He makes the time go zoom

By Mir
October 29, 2006

I was thinking that I may need a new category name here, soon. I mean, now that I am actually spending more time with Otto than with the television. People, I have shows on the DVR that I haven’t even bothered to glance at. Either I am in love or I am dying. Personally, I’m hoping for the former.

Oh, there are things to tell about the weekend, but I am too tired to tell it all tonight. Tonight you’ll get little more from me than “Weekend good. Like Otto. Have fun. Need more sleep.”

Of course that won’t stop me from saying exactly that in the most verbose way possible, anyway. I am nothing if not predictable.

It’s very odd to me that Otto could arrive on a Wednesday night and then I blink and suddenly it’s Sunday and I’ve forgotten to return the DVD we rented. Whoops.

My children have decided that Otto is a convenient plaything. I’m thinking that maybe the next time he comes here, I’ll go take a vacation, seeing as how I become invisible when he’s around. Oh, the novelty will wear off soon enough, right? But in the meantime, I’m sure I would enjoy a couple of days off.

(Except for that whole part about how I’d probably like to have Otto WITH me. That could be problematic. Details.)

Anyway, first there was his arrival, which was entertaining, because for a few hours there, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get to the airport to pick him up. Nothing like a little last-minute adrenaline rush to get things started. Then Thursday and Friday there were various kid-things to attend to, not to mention all of those pesky work-type things that refuse to just resolve on their own. Imagine.

Thursday night the children clambered into my bed for our bedtime reading, and insisted that Otto join us. We four sat in the bed and read our chapter and then I shooed the kids off to brush their teeth while Otto went back downstairs and I turned the lights off and tucked the kids into their respective beds.

Friday morning, Monkey (as usual) bounded into the room at o’dark thirty and climbed into bed for a snuggle, and then sat up and looked around.

“Where’d Otto go?” he asked.

I pondered the possible answers to a question which implies that your 6-year-old expects to find your boyfriend in your bed. After all, that IS where he’d last seen him. And heaven knows that I could easily park any and all visitors and possibly most of the inhabitants of a small country here in my new bed without too much crowding. But, still.

“What do you mean?” I countered. “He’s probably still SLEEPING.” Again, Monkey looked around the bed a bit. (Wondering if he’d overlooked his sleeping form?) “In the GUEST ROOM,” I finished.

“Oh yeah!” he said, as if that option had completely slipped his mind. “There’s a bed in there, too. But it’s not as big as this one.”

Good of him to clarify for me.

Friday night we all cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie, and the children fought over the throw blankets and treated us adults like furniture. I’m pretty sure I still have heel marks in my thigh. Which is fine, seeing as how I’m used to it and all, but I do think Otto was an excellent sport about it.

Saturday we drove into a neighboring state and visited everyone in the entire world. Okay, maybe not EVERYONE. But most of them. And most of these people I’d spent time with, before, years ago, when Otto and I dated last time. Some of them hadn’t even known we were back together until a few weeks ago. So that was very entertaining. Most frequent comment: “Your HAIR!” Who cares that we managed to reunite after being apart for years? My hair is totally different than it used to be! (Although it’s probably more socially acceptable to discuss hairstyles than kismet.)

Today I alternated between saying, “I’m so tired” and “Don’t go home.” I’m sure Otto felt like a very lucky man, having snagged such a scintillating conversationalist. The petulant whining was just the icing on the cake.

I’m still tired but he went home and now I have to go back to the things that make up my days; working and cooking and doing laundry and packing lunches and saying “nobody touch anybody else” and missing him—even after I’ve just hung up the phone—because without him here, the time just drags.

At least I was able to come back from dropping him at the airport to discover that the cursed toilet was clogged again. That provided a good distraction for a while, because you cannot possibly feel lovesick with a plunger in your hand. That’s a fact.


  1. Susan

    Awww. I was getting all misty until you mentioned the toilet.

    Now I’m just grossed out.

  2. Mom Nancy

    Dang. I miss Otto too.

  3. lastewie

    He’s good peeps, and so I’m happy. I love Monkey’s calm assurance that Otto would in fact be in bed with you. So CUTE!

  4. Sara

    Hurray for good weekends. Boo-hiss on missing people you love.

  5. chris

    You didn’t mention the boiling water in the clogged toilet… that would really make susan ill. I know it did me ;-)

    so glad you had a nice weekend.

  6. Christina

    Gee, I miss Otto a little bit now, too :) You know it’s love when the normal routines are so much better with him around.

  7. Bob

    somehow I don’t think Chickadee would’ve quite had the same reaction as Monkey – especially after the bird & bees discussion last week.

  8. Ben

    I thought you would have learned: do not let Otto use your toilet. You’ve got a big yard, after all.

  9. Susan


    Oh. My. God.

    Now I REALLY miss Otto.

  10. Aimee

    BOILING WATER? In the toilet? *gags*

    oh gawd.

    Anyway, glad the rest of your weekend was good!

  11. kelly

    I don’t know how I missed the fact of you and Otto having been around the track once before…

    I got remarried a few years ago–to my first love (different first marriage) and it’s been one hell of a homecoming. When Ty first met him it was all fun and games. Now he’s stepdad, and they’re building an interesting relationship. Life’s good!

  12. Gillian

    The 2 year old grandson has that kind of belief system. If you ask him where this grandma is he will tell you I am in an airplane and point above his head. I am just circling around until they come to pick me up again. It is difficult to properly ‘pine’ with children around. Just when you reach that clear resonance of melancholy they want you to fix dinner or something. Dang kids!

  13. Cele

    Don’t cha just love when life steps in to properly ground you?

  14. jess

    Nostalgia even hurts when remembering a time my now-husband and I used to go through this exact thing: Time together that always went too fast, phone calls and emails afterwards that never quite quenched the need for a hug or even just a physical presence nearby, wishing time to hurry up and pass so we could be together again.

    I’m so glad we finally got married in May. We still miss each other when gone at work, etc. because we just finally can be together a lot and we want to do that: just be. together.

  15. Jenny

    I once slept with the plunger, in a master plan to brain the tooth-fairy and steal her money bag and fairy dust.

  16. InterstellarLass

    So when’s the date? We’ll all get invitations, right?

  17. Janis

    Want Not definitely needs a wedding category. When you put together your simple but elegant ceremony I’m certain you will do it with flair and panache after having found the best deal possible on everything involved. (Of course I’m jumping to conclusions here, but you guys just seem so right for each other!)

  18. Contrary

    IS it possible that by his presence alone, Otto kept the toilet from getting clogged? Because that’s a darn good reason for him not to leave. I’m just sayin’.

  19. Allie

    I say next time you through a wrench in Monkey’s assumption. Sleep in the guest bedroom and leave Otto in your bed. I bet that could make for a fun post.

  20. rudolf

    I suspect that you found Otto to be a convenient plaything too.

    Be careful about that Neighboring State, it’s a dangerous place :-)

  21. Melanie

    Awwww… when does he come back? Soon, I hope. Also, maybe the time has come to just let the toilet go. Just shut the door and put biohazard signs all over it and not use it anymore. It might make life easier. Also you would get more time to be lovesick and maybe write bad emo poetry about it.

  22. Shiz

    Mir is HAPPY! I like that.

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