The weekend thus far

By Mir
December 18, 2004

The pie is quite delicious… I couldn’t say for sure if it could win me a pie-baking contest in Georgia or not, but it’s yummy. And continuing in the Thanksgiving-ish theme, we made a veritable banquet tonight; turkey with all the trimmings and the singing of the grace song followed by fingers in the mashed potatoes, just as God intended.

All of which would’ve been fabulous–no qualification–if I was someone else, with someone else’s luck. But GUESS WHAT! I’m me, and so it was all fabulous except for a few minor things.

Like how Chickadee complained of itchiness this afternoon and when I asked if Daddy had her shower after swimming, she said no. So up we headed for a shower, and her eczema was the worst I’ve ever seen it. She was scratched raw around her knees and elbows and cried in the shower and cried as I tried to do the ointment and lotion as gently as possible. Poor scaly pumpkin.

And then there was the part where Monkey crawled into my lap towards the end of dinner and I said to myself, Hey self, this child feels a wee bit toasty. Minutes later I had the answer to how many green beans a small boy with a temperature of 102 will eat (four, believe it or not).

Plus we’re not even discussing how I have apparently forgotten how to sleep. God, I am just not very bright sometimes. Leave it to me to forget how to sleep. Tune in next week as I master the fine art of blinking!

Anyway. Despite this, we here at Casa Mir are vastly enjoying having the parental types around. Chickadee and Grandma have been playing dollies, and Grandpa has developed a small Monkey-shaped growth on his hindquarters. This left me uncharacteristically free to indulge in some of my favorite activities, today. Trying to nap (see above), cooking, and not suffering from bleeding eardrums as the result of an uninterrupted stream of inane prattle directed only at me.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a complete nervous breakdown either from lack of sleep, sick children, concert jitters, or some combination thereof. But it’s comforting to know that my folks will be here to cover the kids’ eyes while it happens.


  1. Mike

    Break a leg, Mir! *hugs*

  2. Shelly

    Puking kids at Christmas time….aaawwww…the sweet sweet memories….NOT

  3. alektra

    Glad you have some help right now. :) Have fun at the concert, lady. And SLEEP.

  4. Michele

    I laughed-out-loud when you wrote that you forgot to sleep until I realised that I did that one day last week. My laughter then faded to sheer delight that I did a Mir.

    Yes, I have decided to coin such activities as “doing a Mir”

    Trust me, this IS a compliment.

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