The epitome of yin and yang

By Mir
June 26, 2005

The weekend has served to highlight that–as usual–my life is composed of blacks and whites, with nary a grey to be found. Why have happy mediums when you can just swing from joy to fury and back again, I say. It just keeps things interesting.

I love: Beautiful summer days.
I hate: 95 freaking degrees?! I think I’m dying. Well, okay, maybe not, but I’m certainly not cooking. Or mowing. Or moving at all, really.

I love: Thinking to set up and fill the kiddie pool on Friday night, so we can use it all weekend.
I hate: Being eaten by bugs in the dark. The water still being freezing cold Saturday morning. Half the water being sloshed out within the first half hour of use.

I love: Watching the kids frolic in the water.
I hate: Getting splashed. Having my water kicked over immediately followed by “wasn’t me!” Shouting loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “I do not want to see anyone’s lips on anyone’s behind again or everyone is getting out!”

I love: Getting to sleep late on the weekends, knowing that the kids can fend for themselves for a few hours.
I hate: The warzone that awaits me after the extra snoozing. Follow the trail of poptart wrappers and sloshed milk to the cartoons and toy explosion!

I love: My child being taken to Chuck E. Cheese by someone who isn’t me.
I hate: Listening to the other child whine all weekend long about the great cosmic tragedy that is the unfairness of not getting to go to Chuck E. Cheese as well.

I love: Being all caught up on laundry.
I hate: Confirming that each child is now down to less than a week of socks, and having to ask my ex to please return what is surely a mountain of small foot coverings hiding somewhere in his house.

I love: Taking a shower before climbing into clean sheets.
I hate: Missing a phone call while I’m in the shower. Having to turn off the air conditioner in order to run my hairdryer without tripping a circuit. Knowing I have to go to work tomorrow.


  1. La Pix

    I was right there with you all weekend. Good moments and frustrating ones. Hardly anything flusters me in my normal “I’m always fine” mode. This weekend the weather in New England just brought my intolerance and temper to the surface.
    While I was in the shower before dinner on Friday night, the cat shat on herself and the rug and dragged her poopy bum across the floor of two rooms, then my boyfriend slipped on the poop coming back in from the BBQ and dropped dinner and hurt his back.

    I ran out of the shower, trying to figure out what happened. Scurrying around still wet and with no clothes on – helping him up, helping him remove his clothes for a shower, capturing the poop propagator, cleaning, ordering take-out, putting out the fire on the grill of the last piece of salmon that was finishing up.

    That was just the beginning. Doing all that while sweating profusely just made it unbearable. Damn this HOT 4th floor attic apt.

    Here’s hoping for a smooth week.

  2. ben

    I love: reading your blog
    I hate: that my life is so insanely dull compared to yours, and that reading your blog doesn’t take a bit longer to give me a nice vacation.

  3. Betsy

    I keep focusing on the fact that you didn’t have to go to Chuck E. Cheese.

    Surely – given the weather and the doubled up hordes of kids and parents seeking air conditioning in reponse – you were blessed in one small way!

  4. Beth

    My grandfather, bless his crazy old heart, used to fill my cousin’s wading pool from the kitchen sink so the water wouldn’t be too cold. In August. In California.

  5. nat

    Hi! Michele sent me.

    Hey, I LOVE that I took my kiddo to the House Of Chuck the Mouse today after his last day of school. It was nearly EMPTY! WAA HOOO!
    I hate that he got enough tickets to bring home 4 of those crappy “prizes.”
    Nice to meet you!

  6. suz

    Oh, I love and hate those same things!
    Also love: my cute puppy. Hate: not so cute puppy poopage.
    Happy Hella Hot Monday!

  7. JuJuBee

    I love the new baby
    I hate the new baby induced lack of sleep and therefore resulting in brain cell dmamage and or loss accompanied by weeping and ugly black circles under eyes. Oh, sorry.

  8. Sarcastic Journalist

    AC or hair dryer? I dont know, but down here in Texas, thou shalt not turn off the AC.

  9. Dawn

    I love – reading your blog
    I hate – when I’ve read everything on your blog and there’s no more new stuff to read

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