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By Mir
May 5, 2007

Wanna know how the second showing with the Lowballs went?

First allow me to recap. The FIRST time they came to the house, they were so late in arriving, I came home 90 minutes after they were supposed to be GONE and they were still here. Oh, well. Then they made their ridiculous, insulting offer. Then they decided to come back a second time, which made my realtor all happy. Then today they showed up half an hour early and walked in without ringing the bell (scaring the hell out of my children) and acted like I’d done something wrong.

Which was all PERFECTLY FINE. It was even fine when we got home today and it was obvious that their children had climbed all over all three beds. It was all SUPER DANDY AND FINE until looked in the kids’ shower.

Remember this little adventure? Please note the date on that post: October 5th. I repaired the wall in the shower 7 months ago and my children shower in there nearly every night and it has been fine.

The Lowballs ripped the soap dish off the wall, left it dangling, and LEFT NO NOTE. They inconvenienced me, insulted me with their stupid offer, and then BROKE SOMETHING in MY HOUSE. And told the realtor they will not be making another offer because the house needs too much work.

I told my realtor that the realtor who brought them here is never to step foot on my property again.

And then I spent my Saturday night fixing the fucking shower wall AGAIN.



  1. Amanda Cowan

    OMG! Are you freakin’ serious? The nerve of those people! Not just the soap dish/bathroom wall BS but the climbing all over the furniture thing.. That sucks! As if having strangers parade through your home weren’t bad enough..

  2. julie

    Oh, that’s unforgivable! Holy crud! As home buyers right now, we tiptoe around people’s houses and feel it would be rude to open the closets. I can’t believe those people.

    Fuming for you.

  3. Dee Dee

    I had a similar experience when selling my last home. One family came to look at my house and was there for over 2 hours. We came home after what should have been plenty of time and sat in the car with my son who desperately needed to be in his crib and waited and waited and waited. When they finally left, we went in and their kids had played with all of my son’s toys (they were not put away like they had been). They then offered us $60K under asking. Assholes.

  4. Jenn

    Gosh, how did we even THINK about buying our house without checking to see if the soapdish in the shower could hold our weight. You know what this situation calls for? Ass-kickings for everyone! Well, not on your side, of course.

  5. mcewen

    What a strange way to behave. I’d have been mortified if I so much as left a stray hair after a visit.

  6. Lisa

    Unbe-frickin-lievable. People just amaze me. Sorry about the hicks looking at your house.

  7. Christine

    Are these people even looking for a house to buy or do they just like to go to showings so the kids have somewhere new to play? They probably don’t even know their kids broke the soap dish. It sounds like they were letting them run wild. That’s just crazy. Hopefully you get a serious buyer soon!

  8. Sueb0b

    Yikes. That is so much suckage. I hope they buy a house where the roof leaks and the main plumbing line to the street goes bad (and it is buried under the brick sidewalk).

  9. Kristen


  10. Em

    They broke your house?!?! I can’t believe the person showing the house would not step up and take some responsibility in that.

  11. MomCat

    Oh dear….I’m so sorry, and I’m appalled on your behalf. Such rudeness, made even worse by their obliviousness!

    More deep breaths! Repeat after me….”I am pretty! I am funny! I have great kids! And a great fiancé! And I’m pretty!”

  12. Allanna

    Oh. My. Frickin’ GOSH.

    I’m near speechless by the AUDACITY of those royal jerkfacebutts.

    If it were me, I’d be out for blood. With that behavior, I’d see if they could be charged for the repair of the soap dish. And maybe for the cost of a cleaning service, since they obviously don’t know the proper way to act while touring a prospective home. Golly gee, they DON’T live there yet! (And definitely never will.) Ugh!!

    I hope whatever house they do end up buying has dry rot and termites and sentient mold. And no parking.

    They SUCK.

  13. becky

    I would bill the realtor for the damages. Seriously. S/he should keep an eye on the couple when showing the house. Period.

    I hate it when people do crap like that. One of our neighbors left a HUGE dent in our new truck and didn’t leave a note. There’s no way they couldn’t know that they did it – it’s three feet long and several inches deep. People are assholes.

  14. Kelly

    How unbelievably rude! We sold our house a year and a half ago and it is so stressful having stangers parading around your home! I can sympathize with you. I would mail the realtor’s supervisor a complaint! People with that kind of lack of respect have no business showing homes!

  15. alice

    Ditto to Kelly – that kind of shit is just uncalled for – in the prospective (un)buyers, it’s simply rude. In their realtor, it’s ridiculously bad business sense, and should be commented upon.

    Here’s hoping that you followed up the repair with a big glass of wine. And cookies, too. Home repair burns calories!

  16. susan

    Yes, they sound like yucky people but…

    If the soap dish was that easily ripped off the wall, was it really installed properly?

  17. Otto

    Well, Mir and I never knocked it off …

  18. Otto

    (Sorry dad – JUST KIDDING!)

  19. ChristieNY

    Oh Otto, hee hee, you do make me laugh. ;)

    Mir, I am speechless. Utterly disgusted by what you went through with these people. I would absolutely write a letter to the realtor’s supervisor. I too remember practically tiptoeing through houses during showings and being shy to even look at the cabinets/closets/etc. because it wasn’t my home. I can’t believe what a mess they left, how could they not be watching their children in a house that wasn’t theirs and notice something was broken?!?!?! Ugh. :(

    I’m SO sorry. You have a ton going on now and don’t need this. It will be over soon though and you’ll be off enjoying JoyJah and your new hubby. Life will be good, hang in there!

    (Oh and weird aside, I was having my son the day you were fixing the soapdish with crazy amounts of caulk! When you said Oct 5th 06 I thought, heeeey I know that date… hehe!)

  20. Anna

    Mir, since their home is either currently on the market or about to be (given their original contingency offer), I say you, the kids or at least you and Otto take an up close look see at their home.

    Oh, woohoo Otto for the shower comment!

  21. Mamacita

    Mir, be sure you wash all your lingerie. With people like that, you just never know. . . . .

  22. Heather C.

    Ok, Lowballs, outside … soap at twenty paces. Soap in the eyes, that’s what they deserve. Or maybe the mouth. Both actually.

  23. Zee

    I’m with the others who’ve suggested billing them (and/or their realtor) for the cost of cleaning, repairing the soap dish and anything else you can find that they effed up. You likely won’t get a dime, but at least you’ll feel better. :)

  24. Lucinda

    Unfrickenbelievable. Seriously. I would ask what these people were thinking but clearly they weren’t. And the realtor…sheesh! I’m sorry for you but even sorrier for them when karma kicks them in the head. Ok, I’m only sorry for you.

  25. Bill

    Gotta say, good thing they didn’t make another offer. This way you won’t get in any deeper with these folks. If this is how they think/behave on first contact, imagine what the time to closing would be like with them making demands, wanting to come in to ‘measure’, and all sorts of other gray hair inducing behavior. All things that might be bearable at or close to asking price, but not for a lowball offer.

    Don’t worry, the best revenge is going to be their kids. I’ve known enough people who wonder where these adults they know as their children came from. They are appaled at their behavior, ethics, and morals and wonder where they went wrong. Now we know.

  26. Bill

    I have to add that I’m appalled at my spelling. I’ll do better next time.

  27. Carolie

    What horribly rude people. I hope you will report the realtor (who should be watching to make sure the total strangers they’ve let into your house are not breaking things/stealing things/otherwise vandalizing your home) to his or her overseeing firm, and the BBB.

    And wait a minute…what insensitive clods would bring their three CHILDREN to view a house??

    Grrrrrrr on your behalf. I’d love to see the super-sweet-but-firm letter you’ll be writing to The Other Realty Company with your invoice for repair enclosed.

  28. Sara

    Again, Bah! and Gah! and other words that shall not be printed here. But!! I continue to think that Otto rocks!

  29. Sara

    And apparantly I’m just as thrilled with exclamation points this morning…

  30. Jamie Lee

    What a bunch of jerks! And I agree with other commenters that the realtor (their’s) should be billed for damages.

  31. LadyBug Crossing

    Bunch o slimeballs! Send a bill to their realtor. UGH! I never ever sat on a couch, touched any furniture, or even wore my shoes into homes we were looking at purchasing. You don’t want to sell to them anyway. They would ruin your house just like the asshats that purchased my old house ruined that little gem. Someone nice will come along…

  32. Rachel May

    Ditto everyone else (except for Otto b/c me saying that would be icky beyond belief).

  33. shannon

    I agree withe Becky and Kelly. In the letter to the Broker (their realtor’s boss) include the bill for damages and repair.

  34. Beth

    Ditto the letter to that Realtor’s boss, but make certain that you include in the explanation that particular Realtor is no longer welcome in your house. What an unbelievable experience!

  35. dorothy

    I am reading this as I sit at my open house that nobody is attending. There is a half-hour left. Would it be weird for potential buyers to see the owner drinking at her own open house at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon?

  36. Dawn

    Oh yes! Bill them! And if they don’t pay SUE THE BASTARDS!

    In related news, I had people come to my house, poke all through it, including insisting that the linen closet, where the access to the attic was, be emptied so they could thoroughly inspect the attic, left bits of insulation all over the closet afterwards, then? Couldn’t.Get.A.Mortgage.

    Asshats are everywhere.

  37. Heather

    Yikes. Sorry people suck so much, Mir. I would definitely make note of it to the company, because someone’s gotta be responsible for that stuff – obviously societal norms and censures don’t always work. In other news, your fiancé is a funny, funny man. :-)

  38. Cele

    I want to know what kept them at the house for so long? Sheesh, you walk in look at a house, and leave. This gives me all the more resolve to live the rest of my life out in this house.

  39. Heather S.

    Sorry they were clearly so RUDE and their kids’ are heathens hope you get a better offer from better people.

  40. jenn2

    OTTO! I am crimson with shock. Okay, not really…

    Anyhoo, The Lowballers are obviously very nasty swine and need a lesson in manners. I think we need some hair from their brushes (obtained on a walk-through, where we, of course, unmake their beds, then remake them wrong, so they are left wondering what the hell happened.) Ahem. With the hair, we will make voodoo dolls and cause them pain. Lots of it. And do drive bys, stopping to remove their for sale sign and hack into the realtor website, changing their status to SOLD! *lots of evil laughter*

  41. Heather

    Holy crap, Mir. I don’t know how you didn’t punch them in the gut for walking in your house without knocking much less freak out on their insensitive arses for the damage to your house. UGH. Some people need to be kicked.

  42. Aimee

    Sometimes I really wonder how people like that get through a single day without being murdered, like, twenty-five times. That is just utterly ridiculous behavior. Sorry, Mir — sometimes, though, right around the time you make a big change, it seems like the universe is just determined to TEST your willingness to make it. Hang in there.

  43. daring one

    But do you have the realtor’s card? Could you… perhaps… post her contact info? Yes the house needs work… NOW. What is wrong with people?

  44. JayMonster

    I think you really hit the nail on the head by contacting the agency, and banning the Realtor that showed the house. People are asshats, that is a given, (Granted not all, but far too many) but for the Realtor to allow this to happen while showing the house is simply unforgivable.

    Personally, I would save all the receipts, document the hell out of everything (well, I guess you could just copy this post), and demand restitution out of the commission should these clowns ever bring you somebody that actually buys the house.

    On a personal note, thank you for giving me all the ammunition I think I will ever need if my wife ever brings up the idea of selling the house and moving again.

  45. Jen M

    I HATE selling homes. I just had a realtor tell me her clients might consider coming by again if I would lower the price by 90,000. No offer. Just, my house is too expensive for them. Sure thing! In fact, why don’t I just give you the darn thing for free? Good luck!

  46. Adventures In Babywearing

    Why I never! Just reading this has gotten me all worked up! I only hope the buyers of your dreams appear very soon.


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