Because they don’t all have polka-dots

By Mir
January 27, 2005

Well, the countdown is on. It looks like I have about a week and a half to get my life in order before I return to the ranks of Those Who Work For A Living. That should be enough time to accomplish everything I meant to do during the previous 15 months of unemployment hell, right? Right?? Hello…?

No matter. Small multicolored animated birds and butterflies accompany me wherever I go, these days. They flit and swoop around my head and sing Disney tunes–which does get a little bit old–and titter in the most charming way in reaction to any of life’s little roadblocks.

Snow day (yesterday)? Teehee! Let’s go play outside! Two hour delay (this morning)? Tralala! What fun! Hair clippers bit a little chunk out of Monkey’s ear? Um… Well, okay, even the animated harbingers of happiness did look a little dismayed when that happened. But only for a minute. They were back to their jubilant flitting in no time. Handsome boy with a fresh haircut, they marvelled. And doesn’t he look tough with that little ear nick? Oh yes he does! Laaaaaaaaaaalala!

So you can see how I’m just groovin’ along… going with the flow, as someone near and dear to me likes to say. And I’m perfectly happy this way. The birds and butterflies aren’t even creeping me out all that much, and so far I’ve resisted the urge to warble a wistful song into a well.

But I draw the line at realizing that every single laundry basket I own is sitting around my room with clean laundry in it, and every family member is participating in a rousing round of “dig for undergarments” each morning because all of our drawers are empty. It’s time to get my feet back on the ground, and get some things done. I’m wearing my last clean pair of polka-dotted panties and the solid color ones are a bitch to spot amongst everything else in the baskets.


  1. Peek

    Well, with all those butterflies and birds you should as LEAST still be required to do laundry. We don’t want things going too well for you, lest I start getting depressed about my own life. Poor Monkey……… I hope he rebounded right back.

    Hey………. I think I see a catepillar crawling on my desk!

    Congrats again and maybe you could get some Febreeze for the boots.

  2. Chewie

    oh yeah..the archeological basket dig for underpanties…you know the bumper sticker quote I need to publish, right?

    Life is so much better when you know exactly where your panties are in the morning.

    I’m so freakin’ happy for you, friend. Those damn birds and butterflies KNOW how to do laundry, so put them to work…I saw it on Snow White.

  3. Ben

    Why am I drawn to images from Shrek when Fiona sings to the birds in the morning?

    And then she hits the high F, and then they have eggs for breakfast?

    Why? WHY?

  4. Kym

    Like ben… I had the same Shrek image throughout this post.

    I miss the fatalistic & sarcastic Mir…. this happy go lucky Mir is going to be really hard to relate to! ;)

  5. Jenny

    Why don’t you have all of your little animal friends help you with the laundry. I hear that the chipmunks quite enjoy a rousing day of washing and hanging out to dry.

  6. Shiz

    At least it’s CLEAN laundry! Right? Am I right? And you have all the birdies singing with you!

    (“Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder … “)

    I say enjoy it.

  7. Suzanne

    Why is that anyways? I do the same thing…wash, dry, fold the laundry:piece of cake. Put away into respective drawers? not happenin. And Ironing? Don’t even think about it!

  8. Amanda B.

    I so happy you got the job. Congrats baby!

  9. Amy

    I love the happy-go-lucky Mir. And small children can be trained to put laundry away. I know – I’ve done it! Teach them to sing “Whistle While You Work” and they might even think it’s a game…

  10. Mike

    Oh, the Shrek moment was wonderful…but outdone by Lily Tomlin in 9 to 5, singing prettily along with the animated birdies while putting rat poison in Dabney Coleman’s coffee! I could see you doing that scene, Mir…now ain’t THAT scary?? :) Happy happiness, you…keep riding that wave!!!

  11. song

    who needs panties when you have a job? Congrats honey.

  12. Lisa

    Congrats on the new job! :)

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