Come to pack, leave with a car

By Mir
June 24, 2007

Dude, I was NOT KIDDING when I said if you come over and help me pack, you get to leave with fabulous prizes. Today Otto’s brother Wild Thing came over and did an amazing impression of the Tazmanian Devil in my basement; what I’d feared would take us well into the night to pack was DONE before dinner. His stipulation before coming over was that he get to leave with his pick of three things. We’d agreed, of course. He ended up with 6, I believe, or even more if you count that I made him take the remainder of the Easter mix candy I had floating around here.

A friend from church came (twice!) and left with a car packed to the gills with stuff for the church yard sale (twice!).

And then another friend from church came and we made him take my car.

With God as my witness, I am NEVER using Craigslist to sell a big-ticket item ever again. As if the people who bought the dining set weren’t bad enough, when I listed my car I got about half a dozen emails from people wanting to know my lowest price, or wanting me to contact them ON MONDAY (I had posted saying it must be sold by Monday) if I hadn’t sold it yet. Yes, sure, I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than to keep track of your opportunistic inklings and let you know when I might let you have my car for $10.

Actually—wait. I take it back. I sold my washer/dryer through Craigslist and it was a thoroughly pleasant experience. The nice young couple who bought the machines were kind enough to let me keep them into the weekend so that I could do some more laundry before we left. They were sweet and polite and called when they said they would and picked up when they said they would and I sort of wanted to adopt them. So. Maybe not everyone I find on Craigslist is awful. But still.

So this friend came to help with the packing and he also brought Gatorade and Ben & Jerry’s, so you know that he was really ready to rumble. He had mentioned perhaps being interested in my car, so Otto and I began the hard sell.

“Hey, do you want my elliptical trainer?” I asked.

“Oh, maybe!” he said. “How much do you want for it?”

“Well, I had it listed at a hundred bucks. But guess what! It’s FREE if you buy my car!”

“And,” Otto added, “the seats fold down, so the elliptical would slide right in the back there. I’ll even load it for you. Special deal, today only!”

We managed to work in a tie-in to the car approximately every fifteen minutes for the next three hours. Also, we are available for parties.

I am genuinely shocked that he ended up buying the car rather than taking his delicious ice cream, smacking us both upside the head, and going home.

Of course, Otto sold it to him for about $3 while I was out picking up Chinese food for dinner. So.

Anyway, this was excellent because it means that we do not have to caravan to my folks’ tomorrow night, when I would much rather be riding with Otto in matrimonial harmony. And perhaps sleeping while he drives. Because that would be supportive and wifely. Especially if I drool.

So now Otto is throwing the last few things into boxes, and I am doing some work because OH YEAH, I still have to WORK while I’m doing this, and the truck is coming TOMORROW but I have no idea what time because I called on Friday to ask and they never called me back. But hopefully they’re coming, um, in the morning sometime. Murphy’s Law suggests that if we sleep even a minute past dawn they will be here at 6, and if we are up bright and early they won’t show up til noon. I’ve therefore decided we should get up early so that I have plenty of time to complain if they aren’t here immediately.

For the most part I am still in numb mode; I was okay until I gave my dear young friend (my friend’s daughter, the one I mentored through confirmation a couple of years ago) a hug and her shoulders started to hitch. When that happened, I did start to cry, and then I had to try to get her to stop crying, and then I had to leave because I didn’t want to cry more.

There are so many things I can’t think about right now, or it will be too hard to go. I cannot think about the fact that Monkey and I were baptized together in this church, that Chickadee was assigned to the teacher she wanted for fourth grade here, that Monkey’s entire class will be looping without him next year. I cannot think about my friend who is drowning herself or how she didn’t get angry at me when I confronted her, but cried and said all the right things and went right on lying to me, thinking I wouldn’t know. I cannot think about my friends who took me out to breakfast last week who I’ll never again be able to just call up in the morning and ask to swing by or if their kids want to come over and play.

I am about to gain so much, and I am happy and grateful for it; so I cannot think about the loss involved unless it is in the context of a car deal made over fortune cookies.

Tomorrow the movers come, and I will lock this house and head off into the sunset with Otto. Hopefully there will be a box of Kleenex in the car.


  1. bob

    damn – I am first commenter. I’m never first. I’m usually so late to the party that all of the booze is gone and there’s nothing left but ginger-ale.

    you’ll see – being a southerner will have sooooooo much going for it you’ll not miss being a yankee. (although, no one will ever let you call yourself a southerner. you’ll always be a carpetbagger, but we’d never say it to your face.)

    Lift your spirits knowing that your friends there – and your friends here in bloggerland have you and Otto and Chickadee and Monkey in our hearts.

  2. Dawn

    Best of luck on a Smooth MOVE!
    I am getting choked up like I am watching a movie and your going to be driving off into the sunset.
    But for you and kids—Otto too—this is the BEGINNING–Not the end!
    Hang tough-
    Here hoping that the only thing going “south” is your compass.

  3. becky

    it’s tough to leave those you love, even though you’ll gain much from it. best of luck on your trip.

  4. Busy Mom

    The South says: “We’re waiting for you with open arms”.

    It told me. I’m sitting right here with it.

  5. tuney.

    **sitting next to Busy Mom** Yup. She’s right. Of course, hanging on one of those arms is a mosquito net, but it’s happy you’re coming just the same. Deeep breaths…

  6. Cele

    I always cry when I leaver where I was vacationing. It’s not that I don’t want to go back, I do, but I love the people I was visiting for vacation and shall miss them. Life is that way, we take them forever in our hearts to all the great adventures ahead. But tissues come in handy for all occasions.

  7. Gaby

    Oh mir, I almost want to cry for you. I’ve NEVER had your experiences or had to move a huge move away from what I know. The day I do, I know I will probably be feeling what you are now. Just know that tomorrow, I will have my box of Kleenex next to me using it for you because I am also making the move with you! Again, have a very safe trip!!!!!

  8. Barb Cooper

    Godspeed, Mir.

  9. Kim

    Here’s to riding off into the sunset with your prince!
    Have a safe journey Mir!

  10. Mimipz5wjj

    Have a safe journey, Mir. It’s always sad to say good bye, but with every door that closes a window opens!

  11. LadyBug Crossing

    You’ll cry and when you enter your new house with the pool it will all be all better. And then you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
    I know these things…

  12. Brigitte

    Damn! Always making me either laugh or cry (or both) first thing in the morning!

    At least you’ll never lose us, your loyal stalkers – oops, READERS. ;-)

  13. MomCat

    It’s easy to see why you’re so loved, Mir. Soon there will be many new friends. You can go back and visit the old friends every year in the heat of the Georgia summer!

    Also, a pool hides tears. :)

  14. Terri

    As many times as I’ve moved in my life, it’s always been hard. And I’ve never made such a big move with kids involved. But you’ll be fine because the most important people are with you. Plus, it will be so much harder to cry all the way south now that you won’t be alone in your car. :)

    Goodbyes really stink. How are the kids doing? Have a safe trip! Will you get to drive straight to your new house, or will you have to camp at Otto’s for a while?

  15. Judy.

    I’m sitting here reading Monday morning (8:08 in case you are wondering) hoping you are already in teh car and on your way down. I understand the mixed emotions you are going through… been there, done that. Just know that wherever you go, people will love you. Heck.. we already do and can’t wait for you to get to Georgia! And, don’t listen to Bob… I’ll call you a Yankee to your face (and I mean that in the very best possible way). :-)

    Call… we’ll meet in Macon for lunch sometime :-)

  16. carolyn

    Driving and crying is hard and it can be dangerous too. You can’t see the road!! Luckily for you, there is Otto. Let him drive while you cry and by the time you make it to Georgia, and your new house with the pool and casino, you will feel better.

    Be safe.

  17. Otto

    Okay, here’s the deal I tell my students – you can call me (now us) a “damned yankee” anytime you want. But it’s a LOWER CASE “y” – use an upper case, and me and my Fenway friends will give you a wicked beating.

  18. Rachel May

    Oh, Mir, it’s okay to cry. *pats her on back* Get it out (and out of the way).

    Then you’ll really be ready to move on with your family (and husband – squee!).

  19. Melisa

    Best wishes, safe travels and only a few tears.

  20. Randi

    Breathe – breathe – and bring lots of alcohol for the first week. Other than that, it’s all good!


    We only moved across town and I cried – cried for all the hard work we’d put into the old house that we were just “giving” to someone else. Cried for the “Pooh Tree” that was painted on my son’s walls and ceiling that we had the BEST time painting and it was so cool! Cried for the cute paw prints we had dyed into the carpet in the nursery because the carpet was almost shot anyway. Cried for all the memories we were “leaving behind”. You know what? I haven’t cried since! We’re in a great house where we’ve done lots of hard work, painted a cool nursery (no paw prints, ‘cuz the carpet’s good)and a cool boys’ room, and we’re making lots of new memories. When we stumble across pictures and video from the old house, it’s kinda neat. And when we drive by the old house, we say “Hey, old house.” It was a good house when we needed it, but we’re right where we need to be now. You’re headed there too! Have your cry, but know that you won’t cry long :)

  22. Sheryl

    *sniff* It’s so hard to leave home to go home. God speed.

  23. Ben

    The kleenex works well for the drool (don’t ask how I know this).

    You’re awesome, Mir. When one thing ends, another begins, so they say.

  24. Aimee

    I *so* know what you mean about not being able to think about things. Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad I moved to San Diego and all that, and I think it was the right decision. But three and a half years after the fact, it’s still hard to be so far away from so many of the people I care about. I have a friend coming out this week, and I’m so excited, and yet at the same time also weepy at the thought of having to say goodbye… again. Bottom line? The fact that it’s difficult *doesn’t* mean it’s not a change worth making. Have a great, trouble-free trip to your new home!

  25. ishouldbeworking

    Happy trails, safe travels, and wishes for a wonderful life in GA!

  26. hollygee

    Happy Trails, Mir and Otto.

  27. Juliness

    How exciting-sad-scary all at the same time! It’s wonderful that you have such a good support system both here and in ‘the real world.’

    PS Let me know if you need a stopping point along 95.

  28. Woman with Kids

    Oh Mir, it’s so hard when the things that are good are difficult too… I’m so happy for you guys though.

  29. Janis

    Best of luck, Mir! I’m so happy for you and Otto and the kidlets. If you decide to jaunt down to Florida for a vacation sometime (since we’re right next door) – let me know!

  30. Kristi

    Good luck to you! We are in the military and EVERY time we move there are MANY tears shed. And then we have plenty to smile about soon after we get to our new destination. No doubt, you will too!

  31. Sophie

    Forgive me if you’ve heard it a million times:

    What we call the beginning is often the end
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.
    The end is where we start from.

    With God as my witness, I do declare that some Southernisms have been creeping into your writing over the last few weeks.

    Good luck with the move! Georgia will be a better place with all of you guys here.

  32. jenn

    Oh my, I am welling up here. Endings are always hard, even when they have a lovely new beginning attached.

  33. BOSSY

    Keep. Moving. Forward.

  34. ChristieNY

    As Karen said, “It was a good house when we needed it, but we’re right where we need to be now.” – well put!

    Oh Mir, have a wonderful move, we’ll see ya when you get there (and get your computer set up ;), you new Southern Belle!

  35. Pam

    I wish I had thought of this sooner, but you could have stopped here on your way down — here being Your Nation’s Capital! I have a clean guest room! and free Internet!

  36. Karen

    Have a wonderful move, dear friend. Thinking of you…be safe!

  37. Laura

    We moved Boston to Seattle with our two kids in tow almost four years ago, and I remember how difficult all those goodbyes were. Hang in there and keep focused on what you are heading toward.

  38. Jennifer

    So glad the last horrible hours of packing were smoothed out by good friends helping out! Have a safe drive and enjoy the quiet time to decompress (or drool).

  39. Warrior Knitter

    You may be closing a chapter but you’ve got an entire book just waiting down the road a piece. And you’re not traveling down that road alone, you’re with people you love and who love you, Otto, Chickadee and Monkey.

  40. Chris

    Good Luck to you. New beginnings are always, scary, exciting, and of course wonderful! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  41. Tree

    I’ve been lurking for a couple, three weeks since I did a Google search on “my realtor sucks” or something like that. I check in here for a little relief at the end of each short day. I am in the middle of a move as a result of a divorce. On the 29th, I close on the sale as well as the purchase of a new home I’m buying by myself with my *big girl pants* on. It’s stressful, (although only 6 miles away and closer to my parents), regarless of the miles leading to the destination. We’re in the southern part of the country, you can’t beat southerners for their spirit and compassion. I understand from past personal experience how the separation from loved ones can be too difficult to bear at times, but it sounds like your Otto and your future (which includes your children) are totally worth it. Best of luck in your new digs. I’m jealous of your casino, I have to put in a fence before I do anything too fancy with my place. I’ll keep checking in on your progress. Have a safe and fun-filled trip!

    P.S. If you sleep soundly and drool, it means you have a clear consicence. I do the same thing. :) But the pillow is yucky. Awesome trade-off, in my humble opinion.

  42. Krisco

    Good luck Mir. Change is always hard. It’s probably good for Chickadee and Monkey to see that you’re sad too, because mixed with the excitement they’ll feel that too.

    After the initial bumps (may they be few), I hope it will all go great!

  43. littlepurplecow

    I am so excited for you. You will love the south. Most people wear shoes here now; though slippers appear to acceptable in Wal Mart. Please get in touch with me when you get settled.

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