Carpe cookie

By Mir
February 3, 2005

Today–being my last full day to accomplish the Herculean set of housecleaning tasks I have set for myself before Rejoining The Working Folk–I found myself watching a friend’s 5-year-old daughter for an hour. I was itching to get on with my to-do list and just didn’t think she’d be amenable to tackling the pile of crap on my nightstand, ya know? So we moved further down the list to “make cookies for the very nice people who decided to give me a job.”

I have an unnatural relationship with cookies. I mean, yes… it’s 2005 and I am a grown woman with absolutely no use for the “barefoot and pregnant” stereotype. But what can I say? I like cookies. And when I bake these cookies for people, they like me back. Win-win. Plus? It’s a lovely diversion and makes the house smell yummy. And did I mention that at the end, there are cookies? Because there are.

Did I also mention I’m a wee bit tightly wound today? I’m sure you didn’t notice. (SHUT. UP.)

Anyway, my small friend and I commenced baking the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies. She was an excellent scooper and pourer and chocolate chip tester. Thank goodness I had her here to help me out. You can’t make cookies with untested chocolate chips and if I eat anything in my current state, it won’t be pretty. So. We baked!

Well, WE baked for a while. Then her mom came to get her, and I’m still baking, because this recipe yields about a thousand cookies. I will probably still be rotating my cookie sheets in and out of the oven at midnight tonight, but it will be worth it. Cookies may not cure everything, but they’re pretty good at making the discerning palate just not care about anything else.

And with warm cookies in the kitchen, everything else should be fine.

What, you don’t think so? Shut up and have a cookie.


  1. Peek

    I think I can almost smell them from here. And after the little “thing” yesterday I will be waiting for my batch to arrive in the mail.

  2. Ben

    Clean floors and fresh, hot, chocolate chip cookies.

    Life can’t get much better than this, can it?

    I think… I need a moment.

  3. Amanda B.

    Mmmmmm. Cookies.

    I already heart you but I would heart you more if you fed me cookies. I’m a cookie-slut.

    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  4. jilbur

    I made a half recipe of those cookies … made a few dozen one day; and then I put away the rest of the dough and made another few dozen the next day.

    you can freeze that dough, you know.

  5. Dawnie

    Warm cookies, fresh out of the oven, in your own kitchen?

    Oh, they’ll fix just about everything. At least temporarily.

    Man, now I’m drooling. Cooooookies.

  6. ~Alisa

    That’s it…
    I’ll be mixing – and freezing – and eating – and sharing

    Love this blog!!!

  7. joshilyn

    Your cookie recipe ought to have a tagline…NOW WITH MORE FAT! OMG those sound fantastic.

  8. RockStar Mommy

    Hell, had I known you were just giving cookies away, I would have offered you a job months ago…

  9. Eyes for Lies

    Thanks for the cookie :) (if only!!!)

    Hope you have a good day at your job tomorrow!! Best wishes.

  10. Zuska

    Did you HAVE to post this recipe link TODAY???? I really need to go home and bake these right now!!!!! But I CAN”T!!!!

  11. Amy

    Just what the preggo needed…MORE fantasizing about food! I wonder if there are any untested chocolate chips in my cupboard…

  12. Jenny

    OMG, those sound so good. I’m pouting.

  13. Metrodad

    Just to let you know, there’s a company out there that sells air freshener in the fragrant aroma of freshly baked cookies. Very popular among Manhattan real estate brokers. They spray it in the apartment before an open house. Cool, eh?

  14. Ben

    They smell so good (even from here) that I’ve printed the recipe and plan to have a bake-off this weekend with the kids (if I can wait that long)


  15. Katie

    Okay! I’ll bring the milk. hehe

  16. shiz

    Can I have a cookie? Mmmmm.

  17. ann marie

    Thank you for sharing that recipe. I’ve never made Chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese before. I’ll have to try it!

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