In which I get back to basics

By Mir
December 28, 2004

One of the things I’m supposed to be doing this week while my children are off with their father is Figuring My Life Out. And as tempting as it is to spend this time wondering what my little ones are eating, what they’re wearing, and how late they’re going to bed (oh, don’t forget where they’re sleeping, since Happy Fun Daddy encourages a rousing game of Musical Beds! Yay!), I made a decision to say a prayer and let it go; and focus, instead, on myself.

It works surprisingly well once you come to the realization that if anything went horribly wrong, someone would call. And if no one calls, they’re probably okay.

So, worry aside, that leaves me free to start working on My Grand Master Plan. Except that first, I needed a snack. And there’s several quality programs on TV I’ve been meaning to watch. Plus, there’s laundry. And then a friend invited me out. And… ummm… well, there’s sleeping to be done. Lord knows I loves me some sleep.

I’m making excellent progress. You know, in the sense that I haven’t actually made any progress, but I’m thinking really hard about doing so. Sometime.


So tonight, I went out to meet a friend for dinner and a movie. Do you know when I last saw a movie in a theatre? No? Me neither. I can tell you that it wasn’t this year. It may have been sometime in 2003. In case it isn’t clear, I don’t get out all that much. But there is a new theatre just one town over with stadium seating (ooh! aaah!) and we were all set to just take the place by storm. Or, you know, use our discount passes to buy tickets to “Meet the Fockers” and then actually go see “Closer” (which is excluding the discount passes for some reason but is right next door to “Meet the Fockers”). Either way.

We were just sitting down to dinner when another friend called me in a panic.

Her: Do you have power?
Me: I… think so? This is my cell; I’m not home.
Her: The power’s out here!
Me: I’m sorry.
Her: The radio says some car hit a pole on Big Road. I bet your power’s out!
Me: Well, I’m out to dinner, and then we’re going to a movie, so I’m sure it’ll be back on when I get home.

Why do I tempt fate this way?

Four hours later, I headed home. Only to be detoured on Big Road, which was still closed. Okay; no problem. I made my way home and couldn’t figure out why my garage door opener didn’t seem to be working….

Have I mentioned the incredibly modernized urban life I lead? No? Oh, that’s right, it’s because I don’t. I have an oil furnace that works on an electric start. And well water that is brought in with an electric pump. And septic which is… well… that may not be directly hooked up the electricity, but I’m just on a roll feeling all hick-ish and sorry for myself.

So. Four hours after the power went out, I arrived home to a cold house, no phone (that was out, too), and very grateful that I didn’t need to pee on account of there being only one flush available. Woo. I then dug out some candles and a flashlight and after about five minutes found myself very bored. So I called a friend on my cell phone. Then I panicked that I was using up my cell battery (which I wasn’t gonna be able to recharge) and maybe I would need it in case of some sort of powerless emergency! Like… ummm… well, WHO KNOWS? There could be one. Maybe I would be OVERCOME in the darkness and the cold and NEED to order some eggrolls. You just never know.

After we hung up I decided to stop pouting about the lack of television and computer and take charge of my situation! Do something productive! So I built a fire in the fireplace.

Yes, I opened the flue. Yes, I had wood. Yes, I knew how to build it. Yes, I wadded up the newspaper just so.

No, I didn’t expect it to actually work. I’ve never built a fire all by myself before. But it BURNED! Without burning the house down! I’m so proud. Except for the part where I’m embarrassed that this was the first time I’d done it.

Then I sat here in my nice comfy easychair in front of the fire and read by flashlight until the power came back on (about an hour later). I do love a nice roaring fire. But there is something about sitting in front of a fire alone. It feels like someone is missing. Even though I am more or less convinced that someone is imaginary… a fire should be shared.

No matter how much time I spend alone, I never stop being surprised when lonely creeps up and bites me. Too bad I couldn’t throw that in the fireplace.


  1. Erin

    Mmmmm…a fire in the fireplace! I’m looking forward to reading in front of the fireplace when I get back!!

  2. dad

    Sometimes, poignant is even better than hilarious.
    Excellent communicating!

  3. ben

    I’ve been thinking the same thing, it’s always surprising when lonely creeps up and bites me on the ass. At the strangest times and places, too. But not necessarily because I’m alone.

    And just to show this comment isn’t ALL about me, did you roast marshmallows? Make Smores? Throw in a rescue hero and see if he really does have a fire-retardant suit? No? C’mon, what good is a fire if you don’t USE it?


  4. RockStar Mommy

    Don’t feel bad, I’ve never made a fire in our fireplace either. And I prefer it that way. If it ever has to be done, either the house or I will be going down… and I would like to hang onto both. So, good job. I think you did exceptionally well.

  5. Sheryl

    Glad you are celebrating small successes! A fire in the fireplace is tricky. Hope you are feeling less lonely with the power back on. Electricity helps in making me feel less isolated ;) My internet is down at the moment, so I had to come to the library to read your blog…so you may be lonely, but you’re deeply appreciated.

  6. Fraulein N

    Aw, don’t feel too bad. Like I keep saying, sometimes thinking about what you’re going to do is as important as, you know, DOING it.

  7. Kym

    Your Grand Life Plan better include writing. I might actually sign on to Yahoo tonight to pester you to make sure it does.

    And what did you think of the movie?

  8. Lizt

    I agree with Kym…Mir must write!

    Oh, and I bet you have a cute ass, too…I mean, when you talked about your glasses and actually posted them, it, I mean they were cute…Oh – NEVERMIND!

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