Nervous energy = SUPERMOM

By Mir
June 12, 2006


You guys. YOU GUYS. I love you all. Bright, shiny Italian leather shoes (purchased on clearance) for everyone! I am so overwhelmed and THRILLED at the reception you gave Want Not today. It’s been in the works for a long time, and I was sort of experiencing that whole “I’ve stared at it for so long I can no longer see it” phenomenon. And so I sent it out into the world last night and promptly FREAKED OUT, worried that my baby was loose in the cold, harsh world and a bully would shove her off the monkey bars.

And what did you do? You patted her on the head and fed her cookies and told her she was pretty. *sniffle* I’m going to discontinue the metaphor here before I hurt myself, but perhaps you get the idea.

Anyway, not knowing how it was going to go, and having a fair amount of stuff to do today, I kicked it into overdrive from the moment the alarm went off this morning.

Chickadee had Field Day at school today. Field Day with–get this–a Hawaiian theme. Oh, nothing about the ACTIVITIES was Hawaiian, you understand (we’re far too white for that, dontchaknow), but the kids were invited to dress Hawaiian. I told Chickadee all of her grass skirts were in the laundry, and pulled out her Hawaiian shirt and sung its praises. (“It’s so Hawaiian! It’s the Hawaiianest shirt that ever there was! It has pineapples! It has palm trees! It has islands! In fact… I think it has HAWAII!”) She was completely thrilled with the whole theme thing. While she brushed her teeth, I rummaged around in the dress-up chest and found her a lei. She asked for braids and I agreed, happily, patting myself on the back for the excellent job I was doing in preparing her for this day, head to toe.

Braids were braided, lunches were packed (including a veritable shmorgasbord of freshly-chopped veggies, because when you launch a new web site it seems like a really good idea to chop vegetables at midnight), breakfast was served, backpacks were loaded… it was one of the smoothest school mornings we’ve had in a while. Both children left me with happy, smiling faces, excited to start their day.

It wasn’t until I’d returned home and was getting ready to mow the lawn mid-morning that I realized I may have been the only mother who remembered the lei and FORGOT THE SUNBLOCK. Um. Whoops? Surely there would be some extra sunblock floating around. She’d be fine. Yes. I would die a thousand little deaths of GUILT, but she’d be okay. And that lei was really the crowning touch on her outfit. All of those kids who wouldn’t be getting skin cancer probably didn’t have LEIS. Suckers.

While in the grip of this realization, I sprayed myself with some continuous spray sport sunblock (such as might have been prudent to put on the FRUIT OF MY LOINS, if I only had a brain) and marvelled at the excellent coverage. I just discovered that spray stuff, and I’m a convert. I don’t know why I was surprised, later, to discover that I had ALSO covered the entire downstairs bathroom with sunblock. I am pleased to report that the counter didn’t have even a single freckle. Also that I cleaned all the bathrooms tonight.

Once I was sun-ready, and went out and mowed the lawn until I tired of the mower wheels sinking down into the soft, damp soil. I don’t think it’s ever going to dry out around here. I’d already known I had to skip the area where my pump is (still) churning out (thousands of) gallons of water through the garden hose. But even the front yard was a mushroom wonderland, with the mower feeling twice as heavy as usual.

Back inside, I did three loads of laundry, made some phone calls, did some work, and obsessively checked comments on and posts about Want Not. (My favorites so far: Karen at Verbatim said “have a few yucks, save a few bucks!” And Karen Rani of Troll Baby not only did an awesome job as my designer, she characterized me with a hilarious little bit which ended “Wham, Bam, I saved you a few clams.” The moral of the story is that people named Karen are good with the cheesy humor. Karen? Care to prove or disprove, as the other Karen I know? Heh.)

After a shower, it was a quick trip to the bank, then off to pick up the kids. Chickadee was blessedly unburned, other than a bit of pink along her part. (Note to self: Next time I’m a negligent mother and forget the sunblock, have her wear her hair down or take a hat.) Monkey was, as usual, free of sunburn on account of he was coated in a layer of sand and pine needles. We chatted about the day as we drove home, I dispensed snacks, and they went to play outside while I finished up working.

For dinner, I decided to barbecue because THE SUN WAS SHINING and that hasn’t happened for a month and it’ll probably resume raining tomorrow. But my deck! It was infested! I called the finest caterpillar handlers I knew to come clear out my work area. They came running with a bucket, and I tried not to laugh while Chickadee directed Monkey. (“Pick up THAT one first. Okay, good. Now that one over there. Oh, there’s one! Good job, buddy!”)

And I cannot describe to you what it’s like to be cooking up some chicken, enjoying a cool breeze, thanking the lord above that it’s NOT RAINING, when your son comes sidling up. Clearly he had important matters on his mind, my boy did. He gestured for me to lean down. I complied, and he whispered that he and Rainboy are working on a plan to switch bodies, but that I shouldn’t tell Chickadee. I pledged to keep his secret. And told him that barbecued chicken has been clinically proven to promote bodyswapping.

Dinner was lovely. Afterwards, I cut Monkey’s hair while Chickadee read us “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” (Monkey’s request). I vacuumed up the hair while Monkey showered, then vacuumed the rest of the downstairs while Chickadee showered. Later, we read together and then they went to bed without a peep.

I can only conclude that I should launch a new website every day, both because it gives me enough energy to get everything done (including doing the dishes right after dinner! woo!) and because it seems to make for a delightful day. The only problem I see is that… ummmm… well, that sounds like an awful lot of work. And it also seems to result in one child having a burned head and the other one having a buzz cut. That could get messy.


  1. Cele

    You make me tired just reading.

    Chickie got burned in the same spot I do, the part (and sunblock in the hair is not good.)

    The website layout is beautiful, love green.

  2. ozma

    Want Not is an incredibly cool site. And a great idea. And something I need. Badly. (Broke, etc.) I didn’t know it was yours (been off the internet for awhile). Actually, how lame am I that I didn’t know you are Mir.

    So it’s not just “I like you therefore I like your site.” It’s very cool and I was impressed without knowing ahead of time a cool person was doing it. Hope it’s a big success.

  3. foodmomiac

    Awww – you happy, pretty lady. I’m going to smiling all day thinking of your great Monday.

  4. D

    Hi Mir! I have been a longtime reader, just never commented before. I linked to you on my site. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the new website, and this one too, of course. You keep my days interesting! Thank you for sharing your life and making us all laugh.

  5. Katie

    I love good days like that! And I definitely need to try the continous spray sunscreen. Know where I can find a good deal on that stuff? ;)

  6. Elleoz

    I just found your site via Troll Baby (thanks for the suggestion Karen!) and I must say I will definately be a frequent reader from now on!

    What a busy lady you are! And a very creative Mom too! I look forward to getting to know you better. Congrats on the new site!

  7. tori

    You are unbelieveable in the amount you accomplish and the quality of your work. Sorry, I just felt like I was a teacher again doing report card comments, but the compliment was sincere. I love your new “baby”! Great job!

  8. ishouldbeworking

    I’ve read this site for quite a while and checked out the new baby too. I have them both bookmarked and will continue to read both faithfully. Yay you!

  9. Amy-Go

    I’m so happy you’re so happy! Here’s hoping Tuesday is just as good! ;)

  10. Peek

    So that is ALL I have to do to become a Supermom? Surely you can raise the bar a bit higher. You so rock!

  11. dad

    I remain in awe!

  12. InterstellarLass

    OK, I’m exhausted now just reading. I haven’t had the energy to do ANY housework lately. And trying to clean my office? Well, my shredder can’t keep up. I need a new one. A stronger one. Heavy Duty Shredder needed. Do you have a coupon?

  13. Contrary

    If anyone deserved a great Monday, it’s you.

    I love the new site. Now all I have to do is actually take some of your advice!

  14. Karen Rani

    I fell in love with you the first time I ever read WCS. I was fortunate enough to have you email me for a design (how did you find me when I’ve been looking for you all along?) I’m hooked like a crackwhore, and I love you to the moon and back again. Please don’t ever stop writing, I wouldn’t be able to go on without your daily snark. And that’s just this site! Want Not is a plethra of information for moms like me, who have only been doing this stay at home thing a short while. If you were able to cover diapers, the waste of money that are Pull-ups, and best tips for potty training that may or may not include the $30 potty that talks and makes flushing sounds, that would be super duper in the pooper. I’m SUCH a sucker. I fell for every single baby gimmick – TWICE. No, I did not marry rich. Well in the financial department anyway….wink wink, nudge nudge.

    Oh and you know what else?

    You’re pretty.

  15. GraceD

    Goldang, not only is WantNot perfection on all levels, but it too is pretty! Not as pretty as you, but it’s the product of your pretty fingers and mind.

    What am I saying? You know what I mean. My kid’s in finals right now and we’re in stress mode around here. Once I emerge, prepare for extreme pimpage.

    Congratulations, Pretty Mir. You did this all on your own. You don’t need no stinkin big ass blog syndicate to be successful, yeah? YEAH, BABY.


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