Sharpen your pencils

By Mir
April 6, 2006

Quiz time!

No peeking at your neighbor’s paper.

1) I hurriedly put up some eBay auctions to get rid of the outgrown matching dress sets Chickadee and I had. (Hush up in the back there; I mean SHE outgrew her dresses. Mine still fit.)
a) Will they fetch a grand profit from someone who needs Easter outfits?
b) Is this the end of an era, and is Chickadee old enough now to stop begging for matching dresses (please)?

2) Is it bad when it hurts to breathe? (Marvo assured me that was an interesting enough question to pose in an entry, but he’s sick too, so maybe I shouldn’t be listening to him.)

3) Have you seen this and do you think it’s the most brilliant thing ever? (Thanks, Snow!)

4) Can someone come over in the morning and pack lunches and take the kids to school? Okay, too late; I did this already. Today for lunch we’re featuring ham and cheese on bubonic plague. Will you at least bring me some soup later?


  1. ozma

    1a) Yes. If they are brand name things everyone loves.

    1b)No, she is not old enough. She will want matching dresses when she is 42 and you are 45 (I am assuming you will not age.) You will develop a world famous singing act and be able to keep her in the style of matching dresses she desires.

    2) It’s bad because it hurts. It is not a portent of death, necessarily. Usually portents of death like that come with other portents.

    3) No. I use mozilla and quicktime rejects me. But it’s all for the best in the end.

    4) I can’t but I’ll send the elves. They are unreliable so you might want to set out a can of chili and a can opener in a bag just in case.

  2. shannon

    1- I think they will fetch the largest profit in eBay history.

    2- It’s not good.

    3- Seen, no. Heard, yes. Tee hee.

    4- I can’t think of anything wittier than ozma…

  3. Susan

    I love that little film. LOVE IT.

    And I have no experience with matching dresses, as I have boys who wear ONLY sweats. So I match them most of the time anyway.

  4. Patricia

    1. I have a boy and desire nothing more than the matching dress/tie combo — but I may just be weird that way.

    2. Um — Black Lung?

    3. Love it.

    4. I would do it, but according to the authorities in my house, I don’t pack “good” lunches; I’m a bad driver who tends to let her mind wander and drive (the horror) UNDER the speed limit; and I’m unable to bend the space-time thingie to get your kids to school and get back here to get mine to school where he will either trade or throw away his lunch.

  5. Heather

    1) My sister and I used to have nightgowns that matched our Cabbage Patch dolls. I know this does not answer your question, but I thought I’d share.
    2) Generally, I would say it’s a bad thing. Consult someone other than the internet. ;)
    3) We had a pop-up book for sex-ed class. Again, just saying.
    4) Dratted time-space continuim. Also, lack of ticket money or frequent flier miles. Cuz really, that could be kind of fun, if only for the fact that it would get me away from here for a brief sojourn.

  6. Cele

    1) When she’s a grand ma she make make matching dresses like my aunt does for her and her grans. Girl Scouts honor. You’re gonna make a mint.

    2)You’re not even a smoker – whoa that’s not good.

    3) Patricia broke it so I couldn’t see it.

    4) I will tell you my trick – make them make their own the night before.

    I think it worked for me. I’ll have to ask my daughter

  7. Birchsprite

    I reckon the chest thing is because you’ve pulled your intercostal muscles coughing…’ll go eventually! ( this theory only works if you have a cough!)

  8. Melanie Lynne Hauser

    Feel better, Mir! (And has there been any period of time when one of you has NOT been sick this winter?!)

  9. kelly

    Oh, please let Lila never ask for matching dresses. So far she only wants to wear her father’s (a machinist) clothes.

    Hope you feel much better soonest!

  10. ben

    oops, I peeked…

  11. DebR

    3. I tried three times, using both Firefox and IE and I can hear the song (funny!) but can’t see any video – just a sad, little plain white screen. I’m bummed!

  12. Hula Doula

    I LOVE EBAY SELLING!!!!!!!!!
    So do you have a link on your blog that leads people to your ebay item? Just curious because either I’m blind or it’s just not there.

  13. chris

    Any chance you are selling light up Disney Princess sandals in a woman’s size 7? and a princess dress with lots of scratchy tulle, preferable with a princess face brooch on the chest, in woman’s size S? … because that is what my daughter wants me to wear.

    No? That’s not what you wore for Easter?

  14. Amy-GO

    1a. Yeah, good luck with that.
    1b. See 1a.
    2. Not good at all…have you seen a Doctor? Sounds like time to beg for drugs to me.
    3.OOOOOOkay, the people who made this have too much time on their hands. Or should consider using their brilliance for good instead of evil. Or both.
    4. If only I could get there from Kansas and back in time to make dinner. Sigh. Feel better Tulip!

  15. Snow

    Better than soup, I can bring you hope: my daughter will be turning 21 in a few more weeks. She is currently at home, babysitting her 10-year-old brother and making Shepard’s Pie for dinner. Her grades are good, and she has a tidy scholarship. Now if I could just get her to move out and get a life of her own before I grow utterly dependent on her. Oh, and she outgrew the need for matching Mommy/Daughter dresses by the time she hit third grade. See? There’s hope.

  16. Kristen

    Um, I’m new here but I’ll give it a whirl.

    1) You are brave to admit to matching outfits. For that, I wish you much success and large profits. As for whether the matching outfits era is over, perhaps, but it might be better than what’s to come.

    2) Generally, yes, unless a hot someone or other is laying naked on top of you. In that case, I wouldn’t complain.

    3) I’ll say yes.

    Did I win?

  17. Mary

    Okay. So I was taking a quick peek at the Hanna Anderson catalog and I actually contemplated their mother/daughter combos.

    This motherhood thing is getting to me. I can tell.

  18. Mary

    Oops, I didn’t even get the “quiz” part until I peeked at the other people’s comments. I’m a loser.

    And yet, I’m still too tired to do a quiz. Sorry!

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