Random bits of August

By Mir
August 2, 2005

The acne solution I use on my face at night–combined with the heat and some sweating–is bleaching out my pillowcases. Note to self: Get a new face, or consider sticking to all-white bedding.

A few hours in the sun helps with the acne, but causes me to burn and freckle (not tan) even with sunscreen. Also, my children do not appreciate me calling out “Mama McWhiterson wants to see your TUSHIE!” as I tug on their swimsuits and admire their tan lines.

There are two more months of Summer left. Naturally, I cannot find the white shoes I neeeeeeeeeeed, because the stores are full of… boots? Cognitive dissonance… brain… hurts.

But I can find the world’s cutest dress sandal on clearance and in my size! That’s right, SANDAL, singular. Just one. But, see, I have TWO feet. So close, and yet so far. *sob*

My daughter got herself a Get Out Of Being Traded To The Gypsies FREE card today when she offered to swap ice pops with me. Not impressed? She had a BLUE one. The LAST blue one. In a single moment, the past seven years were suddenly all worth it.


  1. m

    and, tooth whitening toothpaste dripped on your shirt makes big white spots on your shirt. not that I would know or anything…

  2. buffi

    Where are the gypsies? I am seriously considering that or Ebay. Buy two get one free.

  3. Jenn

    Cute dress sandal, perfect for fashion-forward peg-legged pirates!

  4. Bob

    Freckles are cute! bronze tans are soooo eighties.

  5. Mike

    Yeah, but if she traded you for a red one, you been HAD…!

    And what, may I ask, is wrong with freckles, Missy? Hmmmmmmm???

  6. Kestralyn

    Does the random comment on another blog I read mean you’re going South for your vacation???? I hope so!

    I don’t tan, either. Nothing wrong with being pale! And what’s the deal with acne and the starts of little wrinkles???

  7. kestralyn

    Let me try that again… (on re-reading, that didn’t come across right!)

    I’m at the stage where the increasing acne is fighting with the start of the little signs of aging in my skin. I’m assuming from some of the cultural reference you make that you’re about my age… so I put 2+2 together and got 5 ;-)

    But I know I’m not the only one — there’s all sorts of SFP 15 anti-wrinkle anti-acne face goop out there. Honest, I’m not joking! And yes, my pillowcases are bleaching, too. Sigh.

    But you’re pretty!

  8. Eve

    I’ve resorted to buying cream coloured towels for that same reason, and it makes me wonder what that acne stuff is really doing to our faces!?

    Have you considered faking an ankle injury, so that you can wear that one stunning sandal, and a (white!)cast on the other foot? Just a thought…

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