The agony of (pants) defeat

By Mir
January 6, 2007

Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows that I like to shop. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that I love the shopping in a way that sometimes causes folks to back away from me slowly. I love the thrill of the bargain. I love the chase.

Despite this love affair, I would usually rather set my own hair on fire than go shopping for pants. I was sure I’d written about this before, and it turns out that indeed I did—nearly 2 years ago. Which would be the last time I went looking for pants to cover my (apparently freakish) behind. When I wrote that post, I was spending 99% of my time rotating through 3 identical pairs of jeans which were already getting old. Guess what I’m still wearing?

But this week was going to be different. Oh yes. See, part of my difficulty stems from my unwillingness to pay a lot of a money for things. I’ve become so disgusted with my inability to find pants that accommodate both HIPS and a WAIST that I decided I would go out and with MONEY AS NO OBJECT, come home with a new pair of jeans.

It was easier to make this vow because Otto did some Christmas shopping while he was here and got some “Kohl’s Cash” and let me have it. This is bonus credit they give you towards a future purchase, so I had my FREE MONEY and was determined that I would be able to find something in that large department store that would fit me.

I started off in the clearance section (old habits die hard) and found half a dozen pairs of pants to try on. None of them fit (of course), and I knew I was in trouble when the glory that is nonsensical American sizing reared its ugly head. Sorry, those 4s are too tight. But those 2s are too big. Those 6s? Too small in the thighs, capable of toting several babies in the waistband.

Well. Clearly that’s the reject section, anyway. Moving on to the regular merchandise! Well, they don’t have my size (er, anything that might be my size, I suppose is more accurate) in half the styles that look promising. Another half-dozen pairs of pants came into the fitting room with me. Too tight here, too loose there. I’d moved on to the pants that actually freely admitted they had no idea what size they were: The 7/8 in one style was too small, but the 5/6 in another hung off of me. So I used those to fashion a noose and string myself up in the fitting room as fair warning to other women who dare to hope for reasonable fit. (Not really. But that might’ve been more productive.)

Last stop: The expensive stuff. Another half-dozen pairs. Another round of crushing defeat. Now I am standing in the fitting room, craning around to behold my buttocks in the mirror, searching for some clue as to their freakishness. (They tried to blame it all on my waist, then just pleaded the 5th.)

On What Not To Wear they repeatedly urge “curvy” women such as myself to get things tailored to fit. And that’s a great idea… for everything except jeans, which are usually constructed in such a way that they are not amenable to tailoring without looking crappy.

Twenty-some pairs of pants later, I still had my (expiring) bonus cash, so I did the logical thing: I bought Otto a shirt. I could’ve saved myself an hour and a half of aggravation if I’d just started off by doing that.

(And now you know the truth: The impending move to Georgia has nothing at all to do with getting married or anything like that. It’s simply because I’ve given up on pants and it’s too cold to wear skirts in New England in the winter.)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tell me what brand of jeans to look for. My current tattered pairs are the Lightweight Straight Leg style from LL Bean (in a size 4 Medium Tall, if that makes a difference) and fit fine but aren’t exactly high fashion. I want something in a dark wash with a straight leg that neither looks like the dog’s been chewing on it nor sports rhinestones or other sparklies. Trouser styling would be a plus. Medium rise (meaning, lower than my belly button, higher than my crotch). And here’s the important part—capable of fitting someone with a, um, rather round backside and a small waist.

Failing that, maybe some of you could send me your babies to cram into my waistband.


  1. Lauren

    I had a similar terrible shopping day looking for jeans about two years ago. My problem was finding jeans that were reasonable for a post-child bearing body and didn’t age me 20 years. I finally went back again this fall and found jeans that fit (and do look pretty good, I think) at J. Crew and at Lucky Brand Jeans. Lucky Brand is having a sale right now, in fact, where nearly everything is half off, bringing the jeans into a slightly more reasonable price range (but still more than I used to spend – maybe that was my problem?). If Lucky Brand doesn’t have a store near you, I’ve seen the same jeans at Macy’s too. I have also heard good things about the Banana Republic jeans fitting an actual woman’s body.

  2. Angie

    I think we have the same body (although you sound taller than me, so I have the added fun of having to hem every pair of pants I’ve ever purchased). My solution? Learn to love belts. I buy jeans that fit my ass, and if the waist is too big (99% of the time) I just grab a belt. They have the added benefit of giving you the illusion that you’re wearing somewhat lower rise pants than you actually are, which of course is much more stylish with the kids these days (or so I hear).

  3. Cele

    Oh, Mir I am totally sympathetic. I am 5’11’ and have a bubble butt (I use to have an absurdely small waist) now I am just a fat butt.

    I finally gave up trying to find jeans that fit, because that never happened after high waisted jeans went out in the late 70s. So I buy the cheap Target jeans that fit my butt and put darts in the waist band. If you put then in at both sides of the back belt loop they don’t do too bad.

    Now could someone tell me where to buy jeans that are long enough and don’t have that ridiculous low waist – sheesh I’m almost 51 for goodness sakes.

  4. Nancy

    I would try They were listed in Time Magazine’s top ten web sites. I tried them out a couple days ago; the list I got back included some jeans that were ridiculously expensive, but also included some of my favorites that do fit me well ( like Levi’s 550 boot cut) and that I can afford. I have a very curvy, hourglass figure and find it almost impossible to find jeans that fit.Hope it helps.:)

  5. Chewie

    Dude. I do not think your behind is freakish. Have you SEEN what people wear? Good grief. From what I can tell, most women have some trouble fitting their bodies correctly in jeans. Surely you will find those elusive well fitting mid rise dark wash straight cut non bling bling non rat chewed jeans. Surely. If you do, and the manufacturer makes them in huge ass sizes, let me know.


  6. Damselfly

    I agree, pants are hard to buy. Why they don’t sell pants for women the way they do for men (waist and inseam size) is beyond me. When I find a pair of pants that fit, I hold onto ’em forever, or at least until they fall apart.

  7. Susan

    Have you actually had a tailor tell you they don’t do jeans? My BF has a very tiny waist and can’t ever get pants big enough in the hips without drowning in the waist so she gets everything tailored, including jeans. She shops Ross and gets $15 jeans and then pays $20 to get them tailored. Works for her, might for you.

  8. erin

    I am not tall, but I do tend to have the problem you have (round booty, tiny waist), and jeans are particularly difficult to find. When I started making my own money, I decided, much like you, that I would find a pair that looked just right expenses be damned. I was in college at the time and all the girls were wearing Sevens. I went to a boutique that sold them and tried on every pair they had. Seven jeans were not made for any curves whatsoever (suctioned to my ass, room for triplets at the waist). Luckily, they also had other brands. I had a religious experience the first time I tried on Citizens of Humanity jeans in the Kelly style. Too long for me was easy to fix, and the butt/ratio was just right. Not cheap, but if you’re dedicated to finding some really cute ones at whatever price, I highly recommend the Citizens.

  9. tori

    I am totally the opposite of most women. My stomach is kind of muscular, so my pants are always too tight in the waist and too loose in the butt/hips/legs. I like Gap jeans, but still find them to be too loose in the butt for me. Since you are looking for more room in the butt, maybe those would be the ones to try? I like the “long and lean” but I don’t think they make them anymore, which means in about a year when my really old jeans start to wear out, I will be in the same place as you are, looking for suggestions on where to go. Good luck! I think men put the sizes on the jeans just to make us crazy when we try to figure out what we are!

  10. Liv

    Same problem with the butt to waist ratio. I have discovered the trouser jean from Lands End. It fits really nice. It is in a dark wash with a crease up the leg which at first wasn’t sure about but then remember that What Not to Wear said it was good for curvy girls. They are on the pricey side at $59.50 but I think that a decent pair of jeans is worth it. Hope this helps.

  11. Momtourage

    Lauren is right. Lucky Brand jeans is what you are looking for. I’m curvy and always had a terrible time finding jeans, but Lucky’s hide a plethora of problems for me by fitting perfectly. Go try them on at Macy’s and then buy them on eBay for a fraction of the cost. They run between $75 and $100 but I can get mine on eBay for about $30 usually.

  12. Pave.Gurl

    I loathe buying jeans. LOATHE IT. Mostly ‘cos, like you, I hate paying the insane prices companies feel can be charged for denim. C’mon, people! This is an item of clothing created specifically for miners! What part of “cheap” and “durable” is so difficult?!


    At any rate, I have a pretty decent bedonkadonk (no white-girl ass over here), birthin’ hips, and a relatively trim waist (35″ and 26″, respectively, hips and waist), so I feel your pain. So I buy low-rise from Express. I can usually get in and out of there pretty quickly, for $50 each (which is still a lot for me to fathom spending on jeans, but I’ve had my three pairs for four years now and get regular compliments when I wear them about how well they flatter my tush). If I don’t need “cute” jeans, but just “something that is rugged and I can wear for painting” – I go to the men’s section at Value Village and score several pair at $2.50 each. Then again, I have no shame when it comes to my knock-around clothes.

  13. B

    I am short but have the large be-hind/small waist problem, too. I did a search on “jeans for curvy women” and came up with Levis 515 jeans. When I saw them on the rack, I told myself they would never fit and I would hate them. They were flared and the rise looked really low. (I was definitely judging this book by its cover.) I’m so glad I gave them a chance, though, because when I tried them on they fit like a glove and they are my new favorites (which means they will probably stop making them, so I should buy several pair.) They actually make my hips look smaller, which I didn’t think was possible. It’s a Modern Day Miracle!

  14. Susie J

    I cannot shop. I hate it. In fact, for Christmas, my husband bought me a gift certificate to go shopping with a personal shopper to buy some clothes. Now this I like. She goes through my closet, checks my body type, and does all the dirty work. She says the key is knowing your body type.

  15. alektra

    I go with the spandex-in-’em Target jeans. But my mom, who is tall and skinny like you, does look good in Gap jeans.

  16. Marlaroo

    My best friend has the same body shape as you, and I’ll have to go with Momtourage and Lauren – Lucky brand is the only thing she’s found that fits and fits well. They ain’t cheap, but she wears these jeans all the time.

    Now, if I only had this problem. I go straight up and down – not much butt, absolutely no waist. I’m a box.

  17. Monica

    Delurking to say Landsend has a custom fit jean. You put in your waist and hip measurements, along with some other info and they make the jeans just for you. They are $70. Might be worth a try.

  18. karen

    Opposite problem here — no hips. I like Gap. And I use a belt. But my jeans are in tatters, though I’m so thrilled that boot cut/flair is So. Ov.Er. that I want to run out and get some straight/skinny somethings, somethings that don’t have holes in the knees from crawling on the floor with my kids.

  19. Suzanne

    I always do the Gap, and Express. Gap has long sizes and Express has the trouser fit. I wore my last Gap jeans so long they were as thin as paper and eventually just ripped to shreds.

  20. Susan

    I second the Levis 515’s. They’re all I’ll wear anymore. (And have always had a freakishly small waist compared to my badonkadonk.)

  21. Heidi

    I actually did a search for jeans to fit a big bottomed girl, and came up with Joe’s Jeans in the Honey style. They are insanely expensive, but I finally realized why anyone would pay $150 for jeans. They have a little stretch in the denim, too, which makes them really comfortable. Love my (two) pair to death.

  22. ikate

    Trust WNTW…Stacey & Clinton know what they are talking about – get jeans that you love and fit in the thighs, hips and butt and get the waist tailored – if you have a good tailor this is an easy fix, is cheap and gets you jeans that look terrific. I wouldn’t have believed it until I tried it myself – waists are always way too big on me. I tried it with a pair that were awesome on me but had like a 4-inch gap in the waist, they fit so well after the tailoring I promptly purchased the jeans in every “finish” and had them all tailored – why didn’t I do this sooner?!?!

    Also, the custom-made jeans might work in the same way

  23. Lily

    I think if you go with a little bit lower rise, you might find a win. It might be a little lower than you’re used to, but the shirt will keep everything covered.

    Reason being – if you can take the “fit the hips AND the waist” and just make it “fit the hips” then it’s MUCH easier.

    I don’t know if they have Lerner or NY & Co there, but I will never buy jeans anywhere else. At least not until they start messing with their cuts and sizing – the way stupid Old Navy did so many years ago.

  24. paige

    If there’s a Belk store anywhere near you, you might try the Kim Rogers brand of pants and jeans. I’ve got a very, very curvy figure and I’m only five feet tall. I actually found a pair of Kim Rogers jeans, the Carolina cut, that fits me very well. Trouser styling, flat front, fits in the waist, hips and thighs.

    I love them. Good luck! Buying jeans is worse than buying a swimsuit, I think.

  25. Meramoo

    I have a small waist/decent size bum, too, and I’ve been buying Eddie Bauer bootcut jeans lately. If you look on their website (not available in their stores), you can also get the curvy cut of jeans and cords, which fit even better. Although I think I did see one variety of jeans in the curvy there last week, but they never have petites. Oh, and if you go into the store and use the phone to order, you get free shipping!

  26. Susan

    I would second Heidi’s recommendation of the Joe’s Jeans, but I can imagine you passing out at the cash register.

    People are swearing by the Gap Long and Lean jeans this year. I tried them on and they were too long for me (I like to wear flats with my jeans, so I can chase my children down when they run out into traffic) but they might work for you. Gap also has trouser jeans in a curvy fit. If you want chinos instead of jeans, Banana Republic has a curvy pants (but not jeans–go figure).

    Okay! Good luck with that!

  27. carrien

    Silver jeans and cords have tiny waists and room in the butt and thighs. Their waistbands sit at just about the belly button though. They were my favorite brand after I had my first child cause they made me look skinny.

  28. Amy-Go

    I buy Levi Strauss Signature stretch low-rise bootcut jeans at Target. $20 a pop, not as low-rise as you think they’re going to be, fit great and LAST. Plus, they think I’m a size 4!! Which I am NOT. So you’ll probably need a 0. Bitch. OH SO SORRY, typed that last part out loud. OOPS! ;)

    Seriously, good luck…I HATE the shopping when the shopping sucks. Hope your next excursion is a vast improvement!

  29. Carla Jean

    I have the very same problem… with a twist: I need a 36-inch inseam. Previously I purchased my jeans from Victoria Secret, but they did away with the longest cut. Their London Blue V-cut is smaller in the waist and the waistband is curved to be higher in the back so your panties don’t peek. I get most of my jeans from Gap now (curvy or long and lean cut) and my dress pants from Eddie Bauer (their curvy pants are a size small in the waist so order to fit your hips.) Plus they carry a tall version of EVERYTHING! Find a good tailor, she/he will be your best friend and save you countless hours and headaches in dressing rooms.
    And from one Georgia girl to a soon-to-be: Cruel Girl makes an awesome lean-cut cowgirl jean that has plenty of Bodonkadock room… should you find yourself a situation that calls for them. :-)

  30. Joshilyn

    I have a small waist and a ummmmm round butt, so.

    Gap Men’s Jeans. Seriously. They do not come all the way UP to my waist so it doesn’t matter that the waist is too big—they fit my HIPS and come to a little below the belly button. You have to look for the PLAIN REGULAR NORMAL KIND which are usually stuffed on the lower shelves of a shirt table, not the trendy back wall just-above-crotch-show-your-underpants-like-a-Gap-suburban-gangsta ones in the weird shades.

    Downside: Pricey. Never on sale.
    Upside: Fit. Last a LONG time.

  31. Dee Dee

    Try Eddie Bauer. They have tons of styles without the glitz.

  32. Kimberly

    If you find those can you let me know? Because I need the exact same pair. Well, not the *exact* same pair, cuz that would be creepy, but you know.

    Save yourself a trip to Eddie Bauer. They don’t have them. I wouldn’t recommend the Silvers either.

  33. Brigitte

    I used to have the no-butt-no-waist-box-shape of Marlaroo (above), then the boys/mens jeans were the only way to go.

    Now that I’m big all around, something with a teensy bit of stretch, and boot-cut to make me look taller than my 5 feet (plus a big shirt to cover the gut) is the only way to go. Karen is distressing me by saying the boot-cut is out, now.

    So I guess I can’t help, Mir, though I think a teensy bit of stretch in the fabric is more forgiving for EVERYBODY’S shapes, and that I also have to try on over 30 pairs to maybe, MAYBE, find something that >>sigh!

  34. Christina

    I also have no luck with pants. Big butt, big thigh, plus small and long waist equals nothing that fits.

    Everyone told me to check out Gap and Old Navy for their “curvy” jeans. I tried them, and they were still too tight in the thighs, with a waist gapping several inches in the back. I have yet to find good jeans – and now that I’m pregnant, I can’t even find maternity jeans to fit.

    I do recommend that whatever jeans you get, get stretch jeans. That little bit of lycra seems to help them fit better.

  35. Em

    Far be it from me to suggest pants! What do I know?!?! But I’ve been shopping with my wife…and I’ve come away with a headache just trying to figure out sizes! The numbers mean NOTHING! Neither do the letters – S, M, L, XL, 1X, etc. Seems like those sizes are just randomly assigned to clothing as it comes off the assembly line. Women everywhere have my sympathy. Meanwhile, I’ll keep going along with my wife and holding her purse while she shops…cause emotional support is necessary when facing the fashions.

  36. dcrmom

    Gap makes a “curvy” style that might work for you. So does Ann Taylor LOFT. I’ve been known to buy my jeans at Nordstrom, but the price tag might give you a heart attack. ;-)

  37. dcrmom

    I’m just reading the reader comments now, and I noticed someone recommended Lucky Brand. I just got a pair of those, love them.

  38. Lena

    I’ve seen your petite little bod and you should have no trouble with pants! ;p

  39. Steph

    Hey Mir –

    I used to work at the Gap and, despite my serious distaste for their labor “disputes” with disgruntled 3rd-world employees (read: sweat shops), I cannot recommend Gap jeans highly enough. I have a thin waist, but big hips and a booty that would put J Lo to shame. I have helped women of all shapes and sizes find jeans that look tailor-made to fit their bodies. They’re cheaper than Lucky jeans, and I think they look just as good. (One pair will run you about $60.)

    Of course, I was wearing relaxed fit jeans until 2 years ago, so what do I know? :P

  40. Thea

    Target. Mossimo. Seriously – the only ones I can find that aren’t too low or too high, but flatter my hips and um, post-baby butt/thighs. Not too expensive either, under $30 – heck of a deal considering.

    All sorts of washes and lengths and sizes. Lucky for you, you’re tiny (yeah, I said it, so what) and there should be more than enough sizes for you in the Women’s section, heck you could even shop in the juniors section (*sigh*).

    ~ Thea (Not such a skinny momma anymore, but I don’t care…I have lovely jeans that make me feel good, which is the point of course)

  41. Zee

    I’ve worn Gap jeans since I was in highschool and although I MUST try them on every time I go to buy them (their damned sizes change faster than the cycles of the moon!) the fact that they have ankle, regular and long lengths means I can find a pair that fits my body and my short little legs.

    I just bought a pair of the gap “Curvy” style that someone above mentioned, and they are my new favorite pair!

  42. janie

    A friend of mine sent me this link, and it has given everyone I know their perfect fit, no joke. You might have to pay an arm and a leg, but the perfect jeans are really honestly worth it.

  43. Lisse

    For some reason I find that Ann Taylor does pants better than they do tops for curves. With their tops, things are fitted, but there is no room to move. As I recall their jeans were a lot more reasonably priced than the rest of their clothes. I’ve had luck with DKNY, at Macy’s but I would also try the Levis at Target.

  44. rachel

    My best jeans have been from Lands End or the Gap. And my friend’s advice is to always buy 2 pairs of pants you like. And that has served me well.

    That said, the same jeans have fit me for about 10 years (not including pregnancies & postpartum), so I haven’t tried to buy new ones in several years. I’m hoping that the Gap is still good

  45. Melissa

    I skimmed your comments and don’t see that anyone else mentioned this brand, but I’ve had tremendous luck with Ralph Lauren jeans – specifically the stretch modern bootcut jeans. I’m not one to shop name brands or higher priced stuff, but I found myself in the Ralph Lauren outlet store one day when trying to find a nice pair of jeans to wear to hubby’s casual (but nice casual, not Wal-Mart jeans casual…not that there’s anything wrong with Wal-Mart jeans, except that many of the wives seem to be more image conscious than I) party. I fell head over heels in love with those jeans and now own three pair. At the outlet mall, they are usually only $39 a pair, so that’s really not too bad in my opinion. And it’s well worth it to feel good about my little waist and non-proportioned healthy behind.

  46. Steff

    Maybe you should try one of those companies mentioned Lands End, Gap, Eddie Bauer but go for the petite cut, I think one of them allows you to choose the length, in case you are leggy and petite. Good luck! I love LEI jeans because get them in the right length and my favorite pair is just not getting shabby at 4 yrs old. Fashion police beware!

  47. Gretchen

    My favorite jeans are my new Lucky jeans. Also good ones are Polo “Saturday Jeans”. Very comfy and not too trendy. I also like the store brand Maurices jeans. They are cheap, cute, and fit curvy bodies well. Good luck!

  48. OneTiredMomma

    Comment #1 – agony of de~pants – so feeling your pain.
    Comment #2 – I hate (envy) you – you single digit pant wearer.
    Comment #3 – I’ve had excellent luck with Eddie Bauer.
    Comment #4 – keep in mind MY pants size could be confused with bra sizes ;)

    Love ya babe!!

  49. chris

    I think I have bought 6 or 7 pair of jeans over the past year and none of them fit as well as I’d like, for the same reasons you mention. I usually wear heels with my jeans, otherwise they drag on the ground because apparently I am freakishly short in addition to having a too big ass.

  50. Ani

    I am a cheapskate with a Latin body (read: big ass) I like Riders Eased Fit. But now I can only find them at WalMart which I don’t like to go to.

    I also found one pair of Lands End jeans on clearance at Sears for $11 and love them, even if they are too long for me. But in the catalog you can pick the inseam length so you should be ok.

  51. Mel

    I used to like you until you mentioned you can wear a size 4. (I just got into a size 12 after being a size 20 last year . . . just so you understand my perspective.) ;)

  52. Daily Tragedies

    Two options, both from GAP Inc brands.

    Banana Republic — look for CONTOURED FIT

    GAP — “CURVY” or some such

    You know, rather than toy with the links here, I’m just going to e-mail you. Anyone else want the info? Feel free to bother Mir. Or me, you can bother me. She has enough on her plate.

  53. Kris

    I’m not sure if someone else has already suggested this – it’s Monday and I’m too tired to read through all the comments. I’ve had very good luck with Lands End custom jeans. They are expensive, but they will fit. You tell them your exact measurements (okay I fudge and go an inch bigger cuz I like to breath a bit), you tell them the color, the style, the type you want, and they make jeans that fit your body! Surprisingly this works. I had two pairs of jeans that fit my butt, my waist, are the proper length and are neither high waisted nor crotch baring. I know this sounds scary, but seriously, it was worth the money. Good luck ;)

  54. Jane

    Try men’s Levi’s 505 or 501 styles. Seriously, sounds strange, but they work for me.

  55. Elleana

    I don’t have any suggestions. I just had to say that I feel your pain. I hate going shopping for pants.

  56. Anita

    DKNY Soho jeans from Macy’s are perfect, at least for me. The rise is about 1″ below the navel and they don’t slide down during the day like Gap jeans did when I wore them. And, oh, the comfort. They aren’t stiff and they fit perfectly. And, unlike most jeans, they are available in a 34″ inseam. They are $48 but well worth it. No fading, no distress, no designs on the pockets, no sparkles.

  57. Liise

    I’m all about my Levi’s 515’s. However, I am 5’9″ and a size 12. So my advice and 5.00 will get you a latte.

  58. Kar

    I am sorry to be the one to tell you this….YOU CANNOT SKIMP ON JEANS. I know you like to bargain hunt (I do too), but there is nothing, NOTHING worse than a woman in cheap mommy jeans. (Even when the woman is a mommy).

    I suggest Sevens. Not too expenseive (about $80 – $100). Great fit for women who actually have a behind. They even tailor well (as do most expensive jeans). You will not find them in Kohls though. Hit up Macys or Nordstrom.

    Good Luck!

  59. Michelle

    Calvin Klein Jeans.

    I spent FOUR hours shopping for jeans one day, and when I finally hit up the Calvins? Heaven!

    Room for the booty? Check. Decent rise? Check. Little waist? Check. At least, way back the last time I bought jeans, anyway.

    Am looking forward to shopping for jeans again later this year after I drop a bazillion pounds.

  60. Katherine

    I feel your pain, sistah! I think you may have to bite the bullet and drop some cash – but hey, you can then wear the pants for the next 10 years. Eddie Bauer now has pants and jeans that are one size smaller in the waist than the hips. Bonus for the curvy chicks!

  61. Kendra

    I didn’t take time to read the million comments. So sorry if this is a repeat. I absolutely love Gap Jeans. They cover my large rumpus, hips and also come in real jean material (not the flimsy cheapo stuff they are making jeans out of nowadays). They also have a bunch of styles to fit your mood like boot cut or straight leg. I also love that they have petite (for short people not skinny people). Good Luck! Hope that helps.

  62. liz

    I didn’t read the comments, but it sounds like you and I are about the same size and have the same problem with jeans. I just found a pair that I love. Canyon River Blues. They stretch. They’re low enough to be in style and high enough that my white, cotton Hanes Her Way (me so sexy!) don’t show. And the best part? I bought ’em at Sears for $20. On sale for $20, but still. I think the regular price was $34. You have my sympathy. I found those on a miserable shopping trip.

  63. Chris

    I didn’t read all the comments, but I will come to them since I also search for years to find any clothes that fit me well enough they can be taliored (forget walking out the store in something that fits). But I do LOVE the LLBean boot cut (really a straight leg, medium rise jean, in the tall if you must know). It has just a bit of stretch to it so it can “hug” my hips/ butt area w/o leaving my waste to shiver in the breeze and the tall is actually long enough for me frame. YEAH!!! I am buying 60 pairs as soon as I have some extra cash. BTW, I’m tall (long legs and long torso), have curvy hips/ but area, briad shoulders, and am high busted. Oh, and I have monster quads and back muscles from athletics. Yup, I can never find anything that fits.

  64. Chris

    Um, I should really proof before posting. Briad shoulders? What it that? I meant broad, and it’s a butt area, not but. I won’t go on. Ugh

  65. Kelly

    Two words: Eddie Bauer. Their jeans are made for women like us…little waists and curvey hips.

  66. Meagan

    Banana Republic Contoured Boot Cut Jeans changed my life. I could never find jeans that fit. I would always have to size up for my butt, then the inseam would be too long and the waist too big. I would fit into size 10 and 12 dresses, but never pants. Last month, I noticed Banana had redesigned their contour fit to be more flattering. I was wary, but tried them on, and wow! I have 2 pairs of size 12s (one for flats and one for heels) and never have I looked better in jeans and never have gotten more compliments. They sell out so fast online and in store – find a pair to try on!

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