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By Mir
December 28, 2006

So, hi. I have been busy cooking my eyeballs in delicious virus juices and also watching an awful lot of “30 Minute Meals” and “Flip That House” and occasionally some “Little House on the Prairie” because that way I can get the children to come lie on the couch with me and keep me warm.

All of which is fascinating, I know. I’m, like, the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD to ever get sick. Right? Right?? No? Oh. Well, then.

So far my favorite part of this illness was my mother telling me I should’ve gotten a flu shot, and I told her I DID get a flu shot, and she said then I couldn’t be sick. I said I definitely was sick, but it’s just a cold, and she said it couldn’t be a cold if I had a fever, and then my brain exploded. That was helpful.

The trip to see the family was called off, but we’d also been planning to visit some friends, and on Monday night as I put my sick daughter to bed and then sat down and started sneezing and getting a headache I suggested that Otto go ahead and visit his friends for a few days without us. “Are you sure?” he asked, all concern and tenderness.

“I’m sure. I am not going to be any fun at all for the next couple of days, I’m pretty sure.” And then I sneezed all over him and he packed a bag in record time and flew out the door.

While he was gone, the kids and I laid around like lumps. The first day we never got out of our pajamas, and the second day I insisted we all get dressed. That was really productive, because then I went back to lying down on the couch and they went back to playing computer games.

Today the kids went back to their dad’s house, enabling me to lie around in my bed instead of on the couch. When Otto returned this afternoon I was delighted to see him, and he tried to look happy to see my bedheaded, unwashed self. We have since watched a lot of television and eaten soup and I am seriously contemplating a shower. See how good he is for me?

We still have ceilings to paint and hedges to trim and a zillion other things to take care of, so I have decided to be All Better tomorrow. Surely that will work. And if it doesn’t, I’ll have to fake it, because I can’t watch any more television.


  1. Juliness

    Hang in there…nothing is worse than being sick during the holidays. Sending you lots of healthy vibes for tomorrow!

  2. Janis

    Bedhead, yes, but the important question is: did your highlights still look fabulous? For tomorrow, think: perky. You’ll feel better!

  3. chris

    I was wondering if you really did die and I really was sad.

    Even though you can not possibly be sick since you had that flu shot, you big faker ;-)

  4. meno

    I am sick too. Right now i am a mouth breather. Nice.

  5. rachel

    hope you’re all better tomorrow too. You have such fun things to do!

    I want to be All Better tomorrow, also. Is there anyone out there right now who isn’t sick? I got a flu shot too. I don’t know why I bothered when I keep getting viruses. :P

  6. Trish

    Hmm, some yucky bug must be going around. Everyone seems to be sick, even us on the east cost. Hope you feel better!

  7. Liise

    Buuut there are soooo many loverly options BESIDES 30-minute meals on Food Network that I am conviced you could watch mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhh more tv.

    I have a sick boyfriend right now, he refuses to watch anymore (food)tv as well. *sigh*

  8. Liise

    how many vowels can one use in one comment? I AM THE WINNER!

    Oh and AIRBORNE bsby. *smugly grins in healthyness whilst others suffer*

  9. Em

    No doubt your positive thoughts about tomorrow will be the magic elixir that propels you to good health. Of course, if my choices were painting the ceiling vs. watching TV, I could fake a cold for one more day!

  10. Michelle

    Yea, if the man isn’t around I have very little incentive to cook or dress. This slacker-week after Christmas I feel especially lazy.

  11. Cele

    I’m with Liise – Airborn, Baby! Hope you’re feeling better

  12. Brigitte

    Oh, there’s always more TV, at least if you have enough time and attention span to start watching TCM or AMC . . . I used to like the garden shows on HGTV too, but they seem to have forgotten the “G” these days.

    Oops, can you tell my kid is at an age where I long for something more grown-up than “Dora” on the TV?

  13. Aimee

    You know, TNT is showing something like nine bazillion episodes of Law & Order this weekend, and I am looking forward to watching at LEAST seven bazillion of them. Hope you feel better!

  14. Rachel May

    I, for one, am totally jealous that all you people have those fun channels. For some silly reason, we elected not to get cable a few months ago when we moved into our new house. I remember somebody panicking at the thought of the monthly bill…. Oh, wait. That was me.

    We watch our channel (rhymes with “box”) whilst DH stands holding the cable with one foot in the air. We rent movies when he gets tired of doing that.

    At any rate, now that I’m home for 2.5 weeks at Christmas, I’m rethinking the value of more than one channel. Maybe.

  15. Jenn2

    Oh my gosh, I’m still laughing about the conversation with your mom. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  16. Woman with Kids

    Flip This House and Flip That House (two different programs, I think, they all start to look alike) are both great for sickies. I mean, you’re watching them work, it’s practically the same as being up and working yourself. That totally counts.

  17. Buffy

    Is everyone sick this week?

    I’ve turned the living room into a ‘recovery’ i.e. pitty room. And have Ugly Betty and Nach Libre on repeat.

  18. Mom

    Poor thing. Soooo sick, you were clearly delirious during that ‘conversation’ you had. Or do you have another Mom? Oh, yes, that’s right, you do. That explains everything.

  19. Judy

    Poor baby…. chicken soup, that’s the answer for everything.

  20. Sarcomical

    right there with you. oh, it hurts. yes, a cold can hurt.

    and OMG i’ve watched a couple of little house on the prairies too and some iron chef america. fun.

    hope we all are well soon. the internet is sickly right now.

  21. daring one

    I miss Ma and Pa. I love how Pa was always crying and clutching Mary and Laura to his bosom. That was one emotional dude. Keep warm and remember that showers are over-rated.

  22. Mamalee

    I hope you feel better soon. I, too, am sick – what is it with SO many sick people lately? OMG, just about every blogger I know is sick, or has sick kids. All 3 kids are taking turns having pink eye, we all have colds, and Hubby has bronchitis. Joy to our world!

    FEEL BETTER!! xoxo

  23. Amy-Go

    Oh So Sorry to hear you and the kiddos were sick for Christmas. Mine were too, but I am sucking down the Airborne every five minute and praying for reprieve. My resolution is to keep in better touch with my favorite people so you’ll be hearing from me more often…sorry I’ve been a loser for so long. Feel better fast!!

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