I had almost a day to enjoy it

By Mir
February 21, 2007

Yesterday I noticed that my tax refund had been deposited into my checking account. I made a mental note to think some more about where that money needed to go; would I have enough to maybe buy something not strictly necessary? Would I need to set it all aside for bills and the move?

Well, I have been checking periodically on my leaky pipe in the basement because it’s only BARELY leaking, you understand, but I figure it warrants watching. As I opened the basement door this morning, I chuckled to myself, thinking how ironic it would be if I found the leak had worsened and needed immediate attention.

Actually, the spot on the floor I’ve been watching was bone dry. I heaved a sigh of relief.

And then I turned to head back up the stairs and found myself facing my (recently repaired) boiler, which was sitting in a large puddle. And spewing water from two different locations.

But at least this happened after a really rotten morning. And the afternoon wasn’t much of an improvement.

And the repairman called me HONEY. Not as in, “Honey you are so adorable I cannot help using an endearment on you,” but as in, “Honey you are so stupid I am wondering how it is possible that you remember to breathe.”

And I gave up chocolate for Lent.

Kill me.


  1. Heather

    I had a rotten day too! There must be something going around.

  2. getsheila

    But you did not give up alcohol, right?

  3. Krisco

    Well that just stinks.

    The boiler problem does too. : )

  4. Cele

    Okay, west coast idiocy…what’s a boiler? I’m thinking something like a hot water heater?

  5. Lulu

    When you move to the South, you’ll have to call it a water heater, or else you might get called Darlin’ instead of Honey!

  6. Mir

    It’s actually not (just) a water heater, it’s the heating system for the house. No hot water I could deal with. No heat is a little more problematic.

  7. Judy

    Mir, that’s okay… I’m from, not only the south, but south Georgia… and I knew what your boiler was. Here’s hoping it doesn’t use up ALL your tax money and you can enjoy some of it on something utterly and completely frivolous. Just because.

  8. Brigitte

    Yech, our tax refund will be used for getting new glasses (ones that won’t fall off my face when I lean forward, don’t have a huge scratch down the middle, and don’t sit on my face crookedly, giving me that “special” look).
    The rest will replenish funds we had to borrow last year to stay afloat. I feel your pain!

  9. Katie

    I gave up chocolate too. But drinking wine is definitely recommended by Jesus.

  10. Melanie

    Did you give up ice cream? You could go eat a big bowl of ice cream, that might help. My tax refund is going to pay old credit card bills. Fun. Though I did buy myself some frivolous presents, too, because that’s just how I roll – in a very frivolous money-dumb way.

  11. meritt

    AHHHH I’m sorry to hear that. I know the feeling! I’m waiting for our return to be deposited by next week and I’m just holding my breath to see what it’s going to be ate up by! My daughter get her car hit this week… but I think their insurance will take care of that one.

    And we really really really really (!!!) need to bank the return if at ALL possible as my last day at my job is going to probably be next week.

    I’m going to cross my fingers your ‘fix it’ is WAY LESS than you anticipate.

  12. Tina

    I feel your pain. We, also, just got a (GOOD/LARGE!!!) refund deposited with plans to pay off our car. Instead, it will be going to pay off our (LARGE/BAD) deductable for health insurance after our son spent the weekend in the hospital. It seems like everytime we get a chunck of debt taken care of, something else comes along! And I gave up desserts for Lent.

  13. Sophie

    Maybe giving up the hope of living with non-leaky pipes and boilers is something you can give up for Lent too? (duck) Actually, you have my sympathy. How is that contract going (as in “Get out as quickly as possible.”)?

  14. Melanie Marie

    Well that’s not fun at all! I was going to give up pop but then decided that killing your coworkers during Lent would not be a good thing!

  15. JayMonster

    The house is trying to either trick you into staying to soothe it, or get the hell out already.

    Not sure which though.

    Can I use the silver lining speech here? When our Boiler went (We had an ancient, enormous one), when the tank went, it was very similar to the scene you had from the flooding, at least you avoided having to deal with THAT scenario… again.

  16. Jeana

    How did 15 people manage to comment before this showed up in my feed reader? Now instead of looking all witty with a comment like, “At least you didn’t give up the hard liquor!” I can only look all lame with, “Yeah…what getsheila said…”

  17. Aimee

    You could always have pie. Sorry about the *&^%%$^%$&( boiler. Making any kind of a big change is always a test, and always more than you think it will be. The chance is still worth taking, though, at least in my opinion.

  18. Jenn

    Ugh, I hear you. We’ve had a bad YEAR, with the most recent event involved the fire department. And I have the feeling that we’re going to OWE on our taxes this year. If you’re like me, you’re stalking around your house shooting all your appliances and mechanical things dirty looks in case they’re thinking of breaking.

    At least you didn’t give up copious amounts of alcohol for Lent.

  19. DebR

    How is it that cars and major household appliances always just KNOW when things like tax refunds or bonuses show up in your checking account?? It’s like they sit around waiting for people to dream about trips, or toys, or new shoes or something before they die. It’s creepy.

  20. Heather

    Bless your heart (another term of endearment you will hear in the south ALOT!) as much bad luck that you have had with your house I would just move out and “accidently” leave something on.

  21. Stephanie

    Doesn’t it always happen that way? Get your refund, something breaks down. I’m scared to do my taxes because I don’t want to have to make huge repairs. It should work the other way, too. Owe on your taxes, win the lottery.

  22. Stephanie

    Heather, ‘Bless your heart’ is more of a ‘how stupid can you be?’ or ‘glad it’s not me’ instead of term of endearment.

  23. ishouldbeworking

    I’ll join the crowd – got my refund, paid off bills & credit cards, bought a trumpet for my daughter, had a little fun. 2 weeks later, my car died and now needs a valve job or a new engine. :`(

  24. daysgoby

    Godiva makes a chocolate liquor.
    Is that cheating?

  25. Lena

    Oh Mir. I first read this as you “gave up chocolate for Lena”. And I about freaked because if anything surpasses my love for frenzied gobbling of pizza, it’s inhaling chocolate and I could not imagine how I led you astray.

    Imagine my relief.

    As for the boiler: Shit balls.

  26. sumo

    What kind of a problem was it? Did a) the relief valve trip and start blowing water, b) a boiler section crack and start leaking, c) pipe joints or equipment connections start spraying or d) huh? Not that I could help – I’m sure the boiler guy already has things under control. I only ask because I’m an engineer (that works with boilers) and, for me, you’ve left out the best part of the story! What caused the leak? Is it a steam or hot water system? Do you have in-floor radiation, cast iron radiators, fintube convectors or fancoils? What pressure does the system run? Where is the pump located in the piping arrangement? I need details!

    My only advice is that if the boiler was recently repaired, the work may be covered under warranty… your mileage may vary.

  27. angelfeet

    Well, that’s where you went wrong. You should never give up chocolate. Never.

    We had the no hot water, no heating thing about a month ago. I only got through it because of the chocolate.

  28. BOSSY

    Too bad about the disappearing money – sorry. Anyway, Bossy gave up Lent for Lent.

  29. Daisy

    You could give up religion for Lent. After all, you’re supposed to give up something important to you, are you not?

  30. Brown Eyed Girl

    Yesterday must have been tagged “Day from Hell” and I missed the memo.

    Oh Mir, Honey (totally term of endearment here) you need a freaking break in your life..and I don’t mean a broken bone.

  31. Paige

    Gave up sugar, myself, and I’m not even Catholic. It’s been 2 and a half very long days so far.

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