But first, Hack-Up-A-Lung Wednesday

By Mir
October 4, 2006

Hey, I finally remembered that Love Thursday is coming up, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Right now, we have to deal with Wednesday. Wednesday, known in some circles as Hump Day, but known ’round here as the day I realized this cold isn’t going down without a fight. Joshilyn called me on the phone today and I said “SQUEEEEEE YOU ARE PRETTY AND OH MY GOD I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH HOW ARE YOU!” and she said “Were you sleeping? You sound awful.” So.

While I go drown my sorrows in Nyquil, two things to hold you over until I cough up (get it? COUGH up?) the Love Thursday entry:

1) Did you not hear me when I said that the Ty’s blog is back and better than ever? Because I am still experiencing an echo over there. Come visit. Come comment. Please?

2) Wanna win a copy of the new Curious George Movie DVD? Or just want to read some of the strangest made-up Curious George stories EVER? I’m having a contest, and my commenters are funny, funny people. Check it out.

Everyone who leaves me a comment over at Ty’s or enters the DVD contest gets… ummm… a little piece of lung tissue. Yay!


  1. Susan

    I tried going over to Ty’s page yesterday but kept getting an error message. I will try again – promise!

    Feel better soon, Pretty Mir.

  2. dorothy

    Feeling ill? Then it’s a perfect time for my morbid meme.

    Or maybe not. Didn’t realize you were sick.

    But I tagged you anyway. I know, I hate them, too, but my sister did it to me.

  3. Cele

    Mir try my home remedy.

    A hot bath (work up a good sweat)
    Your favorite hot beverage (while in the bath)
    and a chaser of your favorite alcoholic elixir (I like a good shot of kahlua – but this is your choice of shot…er or two)
    a pair of sweats and socks and go to bed.

    Do two nights in a row.

    You’ll sweat it out and get great sleep…even on that terrible mattress of yours.

  4. hollygee

    What Cele said.
    Say, when are you getting your fabulous new bed? Think of your favorite hobby* in that giant, comfortable bed with the new linens.

    *Sleep, people! Get out of the gutter.

  5. Brigitte

    I just left comments under the “Holly Hobbie” thing, but when I go back, it says “No Comments”. Well, I guess I wasn’t saying anything too important, anyway . .

  6. Velma

    Mmmmmmm, lung tissue! My favorite! Thanks, Mom!

  7. Patricia

    Um — can I comments without the impending lung tissue arriving on my doorstep?

    I do hope you feel better soon, I can deal with most illnesses excepting the hacking cough thing — body parts are sore, you can’t sleep well (which always adds to the crabby part) — but without a doubt, when I get that kind of sick — I want to stop everything and make my millions in phone sex — because that’s the awesome kind of voice I get. Then it goes away and I have to find another way to make my millions.

  8. Tug

    Going on week 3 for me…I just posted asking how many lungs one HAS to cough up. So no thanks on the lung tissue – seems diseased. And my ex loves my voice when I’m sick – “it’s sexy”. Blech.

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