This is the driest corner

By Mir
May 17, 2006


I particularly like the juxtaposition of the paper bag which is floating by, a couple of inches ABOVE the submerged carpet.



  1. Aimee

    It’s artistic! Yeah. That’s it. Still Life with Paper Bag and Sopping Carpet. If you see any of my relatives float by, give ’em a wave for me?

  2. bec 36

    It’s times like these make ya wanna go back to apartment life. Or college “group home” renting days. So someone *else* has to deal with this stuff. Bright side: you might end up with some interesting fish. Or salamanders!

    Completely unrelated: I started following your blog last August. (A poster on another blog linked to that day’s entry and I clicked.) At some point I decided I ought to go back and start reading the archive. It was confusing at times, such as when I would wish to post congratulations or comiseration about something, but then I would remember that this happened in the past. The point is, today the back entries began to sound familiar and I realized that I caught up!

    Thanks for your blog, Mir. It has helped me through some tough times, when I could read an entry and say “YES! EXACTLY!” or just laugh loudly (in my office).

  3. Bob

    I just got caught up from being gone. I’m soooooo sorry. I wish there were something I could do for you (in addition to comiserate). Whenever I heard news updates while on the road I cringed knowing you were battling the rising tide.

    Take care.

  4. Peek

    Water damage sucks SOOOO bad. I’ve been there before but not quite to the extent you are going through now. The shop vac was my friend, bah! Maybe you could use Pokemon cards to absorb the extra water. Take care and hang in there. At least you aren’t having to escape out your roof, right?

  5. RockStar Mommy

    Nothing like a moldy carpet to start your day off right.

  6. Susan

    FedExing tequila. Watch for truck.

  7. Amy-GO

    Working on that pie…

  8. Theresa

    Sheesh…Been praying for you, think I need to pray harder. *hugs*

  9. dad

    First make sure you don’t have any electric wires near the floor. Anything that gets soaked can be repaired or replaced even if it smells and how many of your friends have a house with an indoor pool?. Eventually the ground water table will return to its normal level and you will be able to brag that you survived the great yankee flood of ’06.

    Your CV is becoming more impressive every day.

  10. jennster

    without all this crap, you wouldn’t have anything to blog about??!?! yeah, that’s it. lol

  11. DebR

    I wish I knew something even remotely comforting to say.

    I’m glad you and the kids are safe and I’m hoping for dry sunshiney weather for you.

  12. Melanie Lynne Hauser

    Oh, I’ve been thinking about you, and everyone else I know in the soggy Northeast! This has to let up soon – I can’t imagine what you all are going through. Hugs! (Dry, warm hugs, that is.)

  13. Shash

    Yikes. I’m sure this is not the senario you imagined when you might have dreamed of an indoor swimming pool.

    Sending good thoughts and margarita wishes your way.


  14. ben

    Is it too soon to say that you’ll look back on this one day and laugh?

    *ducks and runs*

  15. Kym

    Trying to make lemonade: Any hope for a big insurance payout? :)

  16. Lisa

    Good. Grief. I’m sitting here with my mouth open! It’s just so hard to imagine all that water.

    Yeah, what about that insurance deal?

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