Just like the frontier settlers

By Mir
January 6, 2005

So you know that scene, in The Long Winter, where Laura and Carrie are at school when a blizzard comes up, and everyone leaves the schoolhouse in a pack and tries to find their way back to Main Street and they narrowly miss it but in the end everyone gets home safe thanks to Cap Garland but by the time Laura and Carrie get back to the house their eyelids are actually scratched and bleeding from the driving ice pellets of the storm?

I just had that exact same experience. Well, sort of. My vision was mostly blind white due to my brilliant idea to leave my glasses inside. Instead of a pack of smaller schoolkids I was shepharding the snowblower I told my ex he could remove from the garage over my dead body, you selfish jackass. And I was less afraid of wandering out to the neverending prairie than I was that it would take me so long to clear the driveway, “Shrek” would end and the children would kill each other before I came back inside.

But, um, my eyelids did bleed a little. Ow.


  1. suzanne

    I don’t mean to boast, but it was in the low 80’s here today and just lovely! The South does have it’s perks and I don’t ever have to buy a snowblower! Unfortunately though, jack-ass x’s can be found all over the country.

  2. alektra

    Maybe Crisco would help? Yeowch!

  3. el_edgar

    For the sake of cultural references, could somebody explain to me what is Crisco?

  4. bellabelly

    I have little indentions in the top of my head from the hail giblets we had here in NYC last night! I was stealing boxes from behind the grocery store for my big move, and got caught in the storm! Ow is right!

  5. udge

    Snap! I watched Shrek with my parents (aged 76 and 71) and we all laughed like hyenas, as the saying goes. A fine film.

  6. Mamacita

    Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of my heroes. I love all of her books! I’m glad you don’t have to twist hay into sticks to keep warm, though.

  7. joshilyn

    Crisco is vegetable lard… It is like whote, gelid, tasteless butter. It gives me the screaming creeps!

    As for you Miss Mir, defend that snowblower!

  8. lissa

    My kingdom for a snowblower.
    Way to go, for facing a snowy, billowing mess!
    Try Chapstick on your eye lids. No, really.

  9. janie

    He wants the snowblower??? Oh, the X’s never cease to amaze me with their selfish ways. Crap, that reminds me, I have to deal with mine today.

    Hope your eyeballs feel better!

  10. Amy

    Tell him he can have the snowblower as long as he promises (in writing) to haul it to your house and use it to clear your driveway FOR you every time it snows. That should take care of that problem.

  11. Rebecca

    Ouch poor eyes…no fun. Oh and Suzanne that was just plain mean. :)

  12. Shiz


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