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By Mir
January 7, 2007

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was just splendid. It’s not like I wanted to go OUTSIDE or DO ANYTHING this weekend, so it was dandy just the way it was. I truly ENJOYED being trapped inside on the one freakishly warm weekend of the season. With no chocolate. Or alcohol.

(Hold me.)

Given that my weekend ended up being completely unremarkable due to house arrest, I have nothing at all to talk about except that 1) you people have some very strong opinions about pants or 2) something unexpected and really good may or may not happen soon.

I am tired of discussing my ass so I figure, what the hell. Let’s go straight for number 2 and jinx this thing right.

[The unexciting explanation of our boring weekend: Chickadee is suffering from that amorphous childhood malady wherein there is a fever and no other symptoms. This means that she may be able to sit at the computer and play for a while, or sit on the couch and watch some television and appear to be fine, but then out of nowhere she’s pale and shivering and pitiful again. So, we stayed put. She whined, Monkey bounced off the walls, and I found myself taking out the trash just to get a breath of fresh air.]

So. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m going to be moving soon…? (Hahahaha! I’m so funny when I pretend I’m subtle.) And I’m currently in that delightful flurry of activity that results from realizing that although YOU don’t mind having peeling wallpaper or, say, a huge hole in the ceiling (you think I’m exaggerating with that one, and I WISH I WAS), prospective homebuyers might not see the charm in these little details.

The madness commenced, and I ticked items off of the list of “suggestions” from the realtor as we went along. Even now, paint cans still line my hallways and drawer pulls sit on my bathroom counter. The idea is to get the house on the market in March. March seemed really far away, when we started talking about this, but it really isn’t. That bitch February is always shorter than you think. It’s coming up. But things are moving right along.

Well, last week I got a very interesting phone call. By telling you about it I am now ensuring that this possible ideal solution will never come to pass. I hope you’re happy.

It seems that a family who used to live in our neighborhood and moved away have decided they’d like to return. I had mentioned to a neighbor to feel free to put the word out that I’ll be selling (tell your friends! especially if they have money!), and put it out there she did. This family “heard” about it and they want to come see the house as soon as possible.

Also, they don’t want to close/move until after school’s over in June. Although they’d love to have an agreement in place much earlier.

I know. They’d be, like, made-to-order buyers, and as I’m not yet signed with the realtor we could do it as a FSBO and save some money. (And before anyone decides to yell at me, I fully plan to let the realtor I’ve been talking to know what’s going on, whether it be a delay in signing or a decision that we won’t need him.) But MOST IMPORTANTLY this might mean circumventing that entire awful period where you have to keep the house clean and make the beds and let people come poke around whenever they want to.

Because of the utter perfection that would be these people deciding to buy the house, I’m sure they’ll decide they don’t want it. Or—better yet!—they’ll decide they want it, and then die in a freak accident the day after we sign a purchase and sale agreement. I mean, I just can’t see it going any other way. (And honestly, they seem really nice, so I’m rooting for the former option. It seems unfair for someone to have to die just because they came into contact with me.)

Now I can consider the possibility officially jinxed and move on with my life. Ahhhhh.


  1. daysgoby

    Wow. Would that be perfect, or what??

    I really, really hope they like it.

  2. Allanna

    Good luck!! I’m sending my best “buy this house soon!!” wishes!

  3. D

    you know, when stuff like that happens? It cements the idea that all was meant to be. Dreams really really really do come true.

  4. Muirnait

    Good luck! That’d be awesome.

  5. hollygee

    Or, I must add this so you will have another thing to worry about, they want to buy but have a long list of things that they think need doing beforehand that weren’t on your list.

    Or maybe not. I’ll think good thoughts for the best option for you: they want it, they give you a good offer and everything works out.

  6. Niki

    In our house, that’s referred to as “God sending someone to knock on your door and buy your house.” It actually happened to us at our last house. We were “thinking” about selling our house, and had mentioned it to our neighbors, who mentioned it to their friends. They came to see the house (not even cleaned, mind you), and decided they wanted it. Presto! I keep hoping God will do it again with the house we have now, so we don’t have to fix all of those little things that will irritate a realtor..

  7. Sara

    From your lips to God’s ears. (The selling it part, not the backing out, making a list of a bajillion things to fix or the dying family part…)

  8. tori

    My best friend sold her house to a neighbor’s friend, rented another neighbor’s house while they were away and then moved into her new house. See, it does work out perfectly sometimes! I’m hoping it does for you because keeping your house clean while people come look at it stinks! I still shudder when thinking about trying to sell our house while my oldest was 4 and my twins were 2. It was the stuff of nightmares!

  9. Meritt

    … in our previous city/state that is how my neighbors house sold. It never even had to go onto the market. Word of mouth and the house sold to a family that also bought most of the furniture and decor with it!

    I’ve been jealous for the past 3 years and hope one day it happens to us! LOL.

  10. Randi

    Why is it that whenever you want something to REALLY happen and you mention it, however casually, to someone, it never does?!

    Well I’m wishing that you will disprove the theory and that the prospective buyers will become the REAL buyers!

  11. Bob

    maybe you should just get those folks from “Flip That House” to come do their kamakazi style purchase & sale treatment on your house. You need more drama in your life?

  12. karen

    This is totally possible. Two houses ago I wished that someone would just ring my doorbell and say, “Hi! Can I buy your house?” without having to put it on the market at all.

    What actually happened was I got a phone call: “Hi, is your house for sale? I want to buy it.”

    The buyer was best friends with a realtor who lived across the street from the house we were buying, and the realtor recognized our car (okay, it’s a small town) and looked us up.

    Easy deal, quick sale, and what began as a divorce-buy for the wife looking for an affordable house turned into what saved their marriage, moving from a McMansion where the husband spent weekends mowing to our small house where they were all jammed together in family coziness.

    See? You can sell your house AND save a marriage at the same time!

  13. chris

    See, this is totally your year!

    When are they coming to look?

  14. Judy

    Keeping my fingers crossed (well, my toes.. it’s hard to type with crossed fingers. Believe me, I’ve tried)

  15. Steff

    That would be awesome. Maybe you could just let the realtor help with paper work on the closing. See it is so meant to be! How close was that toronado that hit Atlanta to where you are going to be living?

  16. Sophie

    Just knock wood! Throw salt! Set up an alter! Whatever. Houses in great areas can practically sell themselves. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  17. Sophie

    ugh! I meant “altar.” An alter altar. sheesh.

  18. Aimee

    I’m choosing to believe that you haven’t jinxed it. I’m choosing to believe that sometimes, things happen for a reason. I’m choosing to believe that going after your happiness means that things just fall into place.

  19. Jenn2

    I’m with Aimee on this one. Choosing to believe it’s going to happen.

    Just don’t make any irrevocable decisions, ya know? ;)

  20. Nancy

    Oh, that’s just awesome! I hope it works out all the way around.

  21. Elena

    Hey, Mir, I know you are tired of das internetsies conversing about yr cutie patootie, but I was reading Life & Style this AM and these jeans spoke to me and said, Mir! You must notify Mir of our existence and pleasingly slender price tag! nowNowNOW.
    the article is titled Jeans that Flatter any Behind and it’s in this week’s L&S cover of Angelina that says Angelina Looks Pregnant Again and the jeans are titled Accentuate a Round Butt “the pocket free style streamlines the back, while the slim cut hugs curves to show off the tush” the brand name is Hydraulic, they are 40.00 and available at Charlotte Russe.
    heehee, plus I can just see Otto circling you in a pair of these, crying, MIR! that slim cut just STREAMLINES you while hugging your tush!

  22. Lisa C.

    You know, things like this do happen. My parents heard from a friend of a friend that some people they knew were selling a house and needed to get out ASAP. They hadn’t even listed on the market yet. My parents bought the house directly from the previous owners, and they even assumed their loan. It was the most painless real estate sale known to man. They still live there today! So have heart, it could happen to you!

  23. Mom101

    From one current home seller to another, I wish you all the luck in the world. Or maybe just 50% of it since I need the other half. See how nice I am to split it with you?

  24. Cyli

    Hi Mir, it’s national Delurking Week and since your on my blogroll that i carried to my new blog url, I had to come over, delurk and say Hiya. Hope you and yours have a wondrous new year and I will be lurking ever faithfully on :)

  25. Amy-Go

    Ok, the cynical side of me says…you want them to buy the house? Get to work on everything that needs to be done, spend money fixing and time painting and frustration cleaning. Then they’ll buy it, saying “we love it so much we’d have bought it no matter how it looked!” You don’t want them to buy it? Do nothing. They’ll decide to buy in another neighborhood without so much as stopping by, leaving you roughly 6.2 seconds to get everything done by March. Murphy’s Law of moving.

    I REALLY hate moving. Can you tell?

  26. Juliness

    As my nephew would shout, “Sweet!”

  27. Lena

    Oooooooh. This post is like porn for those of with listed real estate right now.

  28. Cele

    Has anyone started the blog pool on this one yet?

  29. Lady M

    Fingers crossed!

    We could only hope for such luck. I mean if we actually got our act together enough to decide even if we *want* to move, not to mention when, how, where, etc.

  30. Celestial-E

    Mir –

    Rare poster here but just thought I’d throw this in. We sold my mom’s house today after having it on the market for less than a week (in a market where things are sitting for 5 – 6 mos.)

    Anywho – the day before she was supposed to sign papers with her agent, a friend mentioned that they might like to buy it from her to use as a rental but they needed to check with their bank etc. My mom’s agent just wrote into his contract that if this couple made an offer, he would get no commission. He made it sound like it was no big deal and happens all the time. So, you might be able to do the same for this family.

    My mom didn’t end up selling to her friends since this other offer came in first and they hadn’t checked into anything on their end yet. Oh, my mom didn’t fix a single thing on her house and there are PLENTY of things that need to be done to it.

  31. Stephanie

    The day after we closed on selling our house, there was a tornado in that area. I thought, wouldn’t that be horrible if the house was destroyed right after they bought it? But it wasn’t. Which goes to show that when you imagine the worst happening, it doesn’t happen. So you should be pretty good. But just in case, I will constantly worry for you, because it has been proven that the more you worry about something happening, the more it won’t happen. And the less you worry and think it couldn’t possibly happen, it will.

  32. Heidi

    I’m one of the odd few who believe that you can create what with want for yourself with your thoughts. As in, don’t pour energy into what you don’t want to have happen. Perhaps this is a meant-to-be smooch from the Power(s) That Be.

    And todays Oprah show title is, Does My Butt Look Big? (Not to say yours does, of course.) But, they’ll discuss jeans that fit well.

  33. Kestralyn

    As I would shout (not just nephews!): Sweet!

    Keeping good thoughts going your way!

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