You are so passive-aggressive

By Mir
January 30, 2005

Hey, I met you halfway on the garbage thing. I relented and took it out last night even though it was cold outside and I was already in my slippers. And I do truly appreciate your help in making sure it was the trash itself and not a dying rodent hiding in my kitchen. Things smell better in there and I’m quite relieved.

But do you think there might’ve been a better way to express your displeasure? Having a fellow choir member lean over and whisper, “Hey… I read your post yesterday… so… what kind are you wearing today?” when I’m trying to flip to the correct hymn and get into a pious mood is a bit much, don’t you think?



  1. Amanda B.

    I like to think that the Big Guy has a grand sense of humor, just like us chickens.

    What did you say? I’d have been great if you’d said, “I’m going Commando! How about you?”

  2. Genuine

    I told you never to wear the Genuine Thong to church!

  3. rudolf

    You sound like you think that’s an inappropriate question in that context…what’s up with that? :-)

    I’ll bet that person is really proud of themselves for making it into your blog, though…

  4. dave

    That reminds me, you forgot the Special Mormon Temple Undergarments in your list of possibilities (although they probably only sell those in Utah.) But what is the appropriate church attire for the bootay? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. ben

    I thought the right answer to that was “You could start by buying me a drink if you want to find out…”

  6. Bob

    Like, what did you expect?! You know what you gotta do, don’t ya? You need a panty of the day window on one side. Why? Because inqiring minds want to know.

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