Love is quiet amid the noise

By Mir
March 21, 2007

So far I am surviving in New York City despite the apparent neon sign on my forehead which is flashing CLUELESS TOURIST. And we have been carefully feeding and watering Chris with hypoallergenic substances so that I don’t have to either jab her with her EpiPen or administer CPR while we call 911.

Walking around in a city of—what, eighty gazillion people?—made me realize in a whole new way that I require a certain amount of personal space to feel sane. Being pressed in by throngs of people very much makes me want to scream. Loudly. Not that anyone would notice, here.

Since meeting up with Chris at the train station I have:

… nearly dropped a suitcase on the head of an elderly couple.
… stepped onto the subway to find myself face-to-face with someone I went to college with whom I haven’t seen since graduation. (Who is also someone that Otto knows, so after 10 seconds of chatting I said, “Remember Otto? We’re getting married!”)
… had a native spontaneously offer up subway directions purely because Chris and I appeared so pitiful.
… laughed at Chris for getting stuck in a turnstile due to poor luggage control.
… taken the right train, but in the wrong direction.
… stepped off the curb in front of a large truck that was not planning on stopping, which then honked at me AND shouted obscenities. Thank you!
… paid $4 for a diet coke.
… ridden in a stretch limo with an extremely good-looking bunch of women.
… been dared to stand up through the moon roof of a limo, topless. (Did I do it? Hint: it’s 40 degrees out.)
… walked around a deli and settled on a yogurt and a fruit salad, only to see the man behind us in line buying only 4 hard-boiled eggs and a few cucumber slices.
… finally taken off my (fabulous, pointy, PAINFUL) boots and kicked back in the hotel room here with Chris and Rita, and Rita brought wine. Rita is so pretty.

Having a couple of nice folks and a snack and some wine and a bit of peace and quiet overseen by a hotel gorilla is a lovely antidote to an overwhelming afternoon.

Happy Love Thursday. To celebrate, I’m going to try not to get run over tomorrow, either.


  1. ChristieNY

    Glad you didn’t get run over. Perhaps you should ask someone to steal your shoes so you have an excuse to buy some comfy ones? ;)

    Yeah, personal space in the city, it’s just not a happenin’ thang. Enjoy your wine and know that all of us housewives are jealous of your kidless escapade! With a limo no less!

    And hang on to your luggage, those turnstiles can be a doozy! ;)

  2. hillz

    ah New York City… someday i will go there. maybe.
    and im sure i will be more clueless than you.

    and not in a fun, alicia silverstone kind of a way either

  3. Lady M

    I heart NYC. Enjoy the rest of your visit! My job used to send me there regularly, and I’d catch shows at night. Now, not so much, but there’s always hoping that we’ll have a big client there soon.

  4. Karen

    I love to hear/read visitor’s stories of my home town. To be honest those few experiences are not bad for one day. Good Luck on the rest of your stay.

  5. becky

    so wish i could be hanging out with you all!

  6. Heather Cook

    Was it 40 degrees celsius? Cause then I vote yes.

  7. Heather

    Was the person you ran into Taye Diggs? :-D Cuz that’d be pretty cool. Either way I love that you launched right into talking about Otto – you “in love’ couples are just so darn cute!

  8. Zee

    Ohh, I absolutely love New York. My favorite, favorite, favoritest thing about NYC is that you can walk into one of a hundred places at 5 in the morning and get a fresh bagel with an enormous amount of cream cheese on it. This is just genius, as far as I’m concerned! Plus, bagels with cream cheese in New York: THE BEST.

  9. Rachel May

    I’m admitting my jealousy… I’ve never been to NYC. Knight and I are swearing that we’ll go, “just the two of us”, “someday”. *sigh*

    See some sights for us!!!

  10. Brigitte

    I’m lost in little cities like New London, I would just die and shrivel up upon reaching NYC. You’re doing well!

  11. MomCat

    Sidewalks full of jostling people make me crazy, too. I have to have my own space far from the madding crowd. Change your shoes, be Hardy and you may look upon NYC with much affection. Or at least, not get run over!

  12. Sara

    As the song says, “if (you) can make it there (you’ll) make it anywhere”. So I guess all things considered, you’re doing okay. Have fun!

  13. meritt

    Ahhh – the personal space thing. The British feel most comfortable at 24 inches apart and even though I’m not British I do embrace that comfort zone! Americans typically are comfortable around 18 inches but in Asian cultures it is as little as 6 inchs.

    I guess in New York you’ll get everything mis-mashed.

    But… I’m still stuck on the fact that you got a limo???? Man, someone needs to invite ME to Blogher. I wanna be a speaker though and have all my expenses paid. Cuz, you know, I quit work last week and I’m a SAHM now… and a cash-poor one at that! :)

  14. cce

    You still haven’t told us what you decided to wear…Is it an all black ensemble so you’d blend in with the natives?

  15. David

    Your truck incident reminds me of a similar scene with a cabbie in the (quite old now) movie, Coming to America. The limo moonroof scenario reminds me of a scene near the end of Pretty Woman. I guess New York is funny that way. Must be something in the wine, er, water. Cheers. Oh, hey! there’s another one!

  16. Katie

    See I warned you about being run over! A taxi almost hit my 5 year old in NYC (we had the light which I suppose doesn’t matter to them) and I ran after it going for blood. (My in-laws and husband stopped me.)

    Have fun!

  17. Amy

    Well, all in all it seems like a pretty good time! That’s so wild that you saw an old college friend. That’s amazing! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.

    Amy :)

  18. bob

    I LOVE visiting NY. One day Laura and I will get there together.

    How could you possibly bypass a real, honest to goodness, NY deli corned beef sandwich? You cannot realize the heaven you’ve denied yourself.

    I would’ve totally paid for a picture of you standing in the moon roof of the limo (and extra for toplessness. 40 degrees, pshaw.)

  19. jenn2

    $4 for a diet coke??????? Did it come in a 2 gallon bucket?

  20. Aimee

    What? It costs $4 for a diet coke at the movies, why not in New York?

  21. Cele

    $4 is a good reason to give up pop, but what the cost of water?

    Six inches of separation does not a game make, well unless it is football, rugby, or sex. I’m wanting a full 24 inches if possible, but will adapt to 18 in a pinch.

  22. Shalee

    “(Did I do it? Hint: it’s 40 degrees out.)”

    You know you really didn’t answer the question…

    And was Rita just as pretty before she brought the wine as she was after?

    Enjoy your time in the big city!

  23. MamaT

    I’d send you gals to this GREAT deli in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park neighborhood, but you’d have to navigate the F or C subway lines, come out the right side of the subway station, walk the right direction once out of the station and when you get there, you’d had better know what you want to order, because the dude behind you already does and the counter people aren’t waiting for you to think about it even though there are 10 people in line in front of you.

  24. Holly

    Four dollars? that’s NOTHING! It’ll cost ya 32 in a hospital…

  25. Wendy

    “And we have been carefully feeding and watering Chris with hypoallergenic substances so that I don’t have to either jab her with her EpiPen or administer CPR while we call 911.”

    I think that is the funniest line in all of blogdom. Still laughing. And yes, I have been Chris’s blog for almost a year, which made it more funny. Though, I wish no ill will.

  26. Liise

    mmmm Taye Digggggggggs.

    Oooh how FUN to be in NYC! Use your pointy elbows on the locals…they will LOVE that.

  27. Anna

    Mir, enjoy your trip…but watch out for the close talkers. I have personal space issues, the NY streets would crowd me as well.

  28. Marti

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  29. Oi oi

    I’m a small town girl too and my first visit to NYC knocked my socks off. but i really loved the crowds – there is no doubt you can feel the humanity.

  30. carolyn

    oh, I love New York(the city, not the show)my sister and I went last Dec. I saw Donny Osmond in Beauty and The Beast, It was the best night of my life!!

  31. blogversary

    four bucks for a diet coke? Must been a really good diet coke. Been there done that.

  32. Pastormac's Ann

    Wow, sounds like you’ve had quite a full day. Try not to get yourself killed. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Happy LT.

  33. GraceD

    Please, Mir. Pointy boots are required shoewear in the city. How else are you going to kick ass? Or, kick crotch, as I mentioned over at Notes from the Christrench.

    Damn, wish I could be stomping around with you fine girlfriends.


  34. Zuska

    I cannot believe you are here and I don’t get to see you!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay in our fine city. You are, of course, in THE most congested section and I don’t linger there if I don’t have to or else my head explodes!!

  35. littlepurplecow

    I have to say your boots are fabulous. So glad we connected here in NYC.

  36. Lisa Stone

    The boots were all she needed, Grace, I can confirm.

    Mir, reading your take on New York warms my country-mouse heart. Great to see you — and thanks for being such an excellent reporter. Your live-blogging was amazing.

    I only disagree with you on one thing: I thought the gorillas were creepy. So the kids got snow-globes.

  37. design mom

    So fun meeting you Mir. And twice as much fun to read your blog now that I can picture the author.

    Also. I rode around for an hour today hanging out of a limo topless — in your honor — and in honor of our most excellent limo ride.


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