Love is a wee bit oblivious

By Mir
April 11, 2007

It’s T-minus one month, folks, before I put on the dress and the shoes and swear at my hair a little bit and go become Mrs. Otto. There are a million reasons (well, half a dozen, anyway) that we’ve settled on the day we did, and we’ve long since made peace with the fact that we’ll essentially be stealing a weekend for the wedding and a brief getaway before Otto goes back to Georgia and I finish up dealing with things here for another month and a half or so before The Big Move.

We are accustomed to the long distance thing; we don’t like it, but we’re used to it. And it’s temporary. Come late June, the days of a weekend here or there will be over for us. It’s just that sometimes the separation pretty much blows chunks.

[Can I say “blow chunks” in a Love Thursday post? Am I going to be voted off the island?]

Anyway, it’s been about six weeks since Otto and I saw each other, but that’s okay, because the plan is for him to come up this weekend. As in, tomorrow. So that we can see each other! So that he can be here for Chickadee’s first tournament! So that we can finish our premarital counseling, discuss actual wedding plans, and maybe pick the restaurant we’re going to take our family to.

Plane tickets have been even more expensive than usual, for some reason, so we’ve been putting off buying them. We’ve been waiting for the price to drop. And it hasn’t. It’s remained consistently about twice what it normally costs. So tonight we had to have The Talk.

Me: I think we have to start considering the possibility that you’re not coming this weekend.
Him: I just don’t understand why the price is so high.
Me: Me either.
Him: Something must be going on in Boston this weekend.
Me: I have no idea.
Him: I bet my brother will know. I should call him. This is really bugging me.
Me: Okay, call him, call me back.
*we hang up, and almost instantly, the phone rings again*
Me: That was fast.
Him: I remembered.
Me: What?
Him: The Boston Marathon is this weekend!
Me: It is?
Him: *laughing* Yes, it is. How did we miss that??
Me: Um. I dunno.

So, hey! Guess what! If you want to fly anywhere within about 300 miles of Boston? You’re screwed!

I’m upset and angry and unless there’s a miraculous price drop in the morning (hey, I got my Thanksgiving tickets at the last minute at a great price), this weekend isn’t happening. And there is no other weekend between now and the wedding that’s open, so if not this weekend, well, then, SEE YOU AT THE WEDDING I GUESS.

And I hate that. I hate not having more time together, I hate that it’s such a production every time we want to see each other, I hate that how much time we spend together is right now very much ruled by money.

On the other hand, we sort of couldn’t stop giggling about the fact that somehow not one but BOTH of us completely spaced out and forgot what is just about the biggest event of the year ’round here. And although I’m going to feel plenty sorry for myself if this weekend doesn’t happen, I also know that if we have to wait until May, well, we’ll live. I’ll whine, but it’ll be okay.

And Otto will be telling people the story of the year we forgot all about the Boston Marathon for years to come. Knowing that he’ll be doing that—while we’ll be together, all the time, at last—makes me chuckle.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. May you know a love that makes you sometimes forget even the big things, and that soothes disappointment with promises for the future.


  1. hollygee

    That does, uh, vacuum.
    My girlfriend in Alaska has to put up with her husband working a job that is a 7 or 8 hour drive away, so they only see each other every other weekend for months at a time. She told me that she didn’t get married to occasionally date her husband.

    My own honey has been away for a week, and this time, with no phone or IM or email. I’m now understanding what my girlfriend is saying.

    Hang in there. Soon it will be past.

  2. Cele

    I’m thinking you don’t want an “it could be worse” senario pointed out to you, so I won’t. But, my how time flys. :)

  3. Heather

    Aw, hope you can get a last-minute fare or if not that you don’t utterly lose your mind!

  4. bigbadex

    hey, last time you got married didn’t you do something foolish like schedule during the World Cup so no one could find a hotel anywhere near Stanford where games were being played?


  5. Judy.

    It wouldn’t help with the premarital counseling or wedding plans, but is there a way y’all could meet like half-way or something? Just to have some time together? What’s the airfare coming back to Georgia for the weekend?

  6. brown eyed girl

    Anytime within a week at the front or back end of Easter is always more expensive…but DOUBLE…OUCH.

    What will you do about your counseling? (If it’s something you have to complete)

    And I don’t know how you do it..because for me…I did about a 90 minute drive between Jeff and I for 6 months..and that nearly killed me. You are strong like OX woman!

  7. Amy

    Oh, yes…Patriot’s Day. You can’t get a decent rate into Boston because of the marathon, and you can’t get a decent rate out of Boston because it’s school vacation week and everyone leaves Massachsetts and goes to Disneyworld.

  8. tori

    I AM married and probably see my husband about as often as you see Otto! He has been traveling quite a bit the past few years.

    Sorry about this weekend, but soon you’ll be together full time, right? I can’t wait until you post a picture of your dress!

  9. rachel

    awww. sweet story

    I forgot too. I wonder if my husband’s company is open on monday – he may have accidentally gotten a really long weekend!

  10. LadyBug Crossing

    Hey – it’s only money.
    Although… you need that to eat, right?
    May will be here soon…. not soon enough, though, huh?
    Hang in there.

  11. girlymama

    poor thing.

    my husband and i were long distance the year before we were married. it does blow chunks. you are totally correct.
    but it does have advantages – we rarely have communication issues. i think because so much of our dating relationship was only about communication – we could only e-mailing and talking on the phone. so you and otto will probably be really good at that ;-)

    sorry about the plane fares. that really stinks. have you tried southwest? they have cheap(er) flights to the “boston area” from here…..

  12. Kristen

    If I had it, I would send you the airfare RIGHT NOW. True love should never be hindered. And let’s be honest. You two really still like each other. That should always be encouraged.

  13. Kerry

    That’s funny. My mother lives walking distance to the marathon route. We planned to take the kids down next week to go into the city (specifically to eat pizza and cannoli in the North End!) and I almost forgot about the marathon and the fact that you can’t MOVE from Holliston to Boston until dinner time.

    I’m sorry that it has interfered with your plans for the weekend. But hey, they do say it’s bad luck to see each other before the wedding. hehe

  14. Bob

    according to google, it is only a 17 hour drive………

  15. Beth Reid

    Sports-oblivious person that I am, I once tried to order takeout pizza during the Superbowl and was flabbergasted when they told me the wait would be about two hours. “But why?” I whined. I think the guy at the pizza place nearly called some sort of social services agency on me – clearly there was a lunatic living at my phone number who hadn’t been out of the house or turned on the TV for weeks and might need checking on.

  16. Aimee

    Oh, man… sorry about the weekend, Mir. I’ll keep my digits crossed that a cheap fare shows up at the last minute.

    I never actually forgot about the Boston Marathon while living in Boston, but I did once make the foolish assumption that I could keep my nephew at my Kenmore Square apartment and that we’d be able to take the T over to my sister’s office in the financial district that day. HA! Yeah, I got my nephew down to the T, realized it was closed and he had a nuclear meltdown right there on the sidewalk. Big fun!

  17. MomCat

    I hope this weekend visit can happen, Mir! If not, isn’t it bad luck to see the bride for…uh… the month before the wedding?

  18. BOSSY

    Bossy thinks this will all just be a tiny blip on the radar screen of your happy vista together. Something like that.

  19. ChristieNY

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? And it will give you a chance to get some work done so you’ll be able to RELAX and ENJOY your wedding next month! Woo-hoo!

    Hang in there, all will be well, I promise! Now go slip on those pretty shoes and wear them around the house so you don’t get blisters on your wedding day, mkay? ;)

  20. Ben

    Well, thank goodness for cybersex. That makes the heart grow fonder, too, ya know.

  21. Liise

    I killed a kitten this morning with the engine of my car. And I haven’t been able to stop crying since 7:45 am (currently 3.5 hours) while AT WORK.

    Feel better?

  22. Krisco

    You’re the best writer EVER. It’s amazing you could turn that around to a great Love Thursday post!

    Maybe he could get tickets for Saturday AM or afternoon – or for Sunday and miss a day of work – so that anyone on that flight would miss the whole Marathon thing, so the price will be normal! Great idea Krisco! Bet they hadn’t thought of checking that one already! (Well, probably you did. But here’s hoping.)

  23. Karen

    What Ben said.

    Dude. I’m so sorry….that really blows chunks, as you say and I know I should finish this sentence with something positive like “well at least….” or “think of …”

    I got nothin’.

    But I hope the days leading up to the day you’re back together are short and counted really really fast.


  24. Pastormac's Ann

    Aww, that is a bummer. I hope the month flies by and then you’ll be together and this will just be a memory that you can laugh about and remember that you only had eyes and a mind for each other.

  25. Missy

    I hope that he is able to make it up there before the wedding weekend. Stooooopid Boston Marathon…

    I can totally understand how being separated can stink. Hubby is currently on a training mission (until the end of April) and will be in an Army school for the month of June. He then goes on leave for a couple weeks and leaves for more training in September before a lovely 15 month deployment…at least we get family separation pay.

    I am going to be one lonely, psycho doctorate student who will try really hard not to strangle my 13 yr old daughter ;)

    Take Care

  26. divrchk

    Monday is also Patriot’s Day and all of the schools are off for the week so you have spring break prices to be dealing with.

  27. Shalee

    Long distance in relationships can suck. But as you said, you’re on the countdown and then you’ll be a happy, happy woman at that time. And at least you have the phone to keep you connected in some small way until you’re big day.

    It’s not working, is it?

    Yeah, long distance in relationships sucks…

  28. Mom101

    Oh no, that’s right – Patriot’s Day. Three day weekend. Damn those made-up holidays.

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