$5 says they won’t eat it

By Mir
February 7, 2005

So, um, it’s only the first day of work for me, and I was all pumped to get the kids and have some family time and I was so pleased that I had a lovely dinner planned and the evening was going to go ever so smoothly.

Right now, my planned dinner is taking longer than anticipated to cook (which isn’t really an issue since I’ve already been informed they don’t want that), neither child wanted to talk to me and insisted they needed to rest in front of the television first, and instead of mulling over my first day I am instead vascillating between dreamy reflection on my fabulous weekend and wondering if there’s a way I can get a wife in here to cook dinner for us on weeknights.

Someone tell me we’ll find our new groove soon. Lie if you have to….


  1. susan

    You’ll find it. It will all work like a well-oiled machine very, very soon. Congratulations. What a great year you have ahead of you.

  2. Fraulein N

    Girlie, that groove is on the way right now.

  3. Amanda B.

    You’ll get your groove back, Stella. Sounds like sooner rather than later to me!! :)

  4. alektra

    Change is weird. The kids will adapt, especially because you’re feeling groovier about yourself every moment. How much do you rock? A lot. Darn it.

  5. Kristie

    The groove will kick in at any moment. Congrats on surviving the first day! Can’t wait to read the details.

  6. janie

    Oh yeah…the groove will simply appear one day like it never left ^j^

  7. Heather

    You all just need some time to settle into a new routine. Once you have something established, you’ll wonder how it ever worked any other way.

  8. Genuine

    Vat iss diss “groove” of which you speak?

  9. dave

    You’ll find the groove, just add the right music to the soundtrack of your life, and the rest of the scene will fall into place.

    Take a deep breath, preheat the oven to 425, and bake the frozen pizza for 8 to 12 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown.

  10. Mary

    You already have so much more groove than most folks out there–the super duper groove is obviously on it’s way ASAP. For now? I’m with Dave about the pizza, except I might even go so far as to get some of those Smucker’s Uncrustables and just throw them in the general direction of the children. If they’re hungry enough, they’ll pick them up and eat them. Congrats on your first day of work, Mir. Well done.

  11. tish

    I could cook Beef Wellington, pick my own veggies, saute mushrooms, prepare Baked Alaska, and they would still demand macaroni and cheese. You are the groove, lady, you are the groove.

  12. Betsy

    One word: crockpot.
    Four words: eat it or starve.

    That’s how this single working mother deals with dinner…(when it isn’t the Dreaded Blue Box or the frozen pizza routine, that is…)

  13. Suzanne

    tell me I didn’t try to warn you!

    Really. It will get better. Pretty soon you’ll be in a new routine and whipping those kids, meals, laundry around like you’ve been doing it all your life.
    oh wait…you have, haven’t you.
    OK, it might get better?
    Come to think of it, I still have mornings from hell every now and then.
    Welcome to my world!

  14. Autumn

    When I was the child of a single working mama, I learned to cook at age twelve. I made pasta and stuff. Just be warned. My little brother mafe mac n’ cheese one night and added cinnamon – to the whole bowl. But then Monkey is a little young for the stove. :)

    The groove is coming, girl. By Friday it’ll be on your doorstep.

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