By Mir
June 6, 2005

Dear former yoga teacher,

Remember how you said that it was impossible to feel anxious while breathing deeply? We’d be doing our deep-breathing relaxation stuff, and you’d chirp on and on about how the sensation of anxiety was completely incompatible with a nice deep, cleansing breath.

I respectfully submit that you are on crack.

Well-oxygenatedly yours,


  1. La Pix

    Ha, well not *impossible*. Adrenaline is released when stressful stimuli are present. Breathing more deeply and more slowly can slow or stop the release of adrenaline…

    Good morning, Mir. I hope today presents itself with less stressful stimuli to overcome. :)

  2. Jules

    Deep-breathing with anxiety usually ends up in hyperventilation for me…Not sure how many times I went there this weekend myself hon.


  3. ben

    “Daddy, you sound like Darth Vader!”

    No, I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mir!

  4. Jenn

    I wholeheartedly agree. Nothing like a little hyperventilation to ease your anxiety!

  5. laura

    I have found that deep breathing during stress makes me hyper-aware of the pounding of my heart, as it tries to break out of my chest wall and run around the room on its own.

  6. Cindy

    I’m with Laura! When I’m stressed and start breathing deeply, I always think “is this what a heart attack feels like”?

  7. Zuska

    Pre-kids, I had NO problem zapping away stress with deep breathing. Since the kids were born, I just can’t seem to get the same results!!!

    Try wine. ;)

  8. Hula Doula

    Breathing deeply only get me light headed. I’m with you!

  9. Mona

    Interesting…I’ve always gone with that theory…it’s what the whole relaxation therapy is based on, yet, I can see how it might not always be successful. Doesn’t hurt to keep trying, especially BEFORE the adrenalin and anxiety. I respect your opinion, though, and hope you do find something that does work for you.

  10. Amy

    This does not sound good. I hope everything is ok! And if not, that it soon will be! Or better yet, that you are already seeing the humor in the crapulence so you can blog about it later. Sending happy little thoughts your way…

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