If I sell you something on eBay, and you ignore my auction terms that state you must contact me within 2 days and pay within 5, and you ignore my repeated reminders, and you finally pay with NO explanation and NO apology but have the nerve to add “please tell me when you ship so Santa can watch for the package,” I might forget to go to the post office today.

I might forget on Monday, too.


  1. Daily Tragedies

    You’re so nice! I might forget to send it on Santa’s sleigh. Ohhhh, you wanted that before Christmas? Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll be sure to get that out tomorrow.

  2. Patricia

    I hear Bulk Mail or 14th class postage rates might have it there by Easter. Just a thought.

  3. Natasha

    Thats not very polite of them. They could have least sent you a message to say that they were unable to pay or something.

  4. Barb

    On the glass half full side, at least you got paid! I’ve had more than one “winner” just forget to pay me…ever.

  5. Phil

    I’ve had over 5000 sales on eBay and one thing has ALWAYS held true… The bidders who decide not to follow through just disappear. I never hear from them. Ever. It’s the strangest thing. This has happened upwards of 20 times, and I always wonder if the bidder just died or got sucked into another dimension. I would love to get a simple message like, “Hey, I made a mistake, could I back out of the deal?” Instead, they always just ignore me.

  6. Dee Dee

    I had one winner yesterday that asked me to come down on shipping. She didn’t bother asking before she bid or won. It was clearly stated in the auction that I only ship priority and how much s/h cost. Some people!

  7. beatrice

    I once had someone – who hadn’t even BID on the item – argue with me extensively over the shipping fee. She thought that I should charge her less than the post office was charging me, and ended up complaining to eBay about my “draconian policies.”
    And that was the end of my selling on eBay. It would be so much easier if people weren’t involved…..

  8. Heather

    Most things are easier if people aren’t involved. ;-)

  9. Kellie

    I’ve sold a lot of items on eBay and had this happen a few times. I had one guy who would contact me after I’d sent MANY messages asking for payment and say he’d send it the next day. Hours later, he’d contact me again and say he’d paid and was looking for the date I shipped his item and the tracking number. Most bidders are honest…it’s a few dirtbags that end up ruining it. I, too, admit to “forgetting” to mail a package. I ALWAYS ship the same day payment is made but, when one bidder did to me what your bidder did to you, I was SO annoyed that I “forgot” to ship the package for the same number of days he took to pay me. Wonder if it’s the same bidder? Have a nice Sunday..

  10. Cele

    I’m with Heather on this one, unfortunately everything seems to come – human attached.

  11. udge

    The expression “your own damned fault” – applied to the buyer! – seems to apply here. You might consider making a note on the buyer’s “reputation” page about their tardiness and non-communicativeness.

  12. Elizabeth

    So, what kind of things do you sell on eBay? Do you think it’s possible for anyone to sell, or do people only buy from established sellers?

  13. Susan

    I like it. Payback is hell, baby. ;-)

  14. Cyndi

    Way to go, Mir. I had a guy give me the wrong address once and then complained when he didn’t get his package.

    Um. What?


  15. InterstellarLass

    The nerve! People are insane. I’m convinced.

  16. whimspiration

    Go get ’em Mir!

    Elizabeth, I find it quite easy to sell on Ebay, personally, you just have to watch your back something serious. A good 3 out of every 10 buyers is a jerk to some extent.

    Cyndi, I once had a guy from overseas complain to Ebay that his package had not arrived two weeks after he payed when I had offered to ship it to him airmail and he refused, opting instead for the slow boat. He retracted his complaint two days later, when, miracuously, his package finished going through transit and customs and arrived at his doorstep. The kicker: I had sent him a tracking number!

    *snicker* Some people are just completly brain-dead.

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