Otto understands me. He knows when I need chocolate. He knows when I need a hug. He corrals the kids when I need to work and he cleans up after dinner whenever I look like my eye is starting to twitch again.

So the other day—and I have NO IDEA what he was doing at the time—a great cry of glee went up from the other desk in the office, and when I turned to see what was so exciting, Otto showed me this.

Five minutes later, he was lamenting the fact that he hadn’t kept it to himself, because that would’ve been an awesome birthday present for me.

You see, I love bacon. I double pink puffy heart bacon. I might, MIGHT, choose bacon over chocolate if I had to live the rest of my life with just one of them. Otto knows me well on that score. Bacon salt? To put on… everything? What a wonderful idea.

Otto ordered us some but it isn’t here yet. I am WAITING FOR MY BACON. In the midst of making doctor’s appointments and trying to work out life, I have decided to distract myself with the promise of delicious bacon taste on all foods. (It’s even kosher, which makes me giggle uncontrollably.) What can I do? I can read the Bacon Salt Blog or I can fantasize about all the things I shall put bacon salt on once it gets here.

I think it would probably be good on popcorn, don’t you?

Or eggs. It’d be perfect on eggs.

Or green beans. Or oatmeal. Or watermelon. Or—

(okay, maybe not watermelon….)

The possibilities are endless. And this is what my life has been reduced to, where the anticipation of bacon-flavored seasoning is the highlight of my day. Let’s not dwell on that too much. Let’s just think about other foods that will be greatly enhanced by the magic of bacon.


  1. Cristin

    Kosher?? Is it not made with real bacon? At any rate, wow! I bet my hubby would love this stuff…

  2. kim

    I could be a vegetarian if not for bacon.

  3. Barb Cooper

    Never. Ever. Promise me–never ever –show this to my older daughter, who thinks bacon is its own foodgroup and deserves the largest whatever-shape-that-is on the Food Pyramid. In fact, her food pyramid would look like this (smallest to largest):


    Promise, now. Because seriously? One more fight over food and I am resigning this gig and going to work as a prison guard, which has to be easier.

  4. stephanie

    omg. you just made my life. i just bought the original flavor and paid more in shipping then i paid for the baconsalt. but its worth its weight in gold! cant wait to try it! post a review when youre done do that i can drool whilst i wait for mine

  5. julie

    oh wow. wow. wowowow. Must have.

  6. Melissa

    Cantaloupe. If you’re not going to do watermelon.

  7. becky

    garlic mashed potatoes
    baked potatoes
    green beans

    oh, there are so many more that i could list. mmmmm, bacon.

  8. Susan


  9. Cele

    The possiblities boggle the mind. yummmmmmm

  10. Marvo

    I kind of prefer getting my bacon flavoring the way nature intended it, by frying up some bacon, letting the fat collect in the pan, and then pouring the fat onto whatever my heart desires. Actually, my heart probably hates when I do that, because the more I do it, the shorter my heart’s lifespan gets.

  11. Joann

    I grew up with a little blue melamine t-cup with a broken handle in the freezer that was always filled with the frozen leftover bacon drippings.

    We would use it to grease the pan when making pancakes. YUM!

  12. Amy-Go

    Is it bad that my mouth filled up with saliva when I read this?

  13. Leandra

    Otto is a GENIUS, genius I tell you. Just give me bacon salt on french fries with a little ranch dressing to dip them in. Kind of like some weird french fry club sandwich. But HEAVEN!!

  14. Brigitte

    Oops, guess I’m a perv, I just thought it could make – ahem! – OTHER things more appetizing too.

  15. Sara

    Mmmm…sprinkle a little on a turkey sandwich. Or on a bagel with melted cheese. Or,you know, your finger and lick it like a popsicle. And did I mention, mmmmm….?

  16. Rachel May

    Barb, I say go ahead and order the stuff. Let the girl sprinkle it on whatever her little heart desires. Consider it a calorie-free compromise. I, for one, have found the PERFECT gift for both my brother and my husband for Christmas! Yay!

  17. Jenny

    I was going to point out that you could have your chocolate and bacon at the same time, but Kate beat me to it. How brilliant is that?

    I’m ordering my Bacon Salt now — it’s a family joke that we’ll put bacon in or on anything. I can’t wait to put some in everyone’s stocking for Christmas. It’ll be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

  18. Zuska

    Oooh! And it’s even vegetarian! Even I can get excited about a product like this!!

  19. Beth

    Is it weird that my best buddy’s little sister has declared that she would marry bacon? Having just had the bacon that led to that declaration, I agree ;-)

    I have the perfect person to send this to ;-)

  20. Karen

    Love what the bacon salt discussion has done to the Google Ads…Puffy Eyes? Hypertension Diet?

  21. Kate

    Hate to be the wet towel, but the MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)in the bacon salt is probably what gives it that great bacon flavor…

  22. AmyM

    Well, you should definitely sprinkle some Bacon Salt on your next BLT. Gawd I’m now hungry.

  23. Summer

    Your love of bacon wouldn’t have anything to do with your decision to embrace Christ, would it? As my dear mother-in-law says, “the Good News is we can eat pork!”

    I’d recommend trying it on some buttered pasta. Or you could do what my friends did at their 2006 Annual Ham Party, and use it to rim martini glasses for porktails. (They used bacon bits, which they’d ground a bit finer.) Hmm, I should probably get them some Bacon Salt before this year’s Ham Party, shouldn’t I? I’d be the belle of the ball, no doubt. Tequila and bacon shooters, anyone?

  24. Aimee

    Oh man… are you KIDDING me? I must go order some right now.

    Scallops. It would be great on scallops. And I agree with whoever said cantaloupe — or really, honeydew melon too.

  25. jenn

    I’m ordering it for Mr. Clairol’s stocking. Then I’m increasing his life insurance.

  26. Kim

    I have to remember NOT to read Mir’s blog before i have breakfast…thinking i should go have bacon and eggs….who am i kidding…skip the eggs!

  27. kathy

    I think you’ve just ensured their success. I just emailed them to see who they use to ship to Mexico.

  28. BOSSY

    Bossy loves to go camping mainly because around *her* campfires, everything gets wrapped in bacon.

  29. HamIam


    I’m loving the commentary here too, but most of all, loved that Otto made a joyful noise at this discovery. Mir, you have a keeper, for sure :)

  30. Melanie Marie

    Wow, he does get you!

    I want to know how he found that. Was he LOOKING for bacon salt? How does one ‘happen’ across bacon salt?

  31. YetAnotherKaren

    Am I the only one who wonders just what odd Internettish trail Otto had to follow to find the bacon salt? Assuming he didn’t already know it existed, which, seriously who knew?

    It’s like a peek inside his mind. Hmm.

  32. Karly

    I am ordering some right this very minute! I bet it would be AWESOME on green beans…I always fry up bacon and cook the green beans in the fat, so maybe I can not do that anymore? Bacon salt may just save the world, one person at a time.

  33. Elena

    hehe–reading the bacon salt blog and there’s an entry with a woman WHO HAS A WALLET THAT LOOKS LIKE BACON. Otto, Mir’s birthday is saved! hehe

    would that wallet be a Vivienne Westwood, I am wondering…

  34. Heidi

    It seems to me that with all referrals the bacon salt company is enjoying by way of your website, the LEAST they could do is comp your order, don’t you think?

  35. David

    LMAO! Seriously, that’s just too perfect. I can’t imagine how you can get something that isn’t bacon to taste as though it is, but I’m game. On eggs? Oh baby! Thank you, Otto, for finding this, and thank you, Mir, for posting it. Yum!

  36. Viaggiatore

    Here I am, jumping on the bacon-salt-in-the-Christmas-stocking train. I wonder what bacon flavored eggnog will taste like??!?!

  37. BBM

    Is it wrong that I’m a vegetarian (14 years and counting) and yet I’m WAY EXCITED! Bacon flavor, here I come!

  38. Lady M

    Bacon makes everything taste better. I’m back from BlogHer and I spent much time recounting the story of re-meeting you there last year. I have so enjoyed reading your stories for a whole year now! Life is much more fun than fifth grade, isn’t it?

  39. Otto

    For those who are curious … a friend said he was experimenting with it on Twitter. Um, no, wait, that doesn’t sound right …

  40. InterstellarLass

    I love bacon too. Crispy bacon. My dad used to microwave bacon. I think that’s a sin.

  41. LuAnn

    You ought to visit Kentucky. I think it’s legal to put bacon salt on watermelon here. :p

  42. Amy

    OMG I just bought the 3 pack. “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon” THey ARE SO RIGHT, everything SHOULD taste like bacon!

  43. Jena

    I have a cousin who will just flip when I send her bacon salt for Christmas! At the age of five (or so) she ate an entire pound of bacon because a neighbor bet her father she couldn’t do it. The neighbor just didn’t understand the deep love she had for bacon. I vote for the cantaloupe and/or honeydew. I think my mom and stepfather would attempt to have me cannonized if I bought this for them.

  44. BooMom

    OMG!! Drrooooling….must.order.this.NOW !!!!

  45. AGeekyMom

    I love bacon too, and I loved this – Bacon Brittle If the link doesn’t work, go to the and search for Brittle. Yummy!!!

  46. rockyroadoflove

    There’s a fabulous recipe for Green Beans with Hot Bacon Dressing on The Rocky Road of Love and Other Great Recipes. I’ll bet I could make it with olive oil and Bacon Salt. What a treat for anyone who—alas!—can’t eat the real thing.

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