Your hair prayers were answered

Before I delve into recent events here at home, I feel the need to pay a bit of attention to my neglected television category. (Otto allows me to cheat on him periodically with a few select shows… he’s progressive, that way.)

In all seriousness: I may end up addicted to Thank God You’re Here, which is filling the empty space in my heart where Whose Line Is It Anyway? went before I’d finally seen every single episode several times. Dave Foley might even be funnier than Drew Carey.

With great glee: You know I’ve had issues—annoying, continuing issues—with my cable service here. So, really, there are no words to describe how I felt when I heard this little bit of news except, perhaps, “Wow, that’s Comcastic!” (Hey Comcast, karma’s on the phone for you.)

Anyway, mostly I want to tell you pretty people that those prayers for my hair from the last post were heard and I thank you. Today I went to my friend’s stylist and she colored my hair BROWN. Can you believe it? I mean, typically I go in and ask for my hair to be returned to its native color and when I walk out, part of it is still grey. Or maybe it’s partially red. I really was starting to think that was the norm. But no! You can, in fact, ask for something and GET IT. It’s not just brown, it’s the same brown as the brown hairs that grow out of my head. It’s almost like she LISTENED to what I said and then DID WHAT I ASKED.

She also gave me a bit of a trim, agreeing that the shaping at the back of my head was the product of either someone’s bad day or me having really pissed off the other stylist. It was just… odd. And puffy. And part of the problem will simply need to be grown out, but she did fix me up a bit.

We chatted about American Idol and how people with curly hair always want it straight and vice versa and my kids and her cat and my wedding and as I began to see that she could be trusted I cleared my throat and tried to act casual.

Me: So, I bought these… I don’t know what they’re called. Hair jewels? For the wedding. They’re rhinestones on little wires that are supposed to screw into your hair?
Her: Oh, yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Oh, that’ll be pretty.
Me: Yes, that’s what you’d think, except that I am a moron and I can’t figure out how to put them into my hair so that it looks nice.
Her: It’s easy, just twist!
Me: Ha! Well, yes, I did that, but they kept sort of disappearing into my curls. Maybe I need to… style it differently? For the wedding?
Her: Hmmm, maybe.
Me: What would YOU do to it?
Her: Well, I think I’d take the front here, and sweep it over to the side, and straighten that bit, and then put the jewels right along here, see, and then let the curls just kind of fall this way. See?
Me: Ohhh, what a good idea. That looks pretty.
Me: Hey, you know, I probably could never make it look like that at home.
Me: Do you work on Fridays?
Her: Yup.
Me: So I could come in next Friday and you could do my hair for me? Pleeeeeeeeease?
Her: Sure!
Me: And… how much would you charge for that?
Her: $15.
Me: I would like to have your babies.

And then we made out for a while.

Or, maybe she finished up and I went to pay and she cost only 2/3 of what I paid at the old place and I couldn’t stop going on and on about how glad I was that I’d finally gone to her but now I’m moving away and that sort of sucks.

Either way.

This excellent bit of good fortune was a nice antidote to the latest Oh You Have Got To Be Kidding Me bit of drama attached to attempting to plan for life PM (Post Move). At some point when I stop twitching I’ll tell you more about this, but suffice it to say that we got the kids’ school assignment and hilarity did not ensue. I’m discovering that school politics are the same everywhere, in many ways. And there’s so much more to tell but we are still deciding what to do.

Thank goodness I have my pretty hair to comfort me in this trying time.


  1. emery jo

    I would have her babies too. Oh, and Handy Manny?? You could go all sorts of different ways with that one….


  2. Sandee

    Talking tools? You bet!

  3. Anna

    Cheating on Otto and your hairstylist in the same day, all with positive results!

  4. jenn2

    Pretty hair really does cover a lot of bad. And I am reading you during a commercial for Thank God You’re Here. I lurve this show. Almost as much as The Office. Almost.

  5. Samantha

    For Chickadee…

    When I was about four I absolutely loved the movie Annie. We used to check it out from the library every weekend. Of course I’ve always had stick straight hair, and even at that young age I wanted curls like Annie’s. So, my mom used to appease me by putting sponge rollers in my hair from time to time. They are magic. I had these adorable bouncy ringlet curls that held all day long and I thought I was fabulous.

    So, following is a tutorial for you! She would wash my hair and then blowdry it until it was almost completely dry, but still had that damp, just washed hair, feel to it. That part is important. If it’s too wet it won’t dry by morning bound up in the rollers, and if you put the rollers in day old hair they won’t curl nearly as well or hold as long. She was really careful about sectioning off my hair evenly, and especially where she put the part because it pretty much gets stuck there after you sleep on it. Then she’d put the rollers in vertically instead of horizontally. This made nice ‘banana’ type curls. Try it with Chickadee…you really can’t fail with sponge rollers!

  6. Heather

    Wedding hair for $15? I would have her babies too. Dozens of them. That’s just marvelous :-D

  7. Cele

    Girl friend May is a good month.

  8. becky

    yeah for the good hair news! i hope the school deciding stuff works out just as well for you. it has to, because of your fabulous hair.

    i wish i could find a good haircut for $15. i might move there just so i can have that. heh.

  9. Fairly Odd Mother

    I almost cried for you. Finding a good (and inexpensive!) hairdresser is one of life’s greatest joys. Hurray! I can’t wait to hear all about the big day.

  10. Mom2One/Judy

    Making out with your hairdresser at the hair salon always costs you tip-wise. I’m just sayin’.

  11. Brigitte

    The only Disney Channel thing my daughter currently loves is “Doodlebops”, but I shudder to even imagine what kind of porn THAT could become.

    If you have any extra packing boxes, will the new hairdresser fit into any of them?

  12. Kristen

    I just KNEW the hair thing was going to work out! Woohoo!

    Damn me for only letting the kid watch Dora and Sesame…

  13. Randi

    It’s always a wonder when you find a stylist you trust, isn’t it?! I trust my stylist so much that I sit in the chair and say “go” – I don’t care how short, what color, none of it as long as there are no bangs! And, generally, it looks awesome!

    We ARE going to see pics of the wedding…right?!?!?!?!?!

  14. Karen

    Dave Foley *is* funnier than Drew Carey.

    You’re pretty. And next Friday? Sparkly too. Yay!

  15. Amy

    OOh! You have to tell me where this nice, pretty new hairstylist works! I like my stylist just fine, but she’s kinda far away and charges way too much. Maybe I’m looking for a change too.

    Congrats on your productive day!


  16. MomCat

    Kudos on the Great Hair, Mir! And it isn’t cheating on your hairdresser — it’s moving on.

    Sorry to hear about the school situation. *wince* Prayers going up now!

  17. Sheila

    That Manny… he’s HANDY.

    Thinking good thoughts for you as you approach T minus 7. Surely, the universe is beginning a whole week of good things for you with the appearance of the Wonder Stylist.

  18. Kris

    Pictures! We need pictures of the pretty, pretty hair, Mir!

  19. Erika, Plain Jane Mom

    Having someone great to take care of your hair must be such a relief!

  20. Stephanie

    We watch Handy Manny every morning! That is scary. Poor kids.

    I’m happy for you having such good hair luck. Can’t wait to hear about the trouble with the schools.

  21. Crisanne

    Ugh! It doesn’t get any worse than school politics. I mean we’re talking about kids here!! Real kids with real feelings and needs.

    Ok…sorry about that.

    As far as hair stylists go, I think some tend to pigeon hole you into a certain idea after a while and then don’t hear anything you say after that. At least that’s been my experience.

  22. Genevieve

    Yay for the pretty hair and the wonderful and inexpensive hairdresser who will bejewel you on Friday!

    So I better check our recording of Handy Manny to make sure it’s kid-safe, huh?

  23. Aimee

    Oh! Your hair is SO PRETTY!

    I lurve “Thank God You’re Here,” and thought last night’s episode was particularly fun.

  24. Heather

    the hairstylist would so be my new lover for $15 wedding hair

  25. Liise

    YAY for Hair! :)

    Mine is currently in a low pony tail so as not to maketh me sweat in the 99 degree hotness that is AZ already. This is what I get for gloating about 75 when it was snowing/raining in other parts of the world. Damn Karma.

  26. ttulizzy

    Yay for pretty hair.

    My mom used to do what Samantha’s mom did as well. Clean damp hair, sponge rollers, overnight (or my mom had one of those dryers that you sit under…I don’t know WHY she had one as it was only used by me to make curly “Annie” hair, but anyway…) equals super curly hair. And my hair is super fine and screams “NO CURLS!, but this would keep the curls!

  27. Jamie Lee

    Been LOVING “Thank God You’re Here” and thanking god for TIVO so I don’t have to miss any episodes.
    Bittersweet congratulations on finding such an awesome hairdresser. You sure you can’t get her to move with you??

  28. Katrina Stonoff

    Yeah for great hair! Everything else is gravy.

    Hang in there…you’re almost married.

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