting back in the swing of that schedule-thing. (we start next week). I’ve always said I wouldn’t get married again, but Mir, you have me re-thinking that declaration. Dinner on the table and homework done?? That is heaven.

  26. Amy-Go

    School here starts tommorrow, so tonight is meet-the-teacher night. I am sending my husband to shepherd the boys at this event because I am in the hopital. So I am in total agreement that spouses can be great! But I confess that I’m sorry to be missing it…and that the control freak part of me is convinced that he won’t do it right somehow…and that I’m on lots of drugs so this comment may not be relevant. Or logical. Or spelled right. ;)

  27. Rae

    Gosh, school starts early.

  28. Manic Mommy

    My four year old was only doing two mornings a week at preschool and I felt a little rudderless when school ended because I’d lost some sense of routine. We’re doing five days this year and now I’m worried about that. Change is hard – good or bad.

    You’ve had A LOT of change in a very short time. You just need to find the new normal. It’s here and it’s pretty good from my perspective.

    Strip Trivial Pursuit with my husband rocks – and I kick his ass! He doesn’t cook, though.

  29. Barb Cooper

    I’m proud to say that my husband must be related to Otto in some way. And that I, too, am stunned to find that having a spouse is so… NICE. And helpful! And… like a magical dream.

    Um, strip ANYTHING is calling my name.

  30. MaryP

    Second marriages are wonderful, aren’t they? I mean, it would be better if I’d been smart enough to pick Stephen the FIRST time, and spared myself and the kids the grief and the mayhem…BUT. When you’ve landed yourself the Right One?

    Life is very sweet. Well done, you and Otto!

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